The Sarah-Ann Marie

7U6A1009Vest by 10th and Olive, hair by HTHG

Hey babes. This beautiful low pin-curled hairstyle is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah Ann Marie, who happens to be also modeling the hairstyle. We went to Bandittown together last month….She sold her leather-emblazoned bags and jackets (her collection is called 10th and Olive) while I was doing hair on the porch of an old rundown cabin.

She made that great vest in the photo above!

Now I have been doing Sarah’s hair for years and years. Colors, cuts and styles. And she is hands down my favorite with green hair. She is just one of those lucky people who looks like she could almost be a natural green, if that was a real thing.

Sarah is super resistant to my beehives. Like she has basically forbidden me to give them to her because of the wear and tear that happens as a result of all the back-combing that has to happen when one gets a beehive. This, as you can imagine, pains me to no end because I want her give her a green beehive so bad, mostly because I have been forbidden them, but also because she is such a beauty and she has such great style, I just want to ice her cake with an epic beehive. You know how it goes.

Well, this time, we negotiated her beehive and compromised on some VERY light back-combing to build a low height/low impact beehive with all the decoration down low, so that the hairstyle felt more flapper and less of the doo-wop.

The Sarah Ann Marie


Here is how we got the look.

I started by sprinkling some Dry Shampoo into my boar-bristle brush, and brushing it through her crown, to soak up some oil and help add texture and loft.

I began some light back combing at her roots, up around her crown. I worked gently, so as not to piss her off. Nothing to tight or vigorous.

Once I felt satisfied in the amount of lift I had created at her roots, I smoothed all the hair back with my boar-bristle brush, just over the surface of the hair, keeping the back-coming in tact underneath.

I gathered the hair from the top half of her hair (with the exception of her side-bang section, which I left out for now) into a very low ponytail, held it against her head, and rotated it once at the base, towards one side.

This created a little ofset twist, which I pinned into place nice and snug with bobby pins. Then, I took the hair from below the top section, gathered it into a ponytail in my hand, and twisted it once against the head as well, in the same direction of the first twist, and pinned it snug to the head.

This created the scaffolding of the hairstyle…….Nice high, smooth top, and the rest secured to one side, where the free ends right where I wanted them……And it was time to start building the curls, the details which made the ‘do.

At this point, I started working a bit more free form, taking small strands of hair that hung from the 2 twists, rolling it into a pin-curl, and then pinning it into place, doing my best to hide the pins discreetly within the hairstyle.

To create a more polished look, before I rolled the pin-curl, I gave the section of hair a twist, creating a rope-like look for each curl. I varied the size of each curl to keep it organic.

I built the curls into the hairstyle, pinning them into each other, creating a messy grid of bobby pins under the curls, hidden away but crucial to the structure of the style.

At the end, I separated her side-bang section into a few pieces, and pin-curled them at the ends, and pinned them into the hairstyle alone the side.

What we ended with was a solid, soft yet classy hairstyle which decorated one side of her head in a gorgeous, delicate swath of green curls.

xo, HTHG



Nikki Lane and a Night of Country Lady Hair

Babes. I have to share with you some photos from a night of beehivin’, partyin’, and dancin’ that recently happened. I will go ahead and call it Nikki Lane and the Country Lady Hair night.

7U6A3536Have y’all heard Nikki Lane? She is a country lady badass, the second coming of Loretta Lynn if you ask me. I first heard her when my friend Holley send me a link to her singing a song called “Look Away” on a porch in some southern state, and it became my go-to song to sing to my babies, or around a fire on a whiskey-fueled full moon night.

When Holley, AKA Missbeehivin’who is a friend of Nikki’s through the country music scene, asked me if I could do Nikki’s hair before her show at the Tractor Tavern last weekend, I said “hell yes, and let’s make it official by giving everyone beehives!.” And so, it was beehives all around.

And that is how Country Lady Hair Night came to be.

7U6A2862Now I’m no dummy. I knew that a night making everyone else beautiful would leave me no time of my own to gussy up, so I got ready early, at my new collective studio space that I share with Nikki Jacoby, Holley, and Alexa. I am affectionately calling it the babe cave. #babecave;)

7U6A5936I made sure to wear my grape head piece, which is a big cluster of vintage wax-covered blown glass grapes that I clip to my head, only on the most special occasions. I am in love with it. Big fan of fake fruit here.

7U6A2913First hairstyle of the night, the gorgeous and talented Kaylee Smyth of The Western Shore who opened that night for Nikki Lane.

Kaylee and her husband Charlie are Seattle natives and band-mates, now living (and rocking) gigging, and touring from their Nashville home-base. Listen to The Western Shore here and dig their dreamy country lover sound.

Kalee had an incredible DIY haircut, a high shag with lot’s of texture which was just perfect for her thick, wild waves. I did some light texturizing in the back, and trimmed her bangs. 7U6A3112Then, she got sprinkled with 3rd Day Bangs for extra texture and oil absorption, back-combed and spit curled.


Next up was Nikki Jacoby, who looked charming in her beehive and diagonal roll in the back, and of course, spit curls. I’m still not over those;)

7U6A29977U6A3016Holley came next. She is the queen off the beehive, which is why we call her Missbeehivin’. You can even follow her beehives on Instagram7U6A30647U6A31417U6A3194

Jules and Dawn were next. Where are their hives? I guess that my camera-woman Nikki J must have gotten busy with something else. Here is a group shot from later, so you can see Dawn and Jule’s hives too.7U6A3691

Sarah-Ann Caldwell would not let me give her a beehive, and I was only offended for a moment. She wore my squash-blossom necklace instead.

7U6A3314Then, it was time to hit the Tractor Tavern to find Nikki Lane and help her get fancied up. Holley and Nikki J and I packed ourselves like sardines into Nikki L’s dressing room with a bottle of Tequila and some Ginger Beer. (Nikki’s delicious drink of choice.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.31.37 PMNikki said she wanted her hair to look like Bridget Bardot. She had the perfect silk blouse and black ribbon bow to wear, and tousled Bridget hair seemed like the perfect choice for the night’s sultry surly country vibe.

I sprayed her down with Masterbraider, sprinkled some 3rd Day Bangs into her roots and brushed it through with my mini-bore bristle brush to create a nice texture base to work with. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.32.11 PM

We chatted about the Mason Pearson brush, and how everyone needs one because there is nothing better. As we talked, she shopped on Amazon for her first Mason Pearson Pocket Brush. 

I teased her crown, back-combing it tight’n’right at the roots, and smoothed the top down to create the perfect tousled lived-in half-up hive. 7U6A3279We decided on pigtails with the rest of her hair, and so I put in low tails with clear elastics, then I teased them just a little bit, and wrapped a bit of hair around the base of the tails, to hide the elastic. I secured it with a small bobby-pin, under each pig-tail. 7U6A3292

I asked her what her go-to hair routine was for her thick-ass wavy hair and her wild life of touring and playing shows. She said she swears by Caruso Steam Rollers and the 3n hair-color that a stylist sends her to keep her hair nice and dark on the road. Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.33.50 PM

I told her she had incredible hair, and she replied that no hair-lady had ever complained about her hair before. She said it in the most perfectly country way. She reminded me of what I would imagine to be a mix of 1 cup Loretta Lynn with a tablespoon of Calamity Jane and a half-teaspoon Elvis Presley and a dash of Wanda Jackson. She made me want to move to Nashville. 7U6A3596

7U6A36327U6A3655After we finished with hair, Holley did her makeup. Feathered lashes, cat-eye liner and the perfect soft coral-pink lipstick. Then we posed for photos, as the Western Shore began their set.



We spent the next several hours in country music heaven, where the hair was high and the vibes were higher. 7U6A3452We danced, we sang, we marveled at the huge crowd. We watched the girls put on an incredible show. 7U6A3784

Holley got to sing a song on stage with Nikki at the end, which was a nice surprise……..She has such a beautiful voice, that Missbeehivin’IMG_4742

It was a fantastic night, a great time was had by all, and I highly recommend checking out tour dates and getting yourself tickets to see Nikki Lane and the Western Shore when they come through your town. Just make SURE to wear your hair in a Beehive when you go;)

xoxoxox, HTHG

P.s.  I want to do hair in Nashville. Just putting it out there.

Blonderella, Glam Cinderella by Tanya Ramirez

IMG_7682When I first started HTHG, I was kindly welcomed into an online community of hairdressers and hair bloggers at Latest-Hairstyles. These woman inspired and encouraged me to share my voice and my knowledge on the subject of hair, and I am forever thankful.

One women in particular, by the name of Tanya Ramirez, really grabbed my attention with her style of hairdressing. She was the cutting-edge of the Latest-Hairstyles community, her tutorials featured bright hair color and inspired hairstyling concepts. I have followed her now for years now, constantly loving her style.

As a passion-driven stylist, Tanya Ramirez thrives on the versatility of hair. Creating snazzy color and designing cool cuts is what the Los Angeles native loves best. She’s been featured in Modern Salon and The Colorist Magazine for her unique hair coloring skills.

Tanya’s specialities include gorgeous blondes, vivid and dreamy pastel tones, color correction, custom-blended hair extensions and dry haircutting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.42.54 AMI reached out to Tanya Ramirez recently to see if she would be interested in contributing and she graciously shared some of her favorite recent hairstyling photos and videos with us. This first one is a rock’n’roll Blonderella  – a Cinderella inspired haircolour/cut/style video. The look is inspired by #EVVIart #GlamCinderella.

The Updo is super easy to do but makes a big impact!

I recommend checking out more of Tanya’s work ASAP whether you are a stylist of a DIY hair enthusiast. She is a talented creative woman and a great teacher. And if you are in the LA area, visit Tanya to unleash your spirit and discover the transformative power of hair that tells your story. Get untamed!

Tanya is located at:
Untamed Instincts Hair
Salon Republic
West Hollywood, California.

Learn more about Tanya’s work here.

Follow Tanya:






How to do Spit Curls/Kiss Curls, DIY.

7U6A0551Hey babes. Hope everyone is having a great day…….Today, I want to share with you all the phenomenal beauty of kiss curls, also called spit-curls (I personally call them spit-curls.)

My first experience with them was in the back of the school bus in the 6th grade. I had just started a new school, and I was terrified and shy. One of the older girls on the bus was named Alateena and she was big and black and beautilful and always had amazing hair that I marveled at. She didn’t appear to know or care that I existed.

One day, to my dismay, Alateena yelled out “Hey white girl! Let me do your hair!” and I scanned the scene to see who she was talking to. I realized she was talking to me. I felt like a million bucks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.57.54 AMSo when the bus driver wasn’t looking, I slid into the seat next to her. She pulled out a comb and a giant tub of Blue Magic Hair Dress and spit-curled the shit out of my hair. This began our morning bus ride hair tradition, which lasted several months, until she got bored of me. I will never forget her long nails, the sticky-stiff feeling of those little flat curls stuck to my head, and the smell of that hair grease.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.05.23 PMWhen I saw that spit curls/kiss curls had made their debut on the runways of Givenchy Fall/Winter for 2015, I knew it was time to help usher in their comeback.

Instead of Blue Magic, I opted for a natural alternative, and I tried doing spit curls with straight up Organic Aloe Vera Gel, and had perfect results.

It is particularly important to use a gel that won’t irritate your skin or clog pores, because you will be applying it directly to your skin when you stick your spit curls/kiss curls to your face. This is another reason why the Aloe Vera gel is a fantastic alternative. If your hair is very course or curly and you need a stronger gel, try making a Flax Seed Hair Gel, following this recipe.

How to do Spit Curls/ Kiss Curls



Get your gel and a fine toothed comb. If you can find a disposable mascara wand, they are nice to work with too…….but not a necessity.

Either on yourself or your model, section out small bits of hair around your hairline, where you want your curls to be. If you are someone with alot of baby hairs around your hairline, consider yourself lucky……These curls are a PERFECT way to style and control baby hairs.

Now before we begin, the trick to good spit curls is to find the perfect balance of slick and sticky in your hair to be able to work with these curls. If you are having trouble guiding the curls or sticking them against your face, add more gel. If they are too sticky and keep pulling, add more water.

7U6A05111. Spray down your baby edge hairs so that they are VERY dripping wet. Get a nice finger-scoop of gel and apply it directly into your roots. Work it down your wet hair bits, all the way to the ends. Now the fine teeth of your comb, or your wand, comb the hairs against your face to stick them down and to remove any tangles that could stop you up. kiss curls

2. Making sure your hair is stuck to your head at the roots, use your comb or wand to bring all the hairs sharply in one direction, stuck against your head. This is wave #1.

3. Use a finger to help secure the curl against the head at the base, while using a finger from the other hand to pull wave #2 into place, against the head.

4. While holding #2 in place with a finger, use your wand or comb to move wave #3 into place against the head.

5. Use your fingers to make sure that #3 is securely stuck to the head. Guide your waves around the brow/ear/ or cheekbone, depending on what area of the face you are working on. You get to put them wherever you want them.

5. Continue working in this way, back and forth making waves down the length of the hair. When you get to the ends, use your finger tips to guide them into a nice little curl. This takes patience and a soft touch, but I KNOW you can do it:)

7. Start your next curl, wherever you want it.

8. Add as many curls as you want, spraying the hair more with water as needed to keep it slick and workable. Curl your ends, then let your curls dry into place. They should stay all day, as long as you don’t mess with them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.40.00 PM







May we suggest finishing off a beehive, finger waves, or any other fancy hairstyle where your baby hairs or hairline is exposed with some spit curls/kiss curls? They look SO CUTE in that little corner right in front of your ears, especially if you are one of those people who feels too exposed or stark with your hair all pulled back. It adds total detail and cute vintage femininity to ANY hairstyle.


Add them to a set of Cornrows for a modern/classy hip hop vibe.

Or, give your dude some and make him feel extra beautiful.



xoxo, HTHG

The Buzz Around the Hive.

Over at HTHG, we live for themed beehives.

This post is just a little sneak peek of the Ultimate Beehive Tutorial, which is coming in early Summer.

Here are a couple practice hives that we have had the pleasure of doing in the last few months. Just and FYI, these hives are build to last a week or more, with the help of a silk scarf for sleeping in;)

IMG_3469IMG_4221IMG_4212IMG_4222IMG_3054IMG_4224IMG_4216And here is Holley’s hair after the hive has been dismantled:)

Practice up on your back-combing and start collecting hair for your hair rat, babes, because The Buzz Around the Hive is Getting Bigger.

You have an event? Got a theme in mind? We can and will create your custom beehive. Email us at for inquiries.

xoxo, HTHG

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