Mayapple Boutique Shoot, More Crimped Hair Magic.

throwsHello darlings. How are you all?  I have been in Fayetteville AR, spending time with friends and family, shooting photos, and cutting some shaggy, long overdue hair at Mayapple Salon and Boutique.

7U6A9724One of the highlights of my whirlwind trip was styling hair for a shoot with 4 lovely women for the Mayapple Boutique lookbook and an editorial spread in the Fayetteville Free Weekly…….I had the pleasure of working beside my salon business partner, the talented Melissa Arens, hair and wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, and fellow mother of daughters who happens to be a longtime favorite photoshoot collaborator of mine:)

7U6A0585 Together, we worked with models Sarah Levine, Nicolette Gawthrop, and Mel’s daughter, Cloey Grote, all in Nikki Jacoby jewelry and HTHG hairstyles, featuring… guessed it. The Crimper. 7U6A9571

For this shoot, I employed my little Mini Crimper
and worked it hard. I crimped Nico’s pre-flatironed hair, piece by piece from root to ends leaving her bangs un-crimped.

7U6A0178On Cloey, I worked through her pre-flatironed hair in small random sections on the surface, lightly spraying the pieces and then crimping them here and there to create geometrics and angles. It looked so cool!! I love crimping so, so hard.

7U6A9919_2-2After crimping Sarah’s hair, I did the Viking Hair for the Modern Lady hairstyle which turned out perfectly cool.

Then we braced ourselves and our hair for the insane monsoon of rain that was coming down and made our way to a muddy bike tunnel which underpasses 6th street and connects a fantastic bike trail that runs the entire length of Fayetteville, AR.

7U6A0403Shooting photos in tunnels is the shit. I could have stayed there all day just playing around and dancing and taking pictures. Can you tell I nerd out for photo ops like this?

popNext up? A quick change, easy beehives, dramatic makeup and a blue wall.

What could be better? What a great day.

I had so much fun editing these photos with Picmonkey, btw. See the new Picmonkey sidebar ad to your right? It is there because I could not run HTHG without Picmonkey photo-editing…. It is a super affordable program for monkeys like me who don’t have the time to mess with photoshop. They make it simple and fun to edit and collage, and I am proud to be partnering with them. Check em out!

And FYI, be on the lookout for the new Mayapple Boutique online……Coming soon, stocked with Nikki Jacoby jewelry, hand picked vintage and American made apparel. xoxoxo, HTHG


Wire Braid Crimping.

7U6A1307Hey babes. I want to take a quick sec to share a fun crimping technique that I recently learned. It is called Wire Braid Crimping.

With this fun technique, you create a stronger, more longer-lasting crimp using braids. The trick is, you braid 18 gauge wire into each braid and it helps form and set the crimp.

We used this technique in Corrina’s cornrows for our 6th Sense Hair Oil hairstyle.

7U6A0971To get the look, first i sprayed her dry hair with Masterbraider, then I braided her hair in cornrows. Once I reached the base of her hairline, I took a long piece of wire and began braiding it into the free-hanging braid.

To do this, you will need to bend the wire in half, and then flip it upside down and hold it by the ‘v’ where it bends, so the ends are hanging. Hold the ‘v’ against your 3 braid sections, taking one end of the wire into one section, and the other wire end into another section of the braid. Continue braiding as you would, incorporating your wire into your braid. When you reach the ends of the braid, use a clear elastic to secure it.

You can do this on as little as 6 free braids or corn-rowed braids on one head of hair to be able to get the effects of the wire. Larger braids won’s be effected by the wire.

Once your braids are in, apply gentle heat by sitting in the sun. You can wear your braids as long as you like, knowing that when you take them down, you will have an awesome crimped hairstyle to rock. 2 for 1!7U6A1026

When you are ready, take your braids out, slide the wire out, shake your hair out, and rock it. 7U6A11787U6A1442Your wires will look insane when you take them out. Put them aside to use in an art piece later on in life.

xoxo, HTHG



How to do Spit Curls/Kiss Curls, DIY.

7U6A0551Hey babes. Hope everyone is having a great day…….Today, I want to share with you all the phenomenal beauty of kiss curls, also called spit-curls (I personally call them spit-curls.)

My first experience with them was in the back of the school bus in the 6th grade. I had just started a new school, and I was terrified and shy. One of the older girls on the bus was named Alateena and she was big and black and beautilful and always had amazing hair that I marveled at. She didn’t appear to know or care that I existed.

One day, to my dismay, Alateena yelled out “Hey white girl! Let me do your hair!” and I scanned the scene to see who she was talking to. I realized she was talking to me. I felt like a million bucks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.57.54 AMSo when the bus driver wasn’t looking, I slid into the seat next to her. She pulled out a comb and a giant tub of Blue Magic Hair Dress and spit-curled the shit out of my hair. This began our morning bus ride hair tradition, which lasted several months, until she got bored of me. I will never forget her long nails, the sticky-stiff feeling of those little flat curls stuck to my head, and the smell of that hair grease.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.05.23 PMWhen I saw that spit curls/kiss curls had made their debut on the runways of Givenchy Fall/Winter for 2015, I knew it was time to help usher in their comeback.

Instead of Blue Magic, I opted for a natural alternative, and I tried doing spit curls with straight up Organic Aloe Vera Gel, and had perfect results.

It is particularly important to use a gel that won’t irritate your skin or clog pores, because you will be applying it directly to your skin when you stick your spit curls/kiss curls to your face. This is another reason why the Aloe Vera gel is a fantastic alternative. If your hair is very course or curly and you need a stronger gel, try making a Flax Seed Hair Gel, following this recipe.

How to do Spit Curls/ Kiss Curls



Get your gel and a fine toothed comb. If you can find a disposable mascara wand, they are nice to work with too…….but not a necessity.

Either on yourself or your model, section out small bits of hair around your hairline, where you want your curls to be. If you are someone with alot of baby hairs around your hairline, consider yourself lucky……These curls are a PERFECT way to style and control baby hairs.

Now before we begin, the trick to good spit curls is to find the perfect balance of slick and sticky in your hair to be able to work with these curls. If you are having trouble guiding the curls or sticking them against your face, add more gel. If they are too sticky and keep pulling, add more water.

7U6A05111. Spray down your baby edge hairs so that they are VERY dripping wet. Get a nice finger-scoop of gel and apply it directly into your roots. Work it down your wet hair bits, all the way to the ends. Now the fine teeth of your comb, or your wand, comb the hairs against your face to stick them down and to remove any tangles that could stop you up. kiss curls

2. Making sure your hair is stuck to your head at the roots, use your comb or wand to bring all the hairs sharply in one direction, stuck against your head. This is wave #1.

3. Use a finger to help secure the curl against the head at the base, while using a finger from the other hand to pull wave #2 into place, against the head.

4. While holding #2 in place with a finger, use your wand or comb to move wave #3 into place against the head.

5. Use your fingers to make sure that #3 is securely stuck to the head. Guide your waves around the brow/ear/ or cheekbone, depending on what area of the face you are working on. You get to put them wherever you want them.

5. Continue working in this way, back and forth making waves down the length of the hair. When you get to the ends, use your finger tips to guide them into a nice little curl. This takes patience and a soft touch, but I KNOW you can do it:)

7. Start your next curl, wherever you want it.

8. Add as many curls as you want, spraying the hair more with water as needed to keep it slick and workable. Curl your ends, then let your curls dry into place. They should stay all day, as long as you don’t mess with them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.40.00 PM







May we suggest finishing off a beehive, finger waves, or any other fancy hairstyle where your baby hairs or hairline is exposed with some spit curls/kiss curls? They look SO CUTE in that little corner right in front of your ears, especially if you are one of those people who feels too exposed or stark with your hair all pulled back. It adds total detail and cute vintage femininity to ANY hairstyle.


Add them to a set of Cornrows for a modern/classy hip hop vibe.

Or, give your dude some and make him feel extra beautiful.



xoxo, HTHG

JBF Rolls

7U6A96517U6A9644Hey babes. This is a hair tutorial that came from last months Gender Bender shoot.

It is a soft and lovely mussed upeditorial-vibe double french twist hairstyle, demonstrated by Rain on her pre-crimped, melon-colored hair. #whatababe

Let’s call them JBF rolls.

Here is how to do them.

rain dutch babyBegin by spritzing your hair with a sea-salt texture spray to build body and grip. You don’t have to pre-crimp your hair for these, but it does add a nice poofy textured effect. Here is a crimping tutorial, just in case.

Make a center part.

Starting on one side, take all of the hair at the base of the hairline and begin twisting inwards towards your center part. As you twist it, pull it upward so that it lays against your head.

Use a couple of bobby pins to secure your french twist to your head. Here is a closer look at the mechanics of a french twist, if you need it……….

Either tuck the ends into your roll on top of the head, or leave them out and back-comb them for the look featured below from the front.

Now, do the same thing on the other side, twisting the hair inwards and up, securing it, and either tucking in the ends. Pull out your lady parts, and be sure not to fret if it seems loose or messy. That is the beauty of JBF hair.











The look above has been finished off with some heavy back combing in the ends of the hair that comes out of the top of the rolls, instead of tucking them into the roll. This is a fun and easy alternative, and definitely brings more interest to the look from the front, if you want something bigger and more surreal, and less soft and romantic.7U6A0062 7U6A0041

7U6A9705P.S. Doesn’t Rain make a hot ‘dude’? and also a lovely ‘lady’? Cross-dressing is fun. We at HTHG suggest that you try it. Hope you like the tutorial!

xoxo, HTHG

HTHG’s Bridesmaid Floral Hair Coven in Refinery 29!

7U6A29367U6A28747U6A29397U6A35917U6A29437U6A30737U6A33447U6A28477U6A34447U6A32867U6A29307U6A34477U6A34387U6A33877U6A33297U6A30257U6A28267U6A19107U6A32307U6A3375Want beautiful DIY floral hair for an upcoming summer wedding? Check out this fun collaboration post with HTHG and Stone Fox Bride!

The photo shoot for this post was a collaboration between myself and basically most of my best lady friends. Liz Lashes was my co-art Director/ Photographer.

Therese Lefebvre did all the makeup and styling (With garments from Lucky Vintage!)

Nikki Jacoby did all the jewelry ( Obvies!)

Models were the LOVELY Holley, Birch, Jules, Hana, Beth, and Sarah. The whole thing was a dream.

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