HTHG’s Bridesmaid Floral Hair Coven in Refinery 29!

7U6A29367U6A28747U6A29397U6A35917U6A29437U6A30737U6A33447U6A28477U6A34447U6A32867U6A29307U6A34477U6A34387U6A33877U6A33297U6A30257U6A28267U6A19107U6A32307U6A3375Want beautiful DIY floral hair for an upcoming summer wedding? Check out this fun collaboration post with HTHG and Stone Fox Bride!

The photo shoot for this post was a collaboration between myself and basically most of my best lady friends. Liz Lashes was my co-art Director/ Photographer.

Therese Lefebvre did all the makeup and styling (With garments from Lucky Vintage!)

Nikki Jacoby did all the jewelry ( Obvies!)

Models were the LOVELY Holley, Birch, Jules, Hana, Beth, and Sarah. The whole thing was a dream.

Festival hair for retro-fantasy ponies.

DSC01112The title of this post is so weird but I just couldn’t help myself. These hairstyles are what happened when My Little Pony met Dita Von Teese and Lisa Frank. Remember how I told you that T and I were trying to jury into the OCF this year as the Beauty Peddlers? Here are photos from the shoot that we did for our ‘product shots’ to send in with our submission. We were lucky enough to get seasoned and prolific photographer Sian Kennedy to take the pictures for us (He is her moms husband.) These photos are my own shots, but I will post his later;)

We borrowed our friend B’s adorable salon to do the hair. It was a sunny and bright day.B's

Here are some snap shots from the shop. It was a great setting for our colorful shoot.


Here is the hair that we did. It was total collabo mode, with children and feathers and camera equipment and mayhem. We used chalk ( just regular sidewalk chalk works perfectly. Just wet it first and rub it in) , colored thread, feathers, fishtail braids, and victory rolls.


Here is a little breakdown of that wild retro-exotic bird hairstyle. It needs a name. Any ideas?

paigeWhat do you think?

The Treasure long-hair bun

treasure bunThis is one of the looks that I created for my Nikki J. shoot with photog William Anthony last month. I documented the steps as best I could despite the mayhem that surrounded us on set. I had to share it with you! I think it is so irregular and pretty.

This hairstyle works best on very long hair.

The Treasure Bun!


Make a tight ponytail on top of the head, then leave out a strip of hair to fishtail braid, take the rest of the hair and twist it into a big tight bun. Use large bobby pins to secure the bun. Then, do a tight fishtail braid in the small strip of hair that you left out. It may take a while! Now wrap that long braid around the bun a couple times, pinning it into place. Tuck in the end.

I have a secret to share…….I didn’t use a single pin in this hairstyle on Holley because her hair is so long that I can just secure it by wrapping the ends in tightly at the base. They just stay put! Cray-Cray. Love this look.

1930’s Deco star wars braided chapeau.

DSC00164This was my favorite hair look from my collab photo shoot with Nikki J. I want to share with you how I did it because it was really fun to do. I went into it with a general idea of what I wanted to look like, but it ended up taking on it’s own shape altogether. (The unplanned surprise hairstyles are always the best)

This is Holley. Her hair is 5 feet long.

hollllsHere is how I did it.

1. I made a center part, and then sectioned each side of her head into 9 pieces. I put a bobby pin in each one to keep them separate. I braided each section, starting at the base of the head.

2. The braids were pretty tight and tidy. 9 on each side, 18 total. ( I had a couple people help. Turns out I am a slow braider)

3. I braided 3 braids together at a time.

4. Now I had 3 braid-y braids on each side.

5.Then I braided those together. Now I had 2 braid-y braid-y braids.

6. I wrapped the right one around the front of the head, pinning it into place. Then using the end of the right braid and the whole left braid, I coiled them together and pinned them with many bobby pins. The coiling was very organic, no method to the madness. I just bent, twisted, piled, and pinned. After the hairdo was done, Rick Toth painted little flecks of gold to highlight parts of the braids. This made it come to life.

For her second look, I let Holley’s braids down and took 2 of them and wrapped them around her forehead and pinned them on the side with these cool crystal pins that I made with crystals that a friend of mine found in Arkansas.DSC00211 DSC00057

Stay tuned for a crystal hair clip tutorial!



DIY Friday…..Gatsby girl. A Zelda Fitzgerald hairstyle.

(Photo styled by Mel Arens, Mayapple boutique)

Zelda Fitzgerald was the dynamic and willful wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, iconic author of The Great Gatsby. The lead female character in that book, Daisy Buchanan was loosely based on Zelda. She was gorgeous and fashionable and hob-nobbed with the boot-legging elite of New York in the 1920’s.

If you haven’t read it, please do. Read it before you go see the blockbuster movie that comes out next spring. I predict that 1920’s hairstyles are going to be HUGE next year, so lets get started early.

Here is my interpretation of what Zelda’s hair must have looked like when attending a swank New York party.

This 1920’s inspired DIY Gatsby girl hairstyle is much easier than it looks. I threw it together on a whim of experimentation on Whitney, my daughter’s fabulous kindergarten art teacher. I think she looks absolutely perfect as Zelda Fitzgerald. Her hair is fine and medium-long. It is heavily highlighted, which helps it hold a style. I used no styling products. If you have very slick hair, you will definitely need a good texture spray to disperse throughout your hair to hold this style.

Because it is a very drape-y and loose hairstyle, It is hard to do on thick straight, coarse hair. If that’s what you have, first set your hair with texture spray on damp hair, and one of HTHG’s no heat curl techniques. This will help it hold. Definately get some long bobby pins, too.

Here is how I did it…..

1. Start by sectioning the hair down the side of the back. One side should be about 2/3rds of the head, and the other should be about 1/3rd of the head.

2.On the heavy side, begin a twist that starts at the temple and wraps around the back of the head.

3. Continue the twist all the way to the end of the section.

4.Wrap the end into a loose bun and pin  through the bun with large bobby pins.

5. Reinforce the twist with a couple small bobby pins.Don’t worry about making a really neat bun. It looks better loose.

6. Now make another section that comes down from the top of the head to just in front of the ear.

7. twist that section down to the ends of the hair.

8. Now wrap it into a loose bun and pin it into place slightly above the first bun. Take a swig of a PBR and get ready for the next step.

9. Make another section that leaves just a small amount of hair around the face. Twist it back and pin it into a small loose bun. This time use little bobby pins so you can hide them better.

10. Take the last little bit of hair and twist it into a tiny little pincurl.

11. Snuggle it in with the curl before it and try and hide the pin.

12. Now give it a spray of firm hold hair spray if you want. It will help it hold.



Bootleg bride, anyone? Flapper? red carpet starlet? stuck at home on a rainy day? DO IT!








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