Lisa Frank Nails and Pickled Radishes.

IMG_4668Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice.

I moved into my new studio/creative space that I will be sharing with Nikki, Holley, and Alexa. I plan to style hair, do lot’s of beehives, have meetings, do photo shoots, collaborate, sew, and design with flowers and things at our new space, and I am more than thrilled to finally have a place to create.


Here was my home to-do list for the weekend. I finally got to it on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.36.38 PM Selah and I had been playing with stickers, and I found a sheet of tiny Lisa Frank decals, which was all I needed for manicure inspiration. I got out my base coat, top coat, and my Color Prevails sparkly nail polish.

Base coat, sparkles, decal, topcoat. That’s how it went.IMG_4660


I am such a sucker for that Lisa Frank and her perfectly cute designs.

So once my nails were dry, Selah and I picked radishes from the garden for pickling. IMG_4663

She helped me wash the radishes, and then slice them up. We juiced the greens with a lemon and drank it fast as a tonic. ( I am a weekend juicer.) IMG_4669

Then, we stuffed the sliced radishes into a mason jar. Threw some sliced garlic on top. My little keep-it-simple secret? I pour pickle juice from an almost-empty jar of salt-brined Bubbie’s pickles over the top and call it good;)

Here is a Lisa Frank inspired hairstyle.

And here is my Kimchi recipe.

xoxox, HTHG

Spring break, Cross Dressing, and Necktie Fails.

Hello, my friends.

How are all of you? Well, I hope. It is hard to believe that we are already well into Spring, and even harder to believe that, as my neighbor Jenny just reminded me, September is just a few months away. Which means that it is practically Fall already.

I just returned from a little road trip with my man and my kids, which included adventures such as staying a night at the Great Wolf Lodge,Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.41.36 AM

playing with a crawdad for a couple hours, Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.42.05 AM

Foraging for morel mushrooms,Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.41.51 AM

going on a hike to the top of a plateau mountain in Oregon and seeing this squirrel,IMG_4599

and staying at my favorite hotel, the Best Western off I-5 in Chehalis Washington, where the pool is warm and the beds are comfy.

We celebrated my incredible Grandma Suzi’s 90th birthday. IMG_4585

(photos from my personal Instagram, @filthandbeauty )

I also lost my mind and had a life-altering vintage thrifting experience at a shop called Dina’s Great Finds, where I dug through piles and thrifted myself a new life.

7U6A9807Before I left town, I had the pleasure of shooting a bit of a Gender-Bender shoot, with 2 dear friends who had never met each other. They dressed up in formal wear, and then they cross dressed. 7U6A0365

She posed in typical ‘dude’ poses, and he tried to be ‘ladylike.’

7U6A9740We tried to figure out how to properly tie a necktie, and we fumbled with it for 10 minutes, before finally looking up a Youtube video on it, which made it even more confusing, and we still couldn’t figure it out (sorry dad, I know you taught me as a kid, but I wasn’t able to channel that lesson at the time.) Check out that tie!!!! Luckily, he is such a babe, you didn’t even notice at first;)7U6A9754

Turns out, neither of my models new how to properly behave like a ‘lady’ or a ‘dude’, cross dressed or not. And, they both felt more comfortable being photographed while dressed and acting like the opposite sec.

This was a big relief, because the whole point of the shoot was to illustrate that gender standards are whack and boring. And that cross-dressing is fun. More on that later.

Anyhow, the point is, Spring break was great, I am feeling very blessed and excited about future posts and hair style tutorials from the Gender Bender shoot, and many more to come, and I’m hoping you are all enjoying your Spring:)

Stay tuned!

love you all!


Motherhood and Life, Her Way.

7U6A7852I know this is a hair blog, babes. But every once in a while when something stirs me enough…..a person, a story etc…..I feel the need to share it with you. This is one of those instances.

A few months ago, a beautiful woman sat down in my hair chair for the first time. She was getting her hair done for the first time since enduring a hellacious twin pregnancy and birthing two perfect babies, a boy and a girl.

7U6A7890As I did her hair, she told me her story of how she decided to have babies on her own, without a partner. What she described about her life and choices  was both captivating and empowering.

I mentioned towards the end of our time together that I am working on building my photography portfolio, and she excitedly said she had been looking to find someone to take candid shots of her and her babies.


2 weeks later, we embarked on a photo shoot which involved her and I, her incredible newborns, a team of women on hand to distract, hold, prop up, feed, and swaddle the babes as needed, several important family heirlooms for props, and torrential rainfall.

Her photos turned out gorgeous, and really conveyed her dark, beautiful powerful sorceress-ness contrasted by the sweet innocence of her babies. After we shot, I asked her if she would let me ask her some questions for an HTHG interview, and she obliged.

Friends, I give you Charla Pereira…..Mother, Badass, Boss lady, Doing it Her Way.

Charla…Where did you come from, where did your parents come from, and how did you end up here.
I am quite a few things – Portuguese, Anglo-Indian, Romanian gypsy, Ukrainian, German – the babies now also have Croatian and Scottish to add to the mix  – my dad was born in India / Calcutta / my mum in Canada / she is first generation Canadian. I was born and raised in Canada as well.  My grandfather always said that my widows peak made me a seer. The gypsy in me goes where I want, do what I want and create my world how I want it.
You are a designer at Microsoft? Tell me a bit about how you landed there and what you like about designing.
I am a Senior Design Manager at Microsoft Studios Canada, I eat the world with my eyes, I want everything in the world to be easier, prettier, and more fun.  I have painted the world around me since I can remember and before that. Microsoft has allowed me to work on projects that excite me and make me feel like I am able to bring the future to life.
What is your superpower, as a woman/mother?
HMMMMM – I don’t know. I think all woman are in general super heroes in so much – If I were to say what everyone says to me about how I am it is that I know my babies instinctively – again I believe all women of course do  – I think it goes back to my deep watching of the world around me – in a sense it is photographic to everything around me – but its deeper, its emotional not just physical.

Knowing peoples emotions before they know them and having the same reaction to my children that way – I love being able to know them better than anything in the world.  It’s something everyone always notices about me – how my empathy mixed with my seeing abilities creates this ability to see into peoples energies, needs, and how I can help them.

You decided to have babies without a partner. Tell me a little bit about that choice, and why you are glad you made it.
I’m more than glad I made it!!  I have been married, been in love, plan to be again but wanted to be put my energy, love and effort into having children rather than a relationship at this time.  These babies are perfect. I knew that the universe wanted me to have children – I knew in my heart and soul.

I don’t believe you need a partner to have the things you want and thank goodness for technology you don’t need one to have a baby either. I also think it comes to seeing others so unhappy in their relationships, what happens to those relationships when you have children etc. I didn’t want to chance that – I wanted babies and I wanted them to be all mine.  Mostly having a partner is not a priority for me. Before kids the priority was me, my work, my art and then it just morphed into wanting children to share it.
I was struck by the support you have in your team of women who have help you with your babies. SO cool. Describe a typical day/night with you and the babies and your crew of ladies?
I had the worst pregnancy ever. Hospital and almost losing them, bedrest for 6 months, nerve damage, diabetes and a list of other crap – my mother, the most amazing woman is to be praised for keeping us alive.  
I am so grateful for these amazing ladies, friends, and mothers coming to my aid and giving me and the babies love and compassion.
I was so lucky to have the doula that I have, Angie Dobbins-Frisbee. She has been available day and night, supported me with breast feeding the twins, making enough milk, sleeping a little. 

She introduced me to a team of doulas that helped me around the clock to make sure the little babies were able to thrive and I didn’t die in the process.
I don’t think that there is anything better than the energy of woman, young old and in-between, around babies.
The nurturing, support, understanding and love that just comes out  – watching this for me has been so amazing – you can feel this strong woman energy all around. It’s really beautiful.
A typical day for us is nothing typical, everything changes!  I observe how they are that day and how I can make that day the best day ever for them – and not die of sleep deprivation in the process!
Obviously you have NO TIME to spend right now on your hair, but I’m curious…..What is your general hair MO? Ponytail everyday, no wash?

My hair is long, up and away from being pulled lol – but always a part of me to express my creative side…….when I have the time.

Charla, we salute you! Thank you for sharing your story with us and empowering us with your experience. I look forward to shooting more photos of you and those sweet babies some day.


xoxo, HTHG

Dreads: A marriage of hair.

7U6A1234 7U6A1325 7U6A1351 7U6A1352 7U6A1283 7U6A1311Hey babes. Here are some photos of some lovely friends of ours who came to visit. They both have incredibly long dread locks, and I had a fun time shooting photos of them with their dreads all intertwined and wild. IT was a marriage of hair. More on dreads, coming soon.

xoxo, HTHG

DIY Dead Flower Crown and giveaway!

7U6A6966IMG_9868Hi Spring Flower babes. How are you all? Are you ready for Summer? I’m ready to bring it on! But……before Spring ends, I have a little project to do with you.

Around the corner from my house are these rediculous poppies. They are the biggest, pinkest most insanely beautiful flowers that I have ever seen. They almost bring me to tears. This one was 10 inches across.

All I want in life in the Spring is to literally wear beautiful flowers instead of clothes. The only semi-practical and appropriate way of doing this that I can think of is to wear them in my hair.

I have worn flowers in my hair during Spring my whole life. It just seems right to do it, when I am surrounded by colorful blooms. Right?

Some flowers, though, like these dreamy poppies just don’t last. Once you pick them, they wilt and drop their petals within 10 minutes out of water. This makes them impossible to wear in the hair.

I started experimenting with flower-crown-making last month, when the first dogwoods started blooming. They were so hearty and pink and magical, I had to have them on my head. I snagged a plastic headband from my daughters and pulled out the ‘ol glue gun.


The crown was just lovely. I wanted it to last forever. It didn’t. After 4 days, it was  shriveled gluey and manky looking. This got me thinkin. Is it possible to make a flower crown that lasts forever?


I did a little research online about how to choose flowers to dry. I wanted ones that would keep their color and not shed leaves. I learned that picking flowers like roses and daisies before they are fully bloomed is the best way to get them to not shed, and drying them out of the sun will help them maintain color.

I started looking around the neighborhood for flowers that looked hearty. I found chive flowers, hellabores, lavender, small rosebuds, daisies, succulents, bee balm, dried up hydrangea, some random hearty berries and bachelors button. They all seemed thicker-petaled and with a lot of texture. I brought them home and tied them in bunches with dental floss. I hung them upside down with push pins in my warm dry attic for a week.

7U6A6452Once dry, I proceeded to prune the flowers by trimming them individually so that their stems were each about 2 inches long to begin with, and stripping unwanted leaves away.

I cleared myself a workspace in the garage, got myself a simple metal headband
and my Glue Gun Kit and got busy trimming, gluing, and designing with flowers. It was heavenly:)


DIY Dead Flower Crown


DFC1. Clear your workspace, get your glue gun and headband ready.

2. Prepare plants and flowers by trimming off access leaves and peeling bits. Think about the best and most secure way to glue on your flowers and trim them appropriately.

3. Starting with the larger more sturdy plants and flowers, apply a large pea-sized amount of glue to the base of the flower, and hold it firmly against the headband for a minute until the glue hardens. If needed, put another drop of glue on the inside of the headband. Wait till it dries halfway, then use your fingers to squish it into the flower base, securing it tightly to the headband.

4. Take a step back and visualize how you want to use flowers to design the headband. Plan it out a bit in your head, but be open to a change in creative direction! Let the flowers tell you where they want to be. Prepare some smaller ones to fill in gaps.

5. Start filling in the gaps in between the larger plants with smaller ones. Use smaller amounts of glue on these ones.

6. Continue setting larger plants, then filling in the empty spaces with smaller ones. Add a pop of texture here and there to break it up.

7. Use the smaller hearty blooms like rosebuds to taper the flower arrangement down the sides of the headband. Stop designing when you get to about 2 inches from either end of the headband.7U6A7083

Now let all the glue dry completely. Keep your crown somewhere safe and out of direct sunlight. Handle it with care, and wear it on the most special of occasions:)

Dead Flower Crown Giveaway!

I would absolutely love to give one of you this lovely crown. It will make you feel like the prettiest person to walk the world. I would also love to get this fun post out to as many eager flower-crafting folks as possible on the world wide web! To enter the Dead Flower Crown Giveaway, please share this post on your facebook, follow HTHG on Instagram if you are on it, and comment on this post letting me know your favorite flower. I will randomly choose a winner this Friday, and one of you lovelies will be the proud owner of this beauty! Ready, Set, GO!

xoxo, HTHG




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