Tribe de Mama Sacred Self Care Brushing Ritual

7U6A7353Hello mamas! This post is for all of us who are mothers to children, pets, and/or ourselves. Even papas can be mamas, so this is for you too.

This year has been all about healing through re-connection. Coming out of the dark and into the light. Keeping our shadows close as we walk in the sun, honoring all sides of ourselves and loving the parts of us that we keep hidden and beginning to let those parts out of hiding. Remembering that our path can only be navigated with true clarity when dark and light are both at work.

Self-Care during transitional times in life becomes more important as we grow older and experience bigger life changes. We begin to understand the importance of staying present, and trusting ourselves. We learn to stop abusing ourselves with critical words aimed at our own hearts, and learn to love and accept ourselves as a mother should, whether we had a loving mother or not.

We start to gravitate towards the people and the experiences that allow us to express and accept love, and we find the tools that help us invoke and manifest that love. We learn that mindfulness, meditation, ritual, and ceremony are one and the same, and can be infused into even the smallest tasks in life.

7U6A7383Prayer is the same as manifestation, and to experience it’s potency we can use equal parts gratitude, hope, love and imagination. To access these 4 celestial commodities, we begin by cultivating a deeper connection to everything and everyone around us, including ourselves.

We learn that by offering, we receive. And all paths lead back to the source, the mama, the mother in all of us that loves us into being and teaches us to care for ourselves. Sacred self-care, radical self love.

As mamas, let’s love ourselves first.


Hair Brushing Ritual


Here is my favorite ritual for self-care. You can do it on your own, or with your children or a friend.

You just need a HAIRBRUSH, and your FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OIL, and a quiet 5 minutes.

By cultivating this practice, allow the healing and eye-opening power of Sacred Self-Care to seep into your life, one brush stroke at a time.

  • Find a quiet, peaceful place
  • Sit down, take a deep breath. Breathe for a minute, inhaling fresh, cleansing breaths, and exhaling stagnancy. Breath in the new and out the old.
  • Set an intention for your brushing session…..What do you want to manifest into your life? And what are you ready to let go of?
  • Apply your favorite essential oil or Crown Chakra Oil to your fingertips….Just a few drops. Breath in the scent and let it envelop you for the moment. Spend a few moments massaging it into your scalp, beginning with the temples and working towards the top and back of the head.
  • 7U6A7288Begin to brush your hair, first gently de-tangling the ends, then working your way through to the scalp. Close your eyes, and breath.
  • Hold you body in alignment. Sit bones tucked under, pelvis tilted ever-so-slightly forwards, shoulders open, head resting softly on your neck. Strength without tightness in your core. Keep breathing.
  • As you brush, imagine what you are letting go of. Begin by brushing any negative feelings that you have felt or that have been imposed on you regarding your hair. Brush out anyone who ever told you that you didn’t have good hair. Brush out anyone who ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough in general. Brush out criticism that you impose on yourself throughout the day. As you hair softens with each brush stroke, the tone with which you speak to your own self softens.

7U6A7501 (1)We are also mothers to ourselves, let’s not forget how important it is to care for ourselves and speak to ourselves with love. Loving words and nurturing care build healthy children, bountiful gardens, and centered, strong mamas.

  • Brush out old energy, old habits, negativity, restlessnessBe here for the moment, enjoying this beautiful demonstration of self care on our sacred crowns, and our sixth sense, our hair barometer to the world around us.
  • Brush your hair from all directions, Inviting with gratitude in through your crown the winds of change and rebirth, the fresh air of the East, the sensuous, emotional and creative waters of the West, where the sun sets with anything we are ready to put to rest, the fires of the South that ignite our passion for life, and the earth element of the North which grounds us, roots growing through the ground so that we may safely explore the cosmos without loosing our footing.
  • Flip your head upside down and let your blood flow to your scalp, bringing vitality and circulation. Brush your hair upside down and imagine your cells dividing faster with the friction of the brush and the blood flowing to your hair follicles. New Growth, New Life.
  • Now sit upright again, hair big and wild. Eyes closed. Brush resting on your lap. Keep breathing. Wait a moment and stay present with all of the feelings and sensations of your body.
  • Invite your mind to be still and quiet as you focus your energy on your breath and the sensations of your physical body.
  • Open your eyes. Pick up your brush, and begin to remove the hairs from it, pulling out as many as you can all at once, thanking your brush, your sacred self care tool, for helping you channel this invocation. All these hairs that you have removed represent everything you brushed out of your hair, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Offer them to the ground, (garden?) or to the fire (burn them) , or to the water (river?)  or to the air (feed them to the breeze) Say goodbye to them and open yourself to new growth, to the manifestations of your visions and hard work, and to love.

*This ritual is especially potent on the Full Moon and the New Moon.

7U6A7557Please visit Tribe de Mama for more musings on Mama Life, and visit the Tribe de Mama Instagram for our Free Your Hair Brush/ TDM special promo-code for a discount on your beautiful hand finished, mixed-bristle hairbrush. #freeyourhairbrush

Thank you to the Mama featured in this post, Marriah Berquist, and her magical daughters baby Ocean and big sis Pilot (Queen of DIY haircuts.)

xo, HTHG

The Free Your Hair Brush!

Hi babes. This exciting launch is a long, long time coming!!!

IMG_2067Since I started blogging, and stripping down my hair routine and learning to care for my own hair and self better, and sharing the experience here, the one consistent tool that I have never strayed from has been a good hair brush.

Several years ago, I wrote this post about brushing your hair and my love affair with my Mason Pearson brush, which will never end. I believe that every hair type can benefit from the use of a great brush…..And I also believe that 150$ is a lot to spend on a hairbrush for most of us. Sorry, Mason Pearson.

IMG_1775Then, last year I shared a post with Refinery29 on the importance of brushing our hair, and why it is at the root of holistic hair health. Why shampoo when you can cleanse and balance your hair mechanically by brushing it, without stripping it? I am talking healthy scalp, rapid hair growth, shiny, happy strands from root to tip. All those things that our hair product container labels promise us, can be achieved by brushing.

IMG_3787A good daily or weekly hair brush session can be a sacred and wonderful part of our self-care routines. I do mine before I shower, because brushing my curls results in clown hair. So, I spend 5 minutes brush, brush, brushing from all angles, working the natural oils from my scalp through to my ends, and spreading that beautifully oil protection and detangling action through my entire head of hair. It feels magnificent. When I am done, I have very poofy hair, so I jump in the shower and give it a good rinse, reset the curls.

Brushing is an essential part of shampoo-free life, because we need that mechanical scrub to work the oils through and keep our hair in balance. I can’t say enough about it. I brush my daughters hair, I brush my husbands beard, we use our brushes constantly.

A good hair brush is a tool for life, which is why we are thrilled to be launching a beautiful, beech wood handled mixed bristle hair brush that feels as good in your hands as it does in your hair.

brushLadies and gentlemen, I present the Free Your Hair Brush, now available in the shop. This brush is smooth, effective, just burly enough for all hair types, and is consciously designed and created with all the sweet details……complete with a beautifully engraved emblem, and pre-oiled to perfection. Care instructions provided.

Get yours today, and share this post around with your friends. Y’all deserve a good brush, and your hair will thank you forever for it. *Bonus* Our first 15 orders will receive a free Crown Chakra hair anointment oil with your brush!!!!!

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Happy Brushing, Roxie Jane Hunt

Kale: Super Food for Hair

7U6A1817Yes it’s true my babes. Kale, especially Lacinato Kale (the darkest, heartiest leafiest kale!) is a potent superfood…..But you already know that right? In the Northwest, it is hard to miss the big deal about kale because people proclaim their love for it on their smart cars by putting bumper stickers that say I LOVE KALE and wearing t-shirts with the same slogan on them. And every menu at every restaurant in town features a kale salad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.52 PMKale grows really well here, which is nice. It is a hearty plant in the brassica family, and we eat

Here at HTHG, we proclaim our love by growing it, eating it, and decorating our friend’s hair with it…….And by spreading the word of the potent Healthy Hair Growth Qualities of Kale. Here are 3 reasons to eat kale to feed your hair.

Folic Acid- B Vitamins support healthy cell function and aid in cell growth, and our hair depends on the rapid division of cells (mitosis) to grow (thanks, B Vitamins, for the extra boost!)

Iron- Increases circulation to the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss and helping stimulate hair growth, while boosting and strengthening our blood supply ( Great for women!)

Sulfur-  Is essential to the protein production of hair, and increases the length of the Anagen (growth) phase of hair, helping hair grow strong and fast!

My favorite way to eat kale is like this:

HTHG’s Favorite Kale Salad

Pick some fresh leaves, BAM! rinse em and chop em up pretty small. Put em in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon on em, drizzle of olive oil, (BAM!) sprinkle of salt BAM!

Now, (here is why I really love this dish) wash your hands, and massage that kale, crushing it with your hands in working in your dressing. Zone out while you massage that kale. Think of all the people who told you not to play with your food and send them a little mental picture of your hands all over that salad.

Once it’s all mixed up and wilty, let it sit on the counter for as long as you want……It will begin the breaking down process immediately and as it sits it will soften and become easier to chew and easier to digest. (Yay lactobacteria!!!)

When you are ready to eat it, add other things like sliced red onion, roasted nuts, and cranberries. Everyone likes this salad, even people who think they don’t like kale.

Other ways to use kale are: Stick a couple leaves in a smoothie, make kale butter/pesto, and make kale chips (my kids love them!) put them in soup, or munch on em straight off the plant.

Eat kale, grow hair, live strong. 7U6A1813

Check out a little photo-tutorial of this Kale Braid by following HTHG on Instagram : @howtohairgirl

xo, HTHG

The Lunar Method: Growing your Hair with the Moon.

moonaHello dears.

How could I have left out something as simple and elemental as the moon and it’s powerful forces, for all this time in our hair talks? Well, I hadn’t given the subject very much credit or thought until recently. As I have gotten older and paid more attention, I feel the pull and push of the moon more strongly.  I feel space-y and light in the days leading up to a full moon, like the air is very thin. Then, the full moon night keeps me up, wired, with a racing mind. Who else experiences this? What other ways do you feel the moon’s energy effect yours? I think it is important that we explore the Lunar Hair Method.

2015-05-30 13.25.39-1What inspired this post initially was a photo my science-babe sister took with her microscope of a keratinocyte, a singular isolated cell, one of millions which makes up the epidermal layer of skin, and also our hair follicles (where our hairs are born and raised.) Looks so moon-like, I made a very obvious connection of moon and hair.

Also, I recently had a consultation with a woman who was wanting to know how to lengthen her hair’s ‘resting’ length, or get it to grow past the length where it always seems to appear to stop growing altogether. I started reading up on the Lunar Hair Method.

The Lunar Hair Method

Today, we are going to talk a bit about why trimming our hair according to the lunar phases could boost our hair growth in a very real way. This method uses the same science and tradition that farmers have used for thousands of years, of planting and harvesting crops in times of lunar push/pull…..And the same forces that effect our oceans tides. By knowing the moons cycles, according to the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism, we can determine the perfect time to trim our hair to maximize fast, healthy growth.

7U6A8349We all know that the gravitational pull created by the earth and moon cause the tides to rise and fall. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. So in the way of the tides, our bodies experience an outward pull (growth) during the waxing moon phase. The waning moon phase brings fluids inward, towards your roots.

Using the Moon for Hair Growth

Trimming or cutting your hair when the moon is just entering a Waxing Moon phase will promote hair growth. During the two weeks of this waxing New Moon phase, the body is replenishing its resources, expending less energy and striving to obtain its optimal health peak. Hair growth is accelerated during this time, especially when the moon is in the astrological house of the earth signs Capricorn or Taurus or in the water signs Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio

How the Moon Can Help Thinning Hair

If you want to thicken your thinning mane, trimming or cutting your hair near the end of a New Moon may prove counter-productive. The New Moon cycle is geared toward retaining nutrients and storing energy. Near the end of the cycle the body begins to discard the excess it has stored which could result in thinner hair. The best time for harnessing the moon’s ability of creating thicker hair is when the moon lies in Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer when Full Moon cycle begins.

– See more here

For more on the Lunar Hair Method and a chart of best days to cut your hair for growth, click over to the Morrocco Method website.


 5 more tips for faster, healthier hair growth.

Along with ancient wisdom and the gravity of the moon, here are 5 more tips to maximize your hair growth.

1. Make sure to brush your hair daily with a boar bristle brush to distribute the oil from your scalp into your dry ends. I 100% recommend investing in a Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush.

This will help keep your ends protected, and encourage healthy hair growth from your scalp. If you have very curly hair and prefer not to brush, use your hands and give yourself a stimulating scalp massage before bed every night.

2. Drink horsetail tea. Daily. You can forage horsetail and harvest the fresh green tips, dry it, steep it and drink it. You can also buy the bulk dried herb and make tea with it.

3. Be SURE to oil your ends lightly with coconut oil  before you wash or even rinse your hair, and before spending a lot of time in the sun. Keep those ends protected. This will give your hair a longer life, and lengthen your hair’s natural  ‘resting’ length.

4. Get regular trims, and consider DIY-ing it so you can be sure not too much comes off. Do it every 3 months or so, according to The Lunar Method.

5. Protect your hair while you sleep! This really does make a difference in the condition and resiliency of your hair:) Check this post for how-to’s.

6. Start drinking fresh fruit/veggie juice. Real talk. Here is my recipe.

xoxo, HTHG

10 Foods to Boost Hair Growth

10 Foods To Boost Hair Growth

Guest Post Alert. Thanks for this hair-boosting food guide, from NiceHair. xo!


Beautiful, shiny hair is an indication of good health and it’s something we all

strive for. In fact, in an increasing look-conscious world, the state of our hair

has become something of an obsession, and most women spend more than they

would choose to reveal at the hairdressers and on hair care products. So it pays

to remember that healthy-looking hair comes from within and by eating hair-

friendly foods, you can encourage strong, glossy hair growth.

Here are

10 items to include in your diet to make a difference to your hair.

1. Whole grains – if you swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain products, you’ll

be increasing your intake of iron, zinc and the B group vitamins, all of which

contribute to great hair. The added bonus is that wholegrain foods boost your

health in a multitude of other ways, too, as well as being diet friendly.

2. Nuts – nuts are nature’s tiny powerhouses of goodness! Packed with vitamins,

minerals, healthy fats and fibre, you can’t go wrong by including nuts in your

diet. In particular, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral that helps to keep

your scalp healthy. Walnuts have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids –

these are the healthy oils that can keep your hair from becoming too dry. A

shortage of zinc can lead to hair-shedding, but plenty of nuts contain good levels

of this mineral, so take your pick.

3. Carrots – if you thought carrots were all about seeing in the dark, well, yes,

they’re certainly good for your eyes. But beta carotene, the pre-curser of Vitamin

A, can also help to maintain a healthy scalp.

4. Salmon – this peachy pink oily fish is the gift that keeps on giving as far as hair

is concerned. It packs protein, omega 3 fats, Vitamin B12 and good levels of iron.

All of these will benefit your hair health, and the omega 3 fatty acids in particular

will prevent an itchy and flaky scalp and dry hair.

5. Oysters – another hair helper from the sea, oysters are rich in zinc. This mineral

is responsible for their reputation as an aphrodisiac – and as a powerful

antioxidant it helps to keep your hair follicles and scalp in peak health.

6. Chicken and turkey – these white meats are fantastic sources of protein while

having the added benefit of being low in fat. At the same time, they’ll boost your

iron levels, especially if you eat them with a good source of Vitamin C which helps

the body to absorb iron.

7. Leafy greens – there’s a whole range of green leafy vegetables that are just

queuing up to add to your hair health. Kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, chard,

Brussels sprouts – all these contain fabulous amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Both these vitamins are needed for your hair follicles to produce sebum, the

natural protective layer for your scalp and hair.

8. Eggs – everybody’s favourite breakfast food makes the perfect ingredient for

healthy hair. Plenty of protein, biotin and B vitamins.

9. Avocado – make your salads a whole lot more delicious and satisfying while

giving hair health a boost. Avocadoes contain plenty of B vitamins, Vitamin E and

lots of healthy fats that help to keep hair glossy.

10. Dairy foods – milk and cheese are a fabulous source of protein, particularly for

those who don’t eat meat or fish. On top of that, they’re a good source of

calcium, another factor contributing to hair health.

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