Chinchilla Hair chalk and Astrological readings

DSC04982This year at the OCF, I did a lot of hair. I traded hairstyles for great food. For body oil. For herbs. For drinks. For jewelry. This post is about a little hair chalk adventure/Asrological reading trade that happened at sundown on a dusky Summer Saturday.

I first had to track down my exact birth time to get an accurate reading. (Thanks, mom!) Turns out i’m Capricorn with an Aquarius moon and Scorpio in my 10th house and my theme for my 30’s is seeking truth.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.37.50 PMIn exchange, I did her hair with these feathers as an inspiration. It was a very Chinchilla-esque hairstyle.Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.20.31 PM

To get this look, I back-combed the hell out of Maria’s thick silver hair, section by section. Then, I took my black hair chalk and chalked the ends of each back-combed section to give it a reverse-ombre silver to black fade. It was all very Chinchilla. MEOW!


For more feather inspired hair, check out my Stripe-y feather color and my mottled feather color post  and feather panels and not your average feather hair extensions! 

Can you tell I love feathery hair?

xoxo, HTHG

Chalk Flower and Damsel bun.

Okay, so I have been having fun with adding colored chalk to the hair to highlight DIY hairstyles. And why not? It looks so pretty, and it is something that anyone can do easily.

Chalk is fun because it washes right out so you can get super crazy colorful with no commitment ( GREAT for kids and special events.)

I challenge you to get some chalk
and experiment with your favorite HTHG DIY hairstyle. Try a braid with 3 colored pieces!
Here are a couple of fun chalk hairstyles that I came up with….DSC03179The first is a chalked and loosely braided and pinned half-up flower that is just so sweet. I want to do a whole bouquet next time. Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 12.38.23 PMThe next one is this pretty rope-twisted half up damsel bun that is very colorful and easy to do. I kind of went crazy with the hair chalk on this one.dam It is very fantasy fairy-land. One of you should try the Maiden of Unicorn Land braid with some chalk, and send me a photo.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share these to get you excited about hair chalking and all the possibilities that it brings to hair. Let’s have fun with color!

Here is the step-by-step for the chalked flower……chalk hair flower

Hair chalked flower

1. Take a section from each side….

2. Chalk em green. These will be your leaves.

3. Now twist the pieces back and join them in the back in a ponytail with a clear elastic.

4. Loop the ponytail so that there is one loop and the ends are sticking out.

5. Now take the loop and split it into 2 and spread out the leaves.

6. Take a section of hair from directly under the leaves, and pull it through so that it hangs over the top of the leaves.

7. Chalk this section with whatever color that you want your flower to be…..May I suggest a color-fade? A light color with darker or brighter ends?

8. Now braid the section loosely. Secure the ends.

9. Now pull the sides of the braid apart, starting at the ends. Loosen it up.

10. Now wind your braid into a flower-bun.

11. Pin it discreetly in between your leaves. Pull the loose ends of your green sections down and arrange them into decorative leafy stem.

How does yours look? I would love to see a photo.

Here is how to do the Damsel bun.

Chalked Damsel bun

hair chalk damsel!. and 2. For this one, I just took random sections all over the head and chalked them different colors.

3. Now section off 2 side sections, from the top of the head to behind each ear. Braid these sections.

4. Gather them in the back into a a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

5. Now take the ends of both braids and twist them separately in the same direction to make a rope twist.

6. Secure the ends with a clear elastic.

7. Now wind your rope twist into a bun and pin it discreetly.

What do you think of these chalked hairstyle ideas? Pretty fun, right? I have many more chalk tricks to share, so stay tuned.


Hair chalk 101 and a bonus tutorial!

DSC03306I know. Hair chalk has been around for a while now and I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. This is only because I like to see a trend cool down before adding my own spin to it. I wanted to be able to give you guys something unique, so I waited. And played. And drew with chalk with my kids. And chalked their hair. And chalked my mannequin’s hair.

I experimented with different chalks. I started with KM Color.Bug
which is awesome but a little spendy and not exactly easy to use. Crayola chalk is cheap and it works alright, but it is a bit chunky and dry and doesn’t seem to have enough pigment in it to use on darker hair colors.

Finally, I went to the art store and got Prang Pastello Art Chalk (10440) which was relatively inexpensive and came in really pretty bright colors. I got a pack and brought em home and tried them. They were perfectly smooth and creamy and colorful in the hair.

Now, I know that there are companies out there that make chalk that is specific for hair. So far, though, I am perfectly happy with my tried and true sidewalk chalk. If you have a brand of hair chalk that you love, I’d love to know what it is!


Today, I am going to tell you how I use hair chalk for best results.

The first thing that you should know about hair chalking is that you are going to get your hands dirty. BUT, don’t worry. It washes off the hands just as easy as it washes out of the hair. DSC03322

Just add water and give a good scrub and rinse. To remove it from your hair, brush it out with a paddle brush to lighten it into a pretty pastel hue, and then rinse well with water to remove it altogether.

You can use hair chalk on all hair colors. Reds, pinks, purples, and oranges tend to work well on darker hair. All colored chalk works on lighter hair colors. Of course chalk shows up the best on very light hair.chalk

Here is how I use it.

How to use hair chalk!

Select the colors that you want to use. Soak them in water. Test them before using in your hair. For best results, when you draw with them, they should be wet enough to leave a wet line along with the color. This will give you a more saturated color in your hair.

Start with dry hair. Choose your hair section to color. Hold the section with some tension. Firmly run the chalk down the hair in small feather-like strokes. It will be a little chunky at first. Don’t worry. After it dries, you can comb through it and it will even out.

Don’t be afraid to use 2-3 colors on one section! Color fades are so easy and they look great. Try doing the top third of the section with one color, then switch to another color for the middle third, and then another color on the ends.

Let the chalk dry in your hair, then gently comb through it with a comb or with your fingers. This will diffuse the color and smooth it out. Now, you are ready for styling!

Here is a fun way to style chalked hair. I will call this the Parrot fish braid because it is a tropical colored fishtail braid.colored fish

1. To get this look, you will want to start by chalking 5-6 random sections of hair at different lengths with different colors. Chalk some pieces with solid color, and color fade a few too.

2. Do a fishtail braid and secure the end with a small elastic.

3. Gently pull your braid apart to bulk it up.

4. Wrap the braid to the right, starting at the base.

5. Pin it from a couple different angles to secure it. Make sure that the tail is tucked in.

Do you like this look? I’ve got some more fun and unique hair chalking up my sleeve so get your chalk ready. Also, do you love the earrings that the model is wearing in this tutorial? I do. Nikki made em.