Enjoying the Process with Tinge Pastel Conditioner.

7U6A3356Hi babes! I stumbled across this company Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner a few months back, while gramming-out one night, and my first thought was YES!!!!! I am SO glad that someone is doing this!

In the salon, I am constantly helping people find ways of keeping their pastel hair color from fading too fast. Generally, I walk them through how to make their own pastel conditioner and their eyes glaze over. Okay I get it. Not everyone wants to mix it themselves.

7U6A3225Enter Tinge Pastels, a line of perfectly formulated color which deposits a literal TINGE of color to the hair, brightening already-there pastels, and adding beautiful water-colory shades to light hair.

YES!!!! And so, it began. I had to have some. I reached out, they graciously sent me one of each color to try out. In the meantime, I feverishly send links to their shop to all my pastel-hair clients and commitment-phobic blondes who really want to dabble in going pink.

When I got my Tinge tubs in the mail, I excitedly opened them all and checked out the tones. I immediately loved the fresh, not-too-sweet lavender scent, and the simple, lovely packaging. The colors were totally on-point.

7U6A3252I decided to use my new Tinge colors to finally give my daughter Marley her sunset dream hair. As I applied the color, I noted how the color went on easily, spread really nicely, and made for a beautiful application.

I parted her hair into 5 horizontal sections, starting at the nape, and working my way up to the top of her head. I applied a different color in every section, from roots to ends.7U6A3290

Of course, I had a little fun with it. I really enjoyed the process of applying the Tinge colors, and then playing with her hair once the color was in……..The colors were translucent enough that I wasn’t afraid of dying her skin, or of the colors bleeding together, so I molded her hair around into different designs, taking full advantage of the opportunity to really have fun with hair and color in a safe, contained, temporary way.7U6A3305

Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner is:

  • DIY: A safe & easy way to add pastel colors to light blonde hair.
  • TEMPORARY: color lasts just 3-5 washes or longer, giving you a perfect pastel without the commitment.
  • NON-DAMAGING: Gentle conditioning, paraben-free formula allows you to use as often as you want.
  • MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO by people who just want you to look good and be who you are.
  • VEGAN and 100% animal cruelty free.
  • AND it comes in five different colors:  Pink, Purple, Peach, Turquoise and Silver.

We rinsed Marley’s hair out, let it dry, then I introduced her to the crimper.

Needless to say, Tinge helped me give Marley her dream hair. She actually said, when it was all said and done, ‘It is like a hair dream come true!’

Then, she asked me a question that I have been waiting for for a few years now, a question that I am still learning how to answer.

Mom, you always say that I am beautiful just the way I am. Why do I feel more beautiful when my hair looks like rainbow witch hair?

Hmmmmmm. I answered with this: Think of your hair like a piece of original art. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to wear it on your head?

Did not address the core of the question, but it bought me more time to think of a thoughtful way of answering.

How would you answer this question to an 8 year old? I would love advice. Sorry, went off topic their but it seemed important.

Thank you, Tinge for the fantastic line of Pastel Conditioners, and the opportunity to give an 8 year old her dream hair, and raise a great question.

I can’t wait to play with Tinge more in the future: Next stop, Coloring my neck-bangs pastel blue.


4/20 Special: 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil Recipe

Hi dears. Happy 420!

I’m about to get all medicine woman on you.

I really like the theory of hair being like our “6th sense” or the gateway to our intuition. I think that it makes a lot of sense, in that beautiful place where biology and mysticism cross paths, that our hair is our sensitivity to the world around us. 7U6A1228

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then re-photographed after the hair is cut……..

as reported by Cee Young, from this amazing article.

Today, as you all know, is 4/20, a national holiday that is dedicated to a plant with many uses, one of them altering and/or heightening the senses.  Today, we celebrate the comeback plant that has officially made it to the mainstream, welcome Cannabis Sativa…

7U6A0608To honor the many medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant, we will be making a powerfully moisturizing and color-protecting divining hair oil,…..Using organic hemp oil from the sativa plant, amber resin, fractionated coconut oil, and a little of the fresh green leaves or flower itself, if you happen to have some laying around. We got our fresh green leaves from the University of Washington cannibis research lab!

7U6A8084First off, lets talk about the benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant and all psychoactive compounds are removed during processing, has excludes it from criminalization. Hemp oil has been used for years in beauty products as a vitamin D rich, non-pore clogging oil. It has been known to be anti-inflammatory and to reduce pore size while encouraging healthy cell production.

In the hair, hemp oil adds easily absorbable moisture and shine. Fatty acids from the plant provide protection from the elements, and help you keep your color fresh longer. Sounds great, right?

Hemp oil is especially good for…..

  • dry hair
  • dull hair
  • color treated hair
  • course hair
  • curly hair

Now, let’s talk about why we put the fresh herb in our hair oil.

7U6A0973As most of us know, the chemical compound THC from the cannabis plant has been used for centuries to ‘heighten the senses.’  I thought it would be fun to experiment with heightening the ‘hair senses’ by using infused cannabis leaf in a hair oil. So I tried it out, and now I am excited to share my recipe with you.

Do I expect that you will experience psychoactive effects by infusing low-THC weed leaf in oil and then using it in your hair? Not likely at all. But your hair will love it, and maybe, just maybe, it will help you tap into a deeper intuitive place by giving your hair that special ‘6th sense’.

I realize that not all of you have legal access to fresh cannabis. So the fresh leaf option is for those of you who live in legal green states. You can most certainly use the recipe without the fresh herb, just the oils and amber, and you will still get the powerful moisturizing benefits of the hemp hair oil.

But if you have access to legal weed, and you are a experimenter and a bit of a mystic like myself, add some to your oil and let it infuse for a week, and let your hair experience a gently heightened sense of being:)7U6A8058

7U6A8065What you will need to make your oil

Here is what you will need to make the 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil.


Begin by opening up your dropper bottle. Roll up the cannabis leaves (or crumble up the flower) and drop into the bottle, through the funnel if needed. Repeat with the amber. 7U6A8075

Now, pour your oils into your bottle, one at a time. Fill bottle to the brim, put the cap on, and let it sit in a sunny place for a week, shaking it well once a day.7U6A8079

After a week of infusing, keep your oil refrigerated.


Use a couple drops of your 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil any time there is an energetic block between you and your intuition, or you and your hair. Use a couple any time your hair needs taming, moisture, and shine. Use it when braiding cornrows, to moisturize the scalp and shine up your rows. Or, just apply it to dry hair and smooth it through with your hands.7U6A0846

Fun Fact: Did you know that ‘4:20’ started with a group of high-school stoners in California in the early 70’s who called themselves The Waldo’s? They met every day at 4:20 to get stoned. Yep, real deals. I leart it on the Internets. Here is the story.

Also, did you know that the mighty Cannabis plant has the strongest fibers of any plant known to mankind? It is considered a fantastic and sustainable building material.

Please enjoy this post and recipe, and share it if you love it!

And for more hair and body products that call upon the power of the herb, check out this post from HTHG for Refinery29.

xo, HTHG

Root Shadowing and At-Home Color Revolution with Madison Reed

7U6A6598Hi Babes. It has always bugged me that their are not better options for at-home hair colorers. While we get the good stuff in the salon, I find myself occasionally smuggling it to my at-home color clients for own use, because I simply haven’t been overly impressed with any Sally-brand color. Oooops! SHHHHH!)

Well, that has recently changed. Once in a great while, a new beauty company comes along that really WOWS me. This is one of those companies. Check it: The Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit ………A woman led at-home hair-color company that combines technology, chemical innovation, beauty, consciousness, and DIY. Now, finally, I have a company to refer my at home colorers to that I can stand behind!

Led by CEO Amy Errett, Madison Reed is on a mission to create “better for you” products to help women look and feel their best, without sacrificing quality or their health.

This cool bay-area based company sent me a couple of samples a while back, and I was skeptical (as usual.) I also happened to be in a particular kind of desperate hair color rut……Dull, drab, and tired. One of the products that they sent me was a color glossing treatment and I decided to give it a go.
Here were my impressions…..I loved that it was a no-mix color. It comes in one tube, and was very easy to apply. I liked the simple, sleek packaging. I could see the exact color it was depositing as I applied it, which really took the guess-work out……I knew what I was going to get color-wise, and I knew that it was a very gentle, non-oxidizing formula. Also, It smelled nice. Here are the gloss colors, btw.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.48.09 PM

After my gloss treatment, my hair was brilliantly toned, shiny, reflective, and soft for the next month. And I was SOLD! (Stay tuned for a post on this great product alone, with before/afters;) I did some more research into the company, and got more sold.

Their focus is on delivering a little bit of pampering and a little bit of glamour all in the convenience of your home, on your own time. At the moment they are focused on continuing to create better for your products to help people achieve the hair they deserve in a healthy and affordable manner.

I love a company that helps people empower themselves with DIY while really delivering on the quality, and I am excited to now FINALLY have a color line to use in my HTHG DIY Color Consultations.………they are turning the hair color industry on its head and developing radically innovative and technology-enabled hair care and color products and experiences. And all for the at-home DIY hair colorers!!!!!Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.07.07 PM



So here are the facts, Madison Reed currently offers a permanent hair color line that is both Gluten, Ammonia and Resorcinol free, offers 100% gray coverage, and is not tested on animals. The color comes in 32 lovely shades. To ease and enhance your color experience, The Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit includes hair-coloring accessories, and Shampoo and Conditioner.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.05.44 PM



Their Color Glossing Treatment is a semi-permanent no-mix solution that it the PERFECT easy to use at-home toner. Tone+Shine+Softness=Bomb Hair Days.




Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.04.50 PM




They have a fantastic little Root Touch-up Powder that comes in a sleek little compact. You can use it to cover up your roots in between coloring or, if you are me and always hellbent on finding new ways to use things, you can give yourself a root-shadow like Rain did. Because everybody knows that dark roots are in right now. 7U6A6607


If you are already wowed, hold on to your seats, babes, because Madison Reed offers a fantastic customer support…….With a Continuous Color Plan. Wait…….What? Is this real life? Yes. They will send you a box of color in you shade for a discounted price, as often as you want it, and give you continuous access to color specialists who will answer all of your hair color questions.

The moral of this story is this: If you are a DIY colorer, your hair future just got a whole lot more awesome, thanks to Madison Reed. With a company like this setting the bar, we can look forward to an up-swing in conscious and quality at-home hair color products and brands. If you are a DIY hair colorer, we suggest you get yourself a Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit in your shade ASAP.
Keep it up, babes.

xoxo, HTHG


My Favorite Recipes to Rock your DIY Hair Care, at Home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.17.21 AMPhoto by Refinery29

……In your quest for homemade alternatives to your favorite hair products, look no further than your pantry. That’s right, I said it — and I’m a professional hairstylist. I’ve been experimenting with at-home hair remedies for years, and I’m here to represent for the DIY enthusiasts in the house.

With a few ingredients you probably already have — or can easily get online or at your local Whole Foods — you can create your own arsenal of effective hair-care products that rival the ones you spend big bucks on at the salon. Make some room in your bathroom cabinets, babes, because this is an addictive hobby that’ll save you money and give you some new beautifying tricks.

This HTHG for R29 post is now live, check it out and learn to make all the products you need to rock your hair care routine at home!

ShamPHree Gift Guide

7U6A8498Want to give the gift of freedom from conventional beauty standards AND great hair at the same time? And support a small independent business that gives back to the community? Look no further than the ShamPHree shop for gifts for your babe-ly friends and family members this holiday season.

Right now, we are offering free shipping on all kits and products through the New Year. Which is awesome. 10% of all our sales in December goes to Urban Artworks, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to empower young people and restore communities through public art. Also awesome.

7U6A4769For your best friend, the ShamPHee custom 3-pack lets you pick out 3 styling products from the ShamPHree line for a discounted price.


His and Hers Hair and Scalp Tonics are a wonderful gift for your brother and sister. So you can check them off the list;)7U6A1166

Your significant other would love a ShamPHree kit. There is no question about that. We now even have a more manly-branded ShamPHree kit which includes Hair and Scalp Tonic! 7U6A4763


We also have a few more of the Limited Edition Beautiful Hair Kit in stock, which includes the ShamPHree kit, Infused Beauty Vinegar, and a couple of our favorite styling products. These kits are running out fast, though, so get ’em while you can.

7U6A5798Do you have a co-worker with BO and you want to give them a subtle hint? #pitcrew spray is an amazing smelling all-purpose deodorant, disguised as a body spray;)

All of these lovely kits and products, and many more goodies, ready-to-ship now from the ShamPHree shop. Your friends and family will thank you, and the hair gods will shine upon you.


PS. We have NJ hair combs in stock again in the HTHG boutique, ready for gifting.

Before I sign off, I want you to know that ShamPHree wouldn’t exist without all of your support and interest. I am eternally grateful. I hope you are enjoying a cheerful holiday season!

xoxo, HTHG


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