A Journey to Surf Babe Hair with Shelby Wild

Hello my dears. A while back, a woman named Shelby Wild reached out to me, wanting to introduce me to herself and her company Playa, conscious haircare inspired by a surf life, for that free and beautiful surfer babe hair. I was intrigued by Shelby’s story, a former NYC fashion stylist turned Venice based surfer & herbalist, and her intention with Playa, to create a haircare line for easy, carefree style using streamlined, non toxic products.

She sent me some products, which I enjoyed trying out and I wanted to know more…….She agreed to let me ask her some questions about her own hair journey and her brand journey as well, as I am feeling very compelled to share the experiences of others who take an Idea and turn it into a Reality because I feel like it helps inspire and elevate everyone who reads it to do the same on many different levels…..Taking steps towards creating the reality that we want to be living in. Fruition!

Here she is, Shelby Wild, and here is her story. 

Where do you live and where did you grow up?

I live on the beach in Venice, CA and I grew up in a small costal town outside of New Orleans called Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


Have you surfed your whole life?

Growing up I lived close to Florida and would surf recreationally, but the waves in the Gulf of Mexico aren’t that great. I really started surfing when I graduated high school. When I lived in New York I would surf in the summers at Ditch Plains in Montauk and would take one or two long trips to Costa Rica in the winters. I really began surfing frequently when I moved to Los Angeles. There is a great break in front of my house so I usually go out 3 times a week or so. My boyfriend and I are also building a small surf cabin at Hollister Ranch in Santa Barbara, so we have been spending the weekends in the water there recently.

Tell me about your journey with your own hair? What is your weekly ritual?

I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair, which ultimately is why I created Playa.

Most days I either exercise or am in the water so I generally need to wash my hair every day. I also just hate to feel dirty. I use our Supernatural Conditioner (after shampooing) 3 days a week. On these days I take a long bath, apply about two quarters of Supernatural Conditioner all over, put my hair in a bun, and chill out for about 20 minutes. I may or may not attempt to apply a face mask (haha).


Wether I am washing or washing/conditioning I will next towel dry, apply our Ritual Oil, then spray about 15 pumps of Endless Summer Spray all over my hair and mess it up with my fingertips. If I am at home for another 30 minutes ill wait for my hair to air dry then spray our Pure Dry Shampoo on the roots. My hair is very fine so I find this to be the step that really transforms the look without having to do much work. No matter where I am or what what I am doing, this is my go to weekly hair routine.

How has surfing effected your own hair journey?

The idea or surfer girl hair or beach hair has become so popular, but I have never seen anyone get out of the water and have these blown out curls that you see all over Instagram and Youtube. When I created Playa, the idea was to replicate what your hair actually looks like after a day at the beach or surfing.


Additionally, the salt in the water (or chlorine if you are in a pool) really dries out your hair, so that influenced the creation of our Ritual Oil quite a bit. I put our oil all over my hair to protect any time I get in the water. It also contains lycopene which naturally helps with UV protection.

When did you realize that you wanted to create hair products?

It was something that happened organically over time. Since I was a child, I have always loved making things and that initially transpired to me working in fashion. To be honest, there is nothing more painful to me than having to sit inside an office all day and when my job inevitably became more corporate, I found that I really needed a creative outlet. I have also always loved beauty products and it was around this time that I opened my small new york apartment sized vanity and about 10 bottles of half used salt spray fell on top of me and spilled all over the floor. It was then that I asked myself why I a) had so many products and b) wasn’t using any of them. I then spent a few years trying to figure out what essential products women used on a daily basis and I set out to try to create (in my opinion) the best versions of them. That project eventually became Playa.


What was that process like for you?

It definitely wasn’t easy, and for a long time I was doing it on the side while I had the worst office job on the planet. For a few years I was working on Playa at night and on the weekends which was really tough. I went through about 7 chemists until I found our current formulator, and together we created about 20 variations of each product. You will inevitably have days where you question what you are doing, and these days are what really makes or breaks a startup. I truly love and believe in what we are creating with Playa, and that love got me through some of the hard times in the beginning. Now it has become such a big part of my life that it almost feels like a child of mine where I have created this thing, launched it, and now spend my days trying to nurture it to its fullest potential.

Tell me about your experience with herbalism?

My father is a scientist and I have loved science and chemistry since I was a child. As I grew I became really interested in organic foods, yoga, and ayurveda. I studied yoga when I lived in New York and when I moved to California and began to study herbalism. With Playa I wanted to make products that worked for everyone, and we did this by balancing science and nature, clinical and botanical ingredients. Studying the medicinal and therapeutic properties of plants was incredibly beneficial when formulating our products, as it allowed me to determine which botanicals we could use to replace the more toxic synthetics you usually find in salon products. It also allowed for enough knowledge to determine how far botanicals would take us with performance, and when we needed to supplement the products with safer clinicals.


What are your favorite 3 ingredients used in the line and why?

Every Day Shampoo

Coco glucoside is a natural, non-ionic, surfactant that is ultra mild. This gives a light lather without stripping the hair like harmful detergents would.


Ritual Oil

Broccoli Seed Oil or Brassica Oleraceae contains a fatty acid profile that allows for excellent absorption while also offering significant film forming properties on the hair, resulting in a natural shine and smoothing of the hair cuticle. The amazing anti-oxidant profile makes it an easy substitute for harmful silicones, which are often found in hair oils.


Pure Dry Shampoo

The Rose Petal Powder in our dry shampoo absorbs oil at the root and due to its weight, shakes out on its own preventing the buildup you often experience. It also acts as an emollient, helping to keep your hair soft and shiny- like you actually did just wash it.

Rad. We love it. Check out Playa here, and follow them on IG @playa to keep up on the goods. Thanks, Shelby, for sharing about your journey!

xo, Roxie Jane Hunt

Shampoo-Free: A Gift to Clients

Hi dears. This post is for all of you, but especially to my fellow stylists.

7U6A21174 years ago, when I started my Shampoo-Free Journey, I brought my clients along with me. I tried not to be pushy about it when talking in the salon about ditching shampoo, and I waited to bring it up until I could see that a client was ready to embrace to concept and start their own journeys.

What I have seen through the course of being a shampoo-free hairstylist is that giving my clients the gift of well-timed permission from their stylist to stop washing their hair is hugely empowering and transformational for them…….And that is the best gift I can give to them.

As hairdressers, we learn to see when a client is unhappy with their hair, and see how that effects them in their life. They are at an impasse, where they don’t understand the needs of their own hair, and they feel frustrated and powerless to change that. The commercialization of our industry has created a system which directs us to profit from this frustration by selling more products to fix the problems of our clients hair…..We sell them the promise of better hair, but we can’t vouch for that.

Helping shepard my clients through the process of ditching shampoo has brought us to a new level, where my job is truly about learning to understand them, their lifestyles, their unique personal styles, and the needs of their hair…….And empowering them to navigate the synthesis of these things in a healthy way with the outcome of great hair that suits them and their lives, and doesn’t require much work on their part.

All because their hair is in it’s natural beautiful state, and we embrace that, together.

This is why I stand behind the Hairstory philosophy and New Wash, the first independent stylist approved system for introducing our clients to their own hair, sans shampoo. 7U6A2234

New Wash gently cleanses without Parabens and SLS, using naturally derived oils like jojoba, and essential oils of peppermint and sunflower to help gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping it, leaving it in it’s most natural lovely state of being.

I can’t wait to get the Free Your Hair Salon up and running, so I can introducing my clients to New Wash……They are already primed and ready to experiment further into the realms of shampoo-free life.

Interested in trying it? Sign up today and receive a free bottle of New Wash…..I bet you will love it as much as I do:)

I hope to have you in my chair some day so I can introduce you to my new favorite in-salon line!


xo, HTHG

Soulful Words with La Tierra Segrada’s Stefani Padilla: Hair Healer

Friends, I am very honored to introduce you to a special lady, a hair healing sister named Stefani Padilla. Stefani is the creator of a line of hair healing medicines called La Tierra Sagrada which she makes out of her Topanga Canyon Studio in LA in between hair healing ceremonies with clients.Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.57.43 PM

(photo by Chris Keller)

Stefani, and her soulful approach to hair, has really helped inspire my journey deeper into the realms of hair and healing, with both style and deep reflection on the meaning of hair, of it’s importance in our lives and it’s potential to help us heal and connect deeper to ourselves.

I originally met Stefani at the Spiritweavers Gathering last year, but had heard about her from a Vogue article which introduced her as a Hair Shaman, and naturally I had to know more. I reached out after the gathering, and she very graciously agreed to sharing words with us here at How-to Hair Girl!

Words on Hair and Life with Stefani Padilla


Would you tell us a bit about your journey through life, where you came from, where you have lived, different incarnations of yourself over the years?

Ah, yes, the JOURNEY… What a beautiful one it has been! It all began in Arizona, where I was born and spent the first 18 years of life. After high school, I moved to Southern California for some time. At age 22, I ended up in New York, which I called home for 7 years. I moved to LA 3 years ago, where I currently reside.


How has your life journey inspired your career into hairstyling?


Everything we do and the steps along our path are reflections of our evolution. My journey has led me to some of some of the most exotic, dream-like, profound places, and the people along this journey have been such beautiful mirrors. I have found myself in some of the craziest situations being a “hairstylist”. The funny thing is I never did hair for “hairs sake”, there was always a deeper intention to have a deeper connection with every soul I encountered along my journey. That alone is what inspired me, that alone is what kept me doing what I do. It’s a creative way to allow others to feel comfortable when opening up, and being vulnerable. It really is such a gift!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.57.22 PM

(photo Kacie Tomita)

What brought you to creation of La Tierra Sagrada? What is the intention and inspiration behind it?

(photo from  La Tierra Sagrada)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.51.57 AM

The creation of La Tierra Sagrada was inspired by means of bridging the plant and the human world. I wanted to create a deeper experience for humans to connect to the energy of medicinal plants. The crown is the most receptive part of the human body.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.49.55 AMBy applying the hair medicine on the crown, you’re opening to receive the consciousness, healing, and transformative vibration from the plants used. I use the essence of ayahausca vine, which I grow, and care for myself. In recent years, this vine has become over farmed and over indulged in by people all over the world. Keeping this powerful plant protected is part of my intention as well. The plant brings healing and protection to us, so it is important we return the energy in the process.

( Photo Ayahuasca Foundation. )

Tell us about your personal hair routine?


The whole concept of the line is to create a ritual when using the products. I create the products with prayer and ritual, injecting the consciousness of healing. When applied on the hair with the same ritual consciousness, one can only receive that healing energy. I often encourage people to use the Treatment and do a hair ritual once a week, and the night of the new moon every month-This is when it is highly activating. I do the Treatment once a week and every New and Full moon.

If I let my hair go natural- its pretty wild and wavy so I throw in a ton of salt spray to make is bigger. When I need some extra moisture- I always throw the jojoba oil on the ends.


Tell us about the ritual of hair cutting and what it means to you, and how it is performed.


In many cultures, hair is considered sacred. Native Americans associate the hair with wisdom and power. In eastern culture the hair is an amazing gift of nature that can help raise the creative life force within, which increases vitality, intuition and tranquility. When we cut the hair, we essentially are cutting away an extension of the self. I believe it is important be aware of the consciousness behind why we are cutting. I try and inform the importance of creating an offering to the Earth with freshly cut hair.. It is important to give that part of you back to where it came from.
What has working with people and their hair taught you about higher consciousness?

I think the most efficient way I can respond to this question is: I have been on a life long journey to connect with a higher consciousness. My personal evolution has helped me to connect deeply with my higher self. Through my own considerable expansion of awareness I can only BE more of this higher consciousness. Through sharing my experiences and vibrating the energy with those those around me, including those whose heads I touch (heal), I could only wish that they get shaken enough to connect with their own higher consciousness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.58.15 PM

(photo Kacie Tomita)

As hairstylists, we are in a position to heal others. How would you like to see our industry move in a direction to support that gift? What can we do as hairstylists to keep this as a central part of our path?


We are crown healers- this area of healing revolves around the others receptivity and vulnerability, it’s important that they feel safe and supported. Listening is one of the greatest skills. Being compassionate and understanding helps radiate joy and happiness. Its is important, not only as “hairstylists’, but as humans, to do the work ourselves. Know how to protect ourselves, draw boundaries, cleanse the energy, and do a daily practice to help ground, so that we can be that pure Light reflection to whomever is in front of us.


Who/what inspires you to create?


Nature, friends, the desire comes from seeking. Everything inspires me! I love Los Angeles. I get inspired daily by nature, the ocean, music, books, meditation, art… I’m so inspired by EVERY magnificent being surrounding me at this moment in my life. I’m truly blessed.


Please take us on a little walk through your day, living in Topanga Canyon.


Being in the canyon doesn’t really change the routine of day to day life, however, it does make for a beautiful back drop. Being in nature, and seeing nothing but trees swaying in the wind and the stillness of the canyon watching over me, is peaceful and grounding. Exactly what I need before braving the flow of Los Angeles.Daily: I wake up early to do my morning Sadhana. This practice entails a cold shower followed by a series of kriyas, mantras and a deep meditation. I then go about my morning routines, which includes a connection with living tea, a tune in with my teacher on Rama TV, and emails!

The studio is attached to the house-it can be perceived differently daily- some days a blessing and some days a curse..I can’t not work, especially when there is always work to be done! Every product is hand made in Laurel Canyon. I share my living and work space with my dearest friend, Kari Jansen of Poppy and Someday. (Check out Kari’s wonderful collection of wildcrafted herbal body-care tinctures and healing remedies! )

Collaborating with friends is what motivates and inspires me most. I usually do a drop in with Kari before I go into production mode. I use medicinal and ceremonial plants, so in honor of the plants, I open the space to create the products with ceremony and prayer. I clear the space and myself with palo santo. I then create, and infuse the products with blessings. I then package them up and send them out! The rest of the day includes a whirlwind of events, but all that feed my soul and the souls around me……

Stefani, we all take a moment to salute you and send you love and thanks for sharing your healing gifts with the world. All of our mutual intentions for communing here at HTHG on the topic of hair are broadened by your words, and we are greatful for your unique and beautiful perspective:)

I am really excited to announce that Stefani and I will be holding a  Hair Healing and Adornment area at this years Spiritweavers Gathering, and we look forward to combining our experiences with hair to create a sacred space to style, heal, trim, and teach.

xo, HTHG, and Stefani Padilla








Enjoying the Process with Tinge Pastel Conditioner.

7U6A3356Hi babes! I stumbled across this company Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner a few months back, while gramming-out one night, and my first thought was YES!!!!! I am SO glad that someone is doing this!

In the salon, I am constantly helping people find ways of keeping their pastel hair color from fading too fast. Generally, I walk them through how to make their own pastel conditioner and their eyes glaze over. Okay I get it. Not everyone wants to mix it themselves.

7U6A3225Enter Tinge Pastels, a line of perfectly formulated color which deposits a literal TINGE of color to the hair, brightening already-there pastels, and adding beautiful water-colory shades to light hair.

YES!!!! And so, it began. I had to have some. I reached out, they graciously sent me one of each color to try out. In the meantime, I feverishly send links to their shop to all my pastel-hair clients and commitment-phobic blondes who really want to dabble in going pink.

When I got my Tinge tubs in the mail, I excitedly opened them all and checked out the tones. I immediately loved the fresh, not-too-sweet lavender scent, and the simple, lovely packaging. The colors were totally on-point.

7U6A3252I decided to use my new Tinge colors to finally give my daughter Marley her sunset dream hair. As I applied the color, I noted how the color went on easily, spread really nicely, and made for a beautiful application.

I parted her hair into 5 horizontal sections, starting at the nape, and working my way up to the top of her head. I applied a different color in every section, from roots to ends.7U6A3290

Of course, I had a little fun with it. I really enjoyed the process of applying the Tinge colors, and then playing with her hair once the color was in……..The colors were translucent enough that I wasn’t afraid of dying her skin, or of the colors bleeding together, so I molded her hair around into different designs, taking full advantage of the opportunity to really have fun with hair and color in a safe, contained, temporary way.7U6A3305

Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner is:

  • DIY: A safe & easy way to add pastel colors to light blonde hair.
  • TEMPORARY: color lasts just 3-5 washes or longer, giving you a perfect pastel without the commitment.
  • NON-DAMAGING: Gentle conditioning, paraben-free formula allows you to use as often as you want.
  • MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO by people who just want you to look good and be who you are.
  • VEGAN and 100% animal cruelty free.
  • AND it comes in five different colors:  Pink, Purple, Peach, Turquoise and Silver.

We rinsed Marley’s hair out, let it dry, then I introduced her to the crimper.

Needless to say, Tinge helped me give Marley her dream hair. She actually said, when it was all said and done, ‘It is like a hair dream come true!’

Then, she asked me a question that I have been waiting for for a few years now, a question that I am still learning how to answer.

Mom, you always say that I am beautiful just the way I am. Why do I feel more beautiful when my hair looks like rainbow witch hair?

Hmmmmmm. I answered with this: Think of your hair like a piece of original art. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to wear it on your head?

Did not address the core of the question, but it bought me more time to think of a thoughtful way of answering.

How would you answer this question to an 8 year old? I would love advice. Sorry, went off topic their but it seemed important.

Thank you, Tinge for the fantastic line of Pastel Conditioners, and the opportunity to give an 8 year old her dream hair, and raise a great question.

I can’t wait to play with Tinge more in the future: Next stop, Coloring my neck-bangs pastel blue.


4/20 Special: 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil Recipe

Hi dears. Happy 420!

I’m about to get all medicine woman on you.

I really like the theory of hair being like our “6th sense” or the gateway to our intuition. I think that it makes a lot of sense, in that beautiful place where biology and mysticism cross paths, that our hair is our sensitivity to the world around us. 7U6A1228

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then re-photographed after the hair is cut……..

as reported by Cee Young, from this amazing article.

Today, as you all know, is 4/20, a national holiday that is dedicated to a plant with many uses, one of them altering and/or heightening the senses.  Today, we celebrate the comeback plant that has officially made it to the mainstream, welcome Cannabis Sativa…

7U6A0608To honor the many medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant, we will be making a powerfully moisturizing and color-protecting divining hair oil,…..Using organic hemp oil from the sativa plant, amber resin, fractionated coconut oil, and a little of the fresh green leaves or flower itself, if you happen to have some laying around. We got our fresh green leaves from the University of Washington cannibis research lab!

7U6A8084First off, lets talk about the benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant and all psychoactive compounds are removed during processing, has excludes it from criminalization. Hemp oil has been used for years in beauty products as a vitamin D rich, non-pore clogging oil. It has been known to be anti-inflammatory and to reduce pore size while encouraging healthy cell production.

In the hair, hemp oil adds easily absorbable moisture and shine. Fatty acids from the plant provide protection from the elements, and help you keep your color fresh longer. Sounds great, right?

Hemp oil is especially good for…..

  • dry hair
  • dull hair
  • color treated hair
  • course hair
  • curly hair

Now, let’s talk about why we put the fresh herb in our hair oil.

7U6A0973As most of us know, the chemical compound THC from the cannabis plant has been used for centuries to ‘heighten the senses.’  I thought it would be fun to experiment with heightening the ‘hair senses’ by using infused cannabis leaf in a hair oil. So I tried it out, and now I am excited to share my recipe with you.

Do I expect that you will experience psychoactive effects by infusing low-THC weed leaf in oil and then using it in your hair? Not likely at all. But your hair will love it, and maybe, just maybe, it will help you tap into a deeper intuitive place by giving your hair that special ‘6th sense’.

I realize that not all of you have legal access to fresh cannabis. So the fresh leaf option is for those of you who live in legal green states. You can most certainly use the recipe without the fresh herb, just the oils and amber, and you will still get the powerful moisturizing benefits of the hemp hair oil.

But if you have access to legal weed, and you are a experimenter and a bit of a mystic like myself, add some to your oil and let it infuse for a week, and let your hair experience a gently heightened sense of being:)7U6A8058

7U6A8065What you will need to make your oil

Here is what you will need to make the 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil.


Begin by opening up your dropper bottle. Roll up the cannabis leaves (or crumble up the flower) and drop into the bottle, through the funnel if needed. Repeat with the amber. 7U6A8075

Now, pour your oils into your bottle, one at a time. Fill bottle to the brim, put the cap on, and let it sit in a sunny place for a week, shaking it well once a day.7U6A8079

After a week of infusing, keep your oil refrigerated.


Use a couple drops of your 6th Sense Divining Hair Oil any time there is an energetic block between you and your intuition, or you and your hair. Use a couple any time your hair needs taming, moisture, and shine. Use it when braiding cornrows, to moisturize the scalp and shine up your rows. Or, just apply it to dry hair and smooth it through with your hands.7U6A0846

Fun Fact: Did you know that ‘4:20’ started with a group of high-school stoners in California in the early 70’s who called themselves The Waldo’s? They met every day at 4:20 to get stoned. Yep, real deals. I leart it on the Internets. Here is the story.

Also, did you know that the mighty Cannabis plant has the strongest fibers of any plant known to mankind? It is considered a fantastic and sustainable building material.

Please enjoy this post and recipe, and share it if you love it!

And for more hair and body products that call upon the power of the herb, check out this post from HTHG for Refinery29.

xo, HTHG

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