DIY color consult with HTHG, and removing hair dye stains!

Hi babes. I wanted to post the DIY color consultation success story with you. Zyira purchased her HTHG color consultation, needing major corrective color advice. Her hair was very very pink, and she wanted to get it as close to her natural color as possible. Any hair colorist knows, this is a BEAST of a job. But I helped talk her through it, and she nailed it, DIY!new2



Here is what she said…..


I’m trying to figure out how to take my hair back to as close to my natural color as I can get.

I’ve been using oldManic Panic Hot Hot Pink for a year or so now. I’ve had no problem refreshing my color on my roots every 3 or so months. My hair has not faded barely at all, side for a few tips here and there that go somewhat pastel after a few months of washing. My hair has held onto this color fantastically.

But I’m tired of it on every counter and surface I own. I’m tired of my pink pillowcases and collars on my shirts. I’m tired of it. I’m about to buy a house, and I don’t want anymore pink stained bathtubs. and to be able to shower without having to lean my head over so that my body isn’t covered in pink streaks.

What would be the best course of action besides going to an expensive colorist (as I said, buying a house$$$$) that I could do at home?

I have very fine hair, and prior to the bleaching / manic panic, I have never had my hair dyed any color.

I live right next to a Sally’s and I’m comfortable buying the products and doing it myself. I just don’t want to damage my hair.. my hair has stayed soft as it ever was, despite the bleaching, and I really don’t want to screw it up.


I wrote back….


Hello! Gah! I know what you mean about the mess that comes with having brilliantly colored hair. I will have to say, though, that the pink is stunning on you and it looks as if you have done a great job with the DIY maintainance.

Here is what I suggest, taking into account the fact that your hair is fine and you don’t want to damage it any more than you have to.

Something to keep in mind is that it will be very hard to get the EXACT color that you want, especially at first. I say we shoot for a rich brown color, and know that it will need to be darker than you want it, at first, to cover the pink correctly. Over time, as it fades, there are easy ways to correct the tone as it lightens up, which will get you closer to your natural:)

I recommend starting off with this. Check out this post.

Step 1. Alternate between method 1 and method 3, every day, for a week.

(I don’t think it is necessary to use dandruff shampoo with method 3, btw. Regular shampoo will work just fine.)

After a weeks time, notice if you hair color has lightened any. I would love another picture at this point, before you move on to step 2.

Step 2.

Do a french shampoo to remove more of the pink. Here is how.

This is an easy way to strip out color with bleach without risking too much damage.

After this, you should be in a good spot to use a permanent color ( I would say a level 5 brown, and it will need to be a nuetral/ash/green brown to tone out more pink. Check this one out…..,default,pd.html

I am guessing you will want to use an equal mix of 4aa and 5gn. But like I said, send me a photo after step 1 and step 2, just to confirm:)

BTW…..Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer are the best for removing pink hair dye tub stains, and clothing stains! pour it right on there and let it sit a minute;) Then rinse the pink away.

She responded…..

So I did the baking soda + head n shoulders yesterday, and the vitamin C thing today.. and that was a HECK of a lot more effort than it was worth. I took an entire bottle of vitamin C and an hour of time to grind it up to have enough to cover my head (its past boob length).. so I’m gonna have to go with I don’t really wanna do that again.

Also way more pink water with the first method than the second. Though despite washing my hair twice in two days with these two methods, I am not any less pink than I was to begin with. 
I’m going on a cruise in 18 days and my in-laws would very much love it if I were de-pinked before then. 
Is there another course of action perhaps I could take? 
I came back with….

Just go right for the french shampoo, then color over it with a medium/dark brown would be your best DIY bet.




1Just wanted to say thank you! Hair restoration was a success!

I french shampoo’d twice over a few days, one time with conditioner, second time without. Mixed up both the colors you suggested and let it set for 25 mins or so, and voila!

Doesn’t look super fake or anything almost matches the root color I have now.. as well as covered up the leftover pink without so much as a trace (it wasn’t a lot, very pale and splotchy)

Thank you very much! happy mother in law and happy bathroom tub grout!
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Erika’s golden wave, tie and cardy style.

erika 1988Last night, I checked my email one last time before bed, to find this amazing picture of my dudes sort-of brother’s cool wife Erika, who decided to share a taste of her 7th grade stylishness with us.

Yes, our family is nebulous, and yes ties and cardys are bitchin, especially with a haircut like this, with slicked back sides and a wave in the front. Here is what Erika said about her look.

“Here’s my school pic from around, I think, 1988.  Maybe 7th grade?  I was going through a “tie phase.”  I wore a lot of ties that year.  😉  This pic features a tie my dad wore in the 60’s.  The vest & shirt I believe belonged to my ste​pmom in the 70’s that she gave to me, & the cardy was all new, all mine.  Hope this pic fits your bill!”

Then, she signed off. 5 Minutes later she followed up with this….

“Thought I should mention, I think I look awesome in this pic & am totally not embarrassed by it.  ;)”

Which made the whole thing even way cooler. Thanks Erika for being so cool and sharing this jewel with us!

If you are reading this, and have a hair story, hair transformation, or great hair pics from old family albums, please consider submitting them to HTHG. All submissions can go to, and will be published for the sake of shear awesomeness and inspiration to others. Or maybe a hearty giggle, or the courage to make that big hair move.

xo, HTHG

Kindergarten hair dreams.

IMG_404236616504322Here is a tiny hair gem from Angela, who wanted to share her awesome highly anticipated stylish haircut that lead to the broken hair dreams of a kindergartener. Can you relate? She says…..

“Sew, here goes…my mom really talked up this haircut she wanted for me, and I was psyched… until I looked in the mirror and wept.

And the face? Oh, I practiced and practiced for kindergarten picture day, but never took into account the flash. But overall? Quite fierce, I think.”

Angela, thanks for sharing this bit of your hair history. I think you were totally fierce for a kindergartener who was still figuring out your personal style preferences.

If you are reading this, and have a hair story, hair transformation, or great hair pics from old family albums, please consider submitting them to HTHG. All submissions can go to, and will be published for the sake of shear awesomeness and inspiration to others. Or maybe a hearty giggle, or the courage to make that big hair move.

xo, HTHG

Tasha’s hair journey- Color, hawk, and buzzed.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.20.50 PMThe first time I had pink hair, in January of 2009. I was home on winter break during college. I bleached my hair, intending to just get some red out that I’d put in a few months prior, but I completely fried it. My hair felt spongy when it was wet, and totally tangled and brittle when dry. I did some research and used a keratin conditioner, which helped a lot. The pink absorbed really well though! I didn’t touch up my roots ever during this time, but I kept the pink up for about 8 months, even doing purple at one time.



Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.21.06 PMDecember of 2007, my mohawk. I was really lazy about keeping the sides buzzed or combing the hawk, so it was always pretty messy like that. I loved it though. I used Got2Be Glued hair spray (the can looks like an air horn). My hair is very fine, so it held very well like that. I kept the mohawk for about 4 months and then got tired of putting it up all the time.



Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.21.19 PMApril of 2013, I buzzed my head for the first time. I did it a few more times that year. I loved it and will definitely do it again someday. It felt great and I loved having no-hassle hair. It was really liberating. It also gave me a chance to learn to love my face. I used to hide in a lot of make-up and I’m still uncomfortable looking in the mirror most days, but when I buzzed my head, I was kind of forced to look at myself. I started to see beauty where I had never noticed it.





Tasha, thanks for sharing your awesome hair story. I think that you are a total babe and I especially love your buzzed head and how it lets us see your great hairline and lovely face.


If you are reading this today, and have a hair journey or photos you would like to share, please submit at

I totally welcome the opportunity to share with you the stumbling and rejoicing  as you express yourself with your ‘do. That is what HTHG is all about.

xoxo, HTHG

Sijji’s story…..A Major Hair Journey

Hi babes. This post illustrates exactly why I love doing this blog thing. Because I get to share my hair story while witnessing some of your your incredibly inspiring hair stories. It absolutely brings me huge joy to get to share all of this goodness.

This is one of my best documented hair journeys submitted to me by a reader named Sijji from Liverpool, who works as an Endocrine Research Physician. She began sharing her hair with me last April. She was feeling very ‘Stuck in hair….’ when she first wrote to me. She hadn’t done much experimenting with her hair in her life, and was ready to start expressing her personal style but had some reservations about her employers and people in the work place judging her. She has come a long, long way, and still has her hair and her job!

Her experimentation is a mix of DIY and working with stylists, and her look is always morphing. I think she is absolutely the fiercest and is a major hair and style inspiration. Here are photos of her hair, along with her own commentary on her ever-changing tresses.


2014-04-15 20.54.12

“In an effort to get over Kelly Osbourne’s blatant thieving of my planned haircut, I bought myself a fake fringe. I tried to cut it into a Bettie Shape and the damn thing kept slipping off my head. So I covered it with real hair and did some rockabilly stuff.”

2014-04-22 19.51.21

“I went to the hairdresser and she played it safe  -didn’t want me looking too gothy for work. Ahem. This is what I got today – A line bob, but I want to take the back even higher next time. Want the back more like this…but the front a bit longer. Think I’ll get it cut that way next time. ”

2014-05-09 06.15.32

 “As discussed – pillar box red. Used a live temporary dye. I absolutely love it so Will commit to it. Will defo have refresher highlights put in so i can be even redder (has been 8 weeks since last set). Waiting for the front of my hair to grow so I can make the a line steeper.

Got any more ideas? – I am off dating and stuck in the lab atm so don’t mind looking even crazier this summer. Keen to go shorter when i get bored of the A line.”



“I did this in half an hour. I know it’s a rough draft and I didn’t see the back of my head properly but yes, cute huh? “


“Look at my pineapple!  Been yelled at on the street for looking lesbian and I have only had them 30 mins.

Can’t believe it is almost two months since the last cut. We went shorter yesterday with a small undercut and I really like it 🙂 Colorwise I think I will put a bit of vermillion directions thru the next wash. I am getting my dreads installed on Fri.”


“Here is my latest hair. I might be asked to tone it down at work – here’s to hoping that I’m not. I am looking at an asymmetric cut now for going shorter.”


henna tattoo on side shave!


“Here is my latest effort. I am getting sick of the bangs and growing them out. Ditto the red. Hope to be brown/blonde by Xmas.”


“I couldn’t wait til Xmas to go brown/blonde. I gave in to better judgement yesterdaY and bought a home colour stripper. I knew the results would be reasonable so I used it. All the red and black came out in an hour. Colour b4 is magic stuff.

What I hadn’t expected was that using a dye over it – dark ash blonde would make the previously blonde highlights look green and Orange. Ewww.

So I went to the hairdresser today to fix it. £89 poorer but I like the result. Going back to get more highlights in two weeks (I think you have seen the blonde I want).

Enjoy – sorry about the no makeup shots: I am heading to the gym.”


“Voici mon plus blondes Carre. J’ai fait beaucoup des meches et refaire Mon undercut. Mon coiffeur, Andy est dans les fotos. Il aime passion Carre aussi. Il voudrait UN hyperlink De son carries, s’il vous plait.”IMAG0334_2-1

“I am closer to platinum. My hairdresser thinks he can get me there in one Or two visits.”

Sijji, thank you for sharing your major hair journey! we can’t wait to see what you do next.

Do you have a hair story or journey to share? I would LOVE to check them out, and publish them if you are into it. Please send me pictures and words to

xo, HTHG


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