The Euro Hive

7U6A8077Hi darlings. What do you think of this little number? I am so into this hairstyle on Rain’s turquoise hair. Not only is the color so perfectly mod but the classic bee-hived French roll just couldn’t be cuter. Not to mention her uber-modern euro hairy blue pits, right???? ( Pit-hair dying post coming soon;)

I realize that I have been focusing on tutorials for longer hair lately, but for all you shorter and medium-lengthed peeps…..I am here to tell ya that the next couple months on HTHG are dedicated to your hair and how to style it. And who better to teach you than medium-length haired me!

The Euro-Hive is the first of several easy twist and pin hairstyles to rock this fall. It is a great 2nd or 3rd day hairstyle to bring some glam to your lazy-girl hair. All you need to do it is a couple of bobby pins and some sea-salt texture spray.

7U6A9648I have come to discover that the key to good DIY hairstyles that last is salt spray, and I have used all of them. I finally formulated my own sea-salt texture spray just how I like it, with extra salt for texture, aloe vera for moisture, and green tea extract for grip…..and you can now purchase it here from the ShamPHree product shop! Put it in your styling kit with your boar bristle brush, comb, and large and small bobby pins and that’s basically all you need for great daily DIY hair.7U6A79257U6A7932

Before you style your hair, spritz your sea-salt spray liberally into your dry hair. Spray it from at least a foot away from your head so you get a nice light dusting, then flip your head upside down and shake it out, working through it with your fingers. Let it set for a couple minutes before you start styling.

The Euro-Hive

euro hive

Begin by following the above directions for applying your texture spray. Then with your boar-bristle brush, work through the crown of your head, gently back-combing the hair and ratting it up a bit.

Now take the entire top of your head/crown of the head section of hair in one hand, and smooth over the top of it, and twist the ends, creating the hive (poof!)

Carefully hold the twisted ends to the head, and pin them into the hair to secure the hive in place.

Now take the all the rest of your hair in one hand, and twist them while pulling them upwards into a roll against the head. Where the roll meets the pinned hive, fold the hair ends over, and tuck them down behind the roll.

Pin the roll into place, hiding the ends. Use as many bobby pins as you need to to secure the roll and ends against the head. Now pull down your lady-parts around your face.

I think that this hair-do would look super smart all dressed up with a cute little headband or vintage brooch or comb or fascinator to top it off.

Will you try this ‘do?

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xo, HTHG

Herringbone with flowering mint.

Hello there. I wanted to quickly share this pretty hairstyle that I did on my dear Marissa Mei, who was attending a wedding one day and needed an impromptu hair-do. I happened to be on hand, and I’m always ready to jump into hair mode, because it is like a language that my hands speak.

7U6A89837U6A89927U6A90177U6A90207U6A90437U6A9057I did a soft herringbone braid, (fishtail!) which wrapped around the back of her head and continued down one side. Technically it was a french herringbone, (which just means you add hair from either side as you go in the beginning.)

My friend Corrina suggested I add mint into the braid, because there happened to be mint growing in the front of the house that we were at. It was beginning to go to seed, so there was a bit of flowering happening which added a lovely lacy touch.

After adding the mint and securing the ends of the braid, I used this trick to deconstruct the heck out of braid to soften it and give it a more romantic wedding-y feel. I had to go back in with strategically placed bobby pins to re-secure some of the mint after that!

Everywhere Marissa walked that day, the smell of fresh sun-kissed mint followed her like a shadow. She looked and smelled so lovely!

This tutorial was partially shot by Corrina, so a big thank you to her! You will see her one of these days on HTHG, probably with all kinds of fall colors in her hair.

xoxo, HTHG

Mother of Dragons braids

7U6A3134Therese wanted a braided pile on top of her head to go with her awesome t-shirt. She quite literally is the mother of 2 dragons, Coleman age 6 and Hunter age 3.

It was a fun hairstyle to do on her shoulder-length hair…Lot’s of little deconstructed braids, piled and pinned with flowers on top.7U6A3139 She looked so lovely and regal and also with a hint of ‘don’t fuck with my dragon babies’

I think that this is a lovely fall look, for dragon mothers and non-dragon mothers alike. I encourage you to try it. It is a great one for 2nd or 3rd day hair, because it looks very intricate but is actually quite simple…..

Mother of Dragons Braids

7U6A30827U6A30857U6A30917U6A30977U6A30997U6A31087U6A31137U6A31437U6A3125For this hairstyle, I began by making a center part. I sectioned the front off from behind each ear, across the top of the head.

I braided both sides in loose braids, and secured the ends with clear elastics. Then, I deconstructed both braids.

I overlapped one braid across the top of her head and pinned it to secure it. Then I over lapped the other one over the first. I tucked and pinned the ends of both braids out of sight.

Then, I split the back section in to three equal parts, , vertically.

In the middle section, I did another loose braid, secured the end, deconstructed it, and pulled it up and over, pinning it into the first 2 braids, with the ends discreetly tucked underneath.

Then I braided the last 2 sections, secured the ends, and deconstructed them. I pulled one of them up over and pinned it on the top, ends tucked in. I did the same with the last braid.

The key with this hairstyle is to manipulate the braids and build the hairstyle in a way that makes it looks like a mess of braids with no end, so get creative with the winding and piling, tucking and pinning.

Add flowers at the end to finish the look;)

You can get this awesome Mother of Dragons t-shirt here.
xoxo, HTHG

Rag Curls tutorial

7U6A6165Long time coming on this post, considering that I have been giving rag curls to anyone who will let me all Summer long. Now It is time for me to impart my tried and true
DIY rag curl technique to you all, in the simplest terms possible.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.35.54 PMThe thing that I really love about rag curls is that people have been doing them for centuries as a way to set straight hair in curls without curlers or heat or really anything but a comb and an old rag. They are easy to do and depending on how you do them, you can achieve anything from Greta Garbo to Veronica Lake to Lucille Ball looking curls without frying your hair.

They are also excellent for lazy-hair people and kids because all you have to do is throw em in your damp hair, sleep comfortably (Without big rollers or poke-y pins) and brush them out in the morning for curls that will literally last weeks if you want them to.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.24.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.25.17 PMA couple years back I made a video tutorial of rag curls on my daughter Marley, before I had experimented much with them. Marley has that kind of fine hair that ‘won’t hold a curl’ but by golly her hair will hold a rag curl. Here is more on why no-heat curls are so great for that slippery fine ‘won’t hold a curl’ hair. ( Here is a hint…..It is science!)

The other day, I went to the river with Nikki and my daughters for a day of swimming and a sleepover in her mountain cabin. That night, we drank wine and put curls in our river-damp hair. I rag curled mine, and she twist-bun curled hers (twist-bun tutorial coming soon!)

In the morning, I woke up with purple teeth and a head full of springy wild curls that I wore all day the next day. I even jumped in the river again, head fully under water. My hair dried and the curls were still in full effect. Not sure how that is possible but apparently in is.

Rag Curl Tutorial

rag curlsGet an old rag or towel and cut or tear it into strips length wise. They should be at least 3 inches wide and 9 inches long. You will need 6 of them.

Start by dampening your hair with a spray bottle, or let it dry half-way after wetting it fully. I recommend using a sea salt setting spray the give the hair some extra texture if you have curl-resistant hair…It will help you keep the curl even longer!

Part your hair down the center, all the way back. Take your comb and make a parting from the top of the head, straight down to behind one ear.

Comb all the hair in that first section straight down, and grip the ends tightly.

Take a rag and center it right over the ends of the hair. Begin rolling the ends around the rag, making sure to secure them down. The trick is to roll them around once, then roll right over them again so that they are rolled in tightly.

Keep rolling the hair around the rag until you can’t roll any farther. Now, take the ends of the rag and tie them together once to secure the curl. If you are having a hard time visualizing this, please check out this video. It shows you how to do the roll itself, but with a different sectioning pattern that will give you a different looking curl. So watch it just for the technique, but use the hair sectioning pattern from this tutorial;)

Now it is time to make your second curl. You will make another parting that is parallel to the first one, and it will bisect the rest of that half of the head. Basically, it will run from the top of the back of the head, straight down the side to the side of the nape of the neck. Repeat the curl in that section.

The leftover hair from the same side of the head in the back will make your third curl.

Repeat these sections and curls on the other side of the head.

Now, wrap your head gently in a silk head scarf to sleep in. This part is optional, but will help you sleep more comfortably and will help keep your curls smoother.

Now sleep soundly! I often read before bed to help slow down my monkey mind. Occasionally I take a Melatonin for bright and colorful dreams and a deep dark sleep. Mugwort peppermint tea is also great for good sleep and cool dreaming.brsh

When you wake up, brush out your curls with a boar bristle brush ( Mason Pearson is my favorite, it is my # 1 styling tool that I wouldn’t go anywhere without…..Completely worth the price for your brush BFF for life;)

You rag curls are likely to be really big and fuzzy……So go in their with a light smoothing oil like Shiny Dancer, and work it into your curls, gently twisting random ones to define them a bit.

I love to do a deep side part with these curls, because it gives them a very vintage look and makes me feel less clown-hair-ish, initially.

The clown hair will subside quickly, and your curls will relax into themselves throughout the day so REMEMBER……..If you feel way too curly at first, just be patient. Everything will work itself out.

By the end of the day, you will want your hair to stay this way forever.

To make it last, keep your curls dry, sleep with your silk scarf on, and then use some hair powder when your roots start feeling greasy after a couple’a days. That’s how ladies did it in the golden days.

How long can you make your rag curls last? I’d love to know! I challenge you to a whole week :)

BTW, Nikki J made the necklace shown in this tutorial, and my t-shirt is from Be The Fair.

xoxox, HTHG


The Freedom Tail: Viking Hair for the modern lady.

7U6A8454A couple of months ago I did a tutorial post on the Vikey Tail. Today, I bring you round 2……More Viking hair for the modern lady.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.11.35 PMThis great hairstyle was inspired not only by the fierceness of Viking women, but also by pearl onions (yum!), and hairstyles from Valentino’s fall 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week. And also by Harley riders and hippie dudes in Guatamalan hats named Tom. Some of you know who I am talking about.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.15.07 PMPearl onions are lovely little sweet onions that are perfectly bite-sized. My grandma used to make them like this.

This hairstyle is perfect for riding a Harley because you can protect your hair from the elements and keep it from flying all over the place while still telling the world that you are the proud owner of your ponytail, and that you have worked hard for it. A ring for every year to be exact.

I once knew a strange hippie man named Tom who had long curly hair that he kept in a hairstyle like this, with a Guatamalan cap to top it off. I saw him once at the nude-y beach by Madison Park and I cried and have been trying since to erase that memory from existence ever since. He called his tail a ‘freedom tail’

When I saw this hairstyle on the runway I thought ‘oh no! Not the Tom tail!!’ Then, Nikki wore her hair like this one day at the River and it actually worked on her and I became obsessed with it.

Birch let me give her the tail later that week for this photo shoot, and she remarked as she pulled the sections into plump little poofs that they resembled pearl onions, which made me think of pearl onions, Grandma Suzi style. My mouth watered.

When we finished shooting, I thought to myself what a fierce little viking girl Birch is in general, but especially with this Modern Day Viking Woman Tail.

Here it is, ya’ll.

7U6A8186Start by brushing the hair straight back on the head. Take a small section of hair from the front bang area. The section should start at either temple and meet in the center, about 3 inches back from the hairline as if you were making a triangle. Secure the section with a small elastic into a ponytail.

farNow add in hair from either side, making parallel partings to your first ones. Make a second ponytail that includes the ends of your first pony. This is becoming a bit of a French Ponytail……See?

Now repeat the last steps and create a third ponytail. Keep adding in hair from the sides and making ponytails all the way until you run out of hair at the nape of the neck.

Keep adding more elastics every inch or so, all the way down to the ends of the hair, leaving a couple inches free at the very bottom. Make sure that the elastics are on their nice and tight.

Now starting at the bottom, begin gently pulling the sections apart from all angles to create your ‘pearl onion.’ Make em nice and plump. When you finish one, start on the section above it. Do this all the way to the very first section on top of your head.

Now pull down your lady parts to soften the look a bit. 7U6A8392

Now get out there and rock your Viking Tail. I guarantee you will feel FIERCE.7U6A8462



And if you see Tom, ( You will know him if you see him) tell him you are really feelin’ his freedom tail.

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