Knot your Average Frenchbraid


For a tutorial of this knotted french braid, featuring a Nikki Jacoby hair comb, check out this post on!

Introducing the ‘Boxie’ and 6 ways to style your short haircut.

jlawHi my short haired babes. I’ve got some styling ideas for you. Okay…..Maybe you aren’t short yet but maybe you are dreaming of A Big Chop. Maybe you are short and uninspired. Maybe you are newly short and clueless. Whoever you are, if you have short hair or are considering it, this post is for you.

First off, there are many ways to have short hair. Check out this post to help you choose which short hair cut is right for you. If you are growing out your super-short hair, check out this post to help you plan your grow-out and in the meantime, use the following short hair styling tricks to help you bear the unbearable grow-out months;)

Today, we are going to talk about whats-er-names cute and versatile Boxie and how to style it. A Boxie is a haircut that is a bit of pixie and a bit of A-line bob. It is the most versatile of the short pixie-ish haircuts. Think of the boxie as the pixie version of a Shlob.

A Boxie ( I literally just came up with that name like 2 minutes ago) Is a pixie cut in the back and sides, with longer bangs in the front. IT is the perfect mix of chic, modern, feminine, flirty, classy and androgynous all at the same time.

You can see by the above photo that it doesn’t take much to really change the look and feel of the cut. Let’s talk about the intricacies of short hair styling. Time to break it open.

*A trick to remember? When styling short hair, instead of using a ‘part’ to divide the hair on the head, use your fingers to ‘direct’ the hair in the direction you want it to go. Kapiche?

6 easy ways to style your short haircut.

1. Hard-Core Bedhead. For days of playing and mischevious fun . To get this look, let your hair get as dirty as possible and literally roll out of bed. If you need to, use a little matte-finish styling paste or Beach hair spray and style it with your fingers. This will give a bit of extra texture and hold to the do’. Rake your hands back through your dirty hair and make it stick up all over in every direction. Don’t over style it. Let it be a natural evolution of mess. Make it last for days by applying a sprinkle of hair powder to the roots and brushing it through. It keeps getting better and better. Take lots of naps and romps with your honey and use it as an excuse for good hair. You can make this look last for days.

2. Soft-Core Bedhead. Follow the directions in step 1. Instead of raking your fingers back through your hair, rake it all forward and sweep it across your forehead. This creates a totally different look within the same feel of a casual, effortless, playful mess. Again this look gets better and better with time.

3. The Soft’n Simple. Time to tame the beast a bit and simplify the look. This is basically step 2 without the dirty. The hair is still directed forward and swept across the forehead but the look is softer and a bit more natural. To get this look, wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Maybe spray a bit of sea spray to give it a tiny bit of lift and texture, but don’t load it on. The key to getting this soft and pretty natural boxie perfection is to make the front sweepy section tame, but keep the back half a little messy. Use a comb to smooth and sweep the hair across the forehead. Use your fingers to push the sides slightly back, but don’t tuck the sides back entirely. Got to leave a little fringe in front of the ol’ ears.

4. The Secret Dirty Little Secret. Like step 3 product wise, but slightly more asymmetrical styling and without the messiness in the back. This gives the look a bit more polish and edge. Keeping in mind that you don’t want to part the hair, direct the heavy side of the hair to one side, swept across the face and keep some hair in front of the ear on that side ( Don’t tuck your hair behind your ear. ) Tuck the other side behind your ear.

5. The Straight-up Sweep Back. This is for full on sexy androgyny. I love this look. It can be hard to wear when you have hangups about your huge forehead, jawline, ears, nose etc because it really lets your face shine. But as I told a client yesterday, everyone has a hair/face/self image hangup. You are not alone. But you are probably the only person who sees it as a disadvantage. The rest of us wish we had your beautiful big nose. So I dare you to rock this look and I predict that once you get used to it, it will liberate you.

To get the look, apply a light gel to your hair when it’s damp. Comb it all back and finish it by raking it back gently with your fingers to break it up a bit. Let it dry like this. Put on your favorite earrings or a neck tie and rock the shit out of it.

6. Lastly, The Polished Hipster. Follow the product directions from step 5, and the styling directions from step 4. Have a dirty little secret, but keep it to yourself. This look is dignified and chic. Do it.

That’s all for today, folks. Go ahead and try these hairstyles out and let me know what you think.




#DIYhair Friday ends with a bang! Beauty and the braids.

7U6A4871Hi friends! This tutorial officially wraps up almost 2 solid years of DIY hair Fridays on HTHG. Don’t worry, though because I will still be sharing plenty of DIY hair tutorials, I will just be taking more time to develop each post SO the quantity is going down but the quality is going up.

This is a very exciting step for me, HTHG! I am taking this year, my 30th to narrow my focus and turn this blog into a career. You can expect some great DIY hair content, as well as some beautiful vintage and handmade items in the HTHG boutique, and natural hair and beauty products in the Shamphree shop!

This DIY hair Friday is about the beauty and simplicity of braids, and what we can do with the. Beauty and the Braids is a stunningly elegant and easy to do braided hairstyle. You will need medium to long hair, and curly girls, please don’t hesitate to rock out a beautifully soft curly version of this hairstyle.

7U6A4306And BTW, this hairstyle is perfectly finished off with one of Nikki Jacoby’s lovely hair combs, now available in the HTHG shop. And, I’m throwing in a bonus tutorial to show you yet another fun way to rock her combs. Can you tell that NJ is my favorite designer and my friend-sister yet?

Here is how to do the hair.


Beauty and the Braids

happy new year1. Start by making a diagonal part across the back of the head, from above the ear on the right side, to below the ear on the left. Section off the bottom with a clip.

2. Make a braid with the top section, on the left side.

3. Secure the end.

4. Make another braid on the bottom section.

5. Pull the braids apart to bulk them up.

6. Take the bottom braid and wind it into a bun, spiraling up and inwards, flat against the head. Pin the bun into place securely.

7. Take the top braid and wind it in the same direction around your bun making sure to guide your braid so that it lays flat on the head. This makes it look more intricate.

8. Pin the second braid into place, and be sure both braid tails are tucked in and pinned so that you can’t see them. Add a beautiful comb or brooch or clip to finish your Beauty and the Braids New Years hairdo.

Here is your bonus tutorial:)


Have a fantastic up-coming new year!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, HTHG

The simply stunning accent braid.



Nothing stuns like the simplicity of a perfectly deconstructed accent braid. Check out HTHG’s guest tutorial with Latest-hairstyles here.

BTW, this is the stunningly awesome Liz Lashes.


DIY hair Friday! Totally 90′s Winter bun.

There is something so cool looking about shiny coil-y twists of hair. They makes me think of the 90′s and Gwen Stefani. I had to bring back this uber-90′s hairstyle delight to share for this weeks DIY hair Friday.Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.53.17 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.54.18 PMTo master this hairdo, you must first master the tiny twisty coiled bun. This is basically a small section of hair twisted very tightly and allowed to coil on it’s own accord, instead of wrapping it around itself into a bun. When you twist the section enough times, it will automatically bunch up into a super wiggly cool mess of twisty bun-ness. Then, you pin the end into the base to secure it. Practice a couple of times.

Got it down? Now let’s work it into a perfectly, totally 90′s winter-y solstice bun, and top it off with one of Nikki Jacoby’s gorgeous hair combs;)

Okay. One more minute of your time before we get started on the hairstyle of the week…….Have you seen these gorgeous combs yet, now available in the HTHG boutique? They are made by hand from gorgeous golden brass and will secure a lifetimes worth of beautiful and easy hairstyling. They make a fabulous holiday gift.


Here is a little photo collage of her designs and HTHG hairstyles. Tutorials can be found here.

The Totally 90′s winter bun can totally be done on pretty short to very long hair. For this hairstyle, prep your hair with something grippy. Honey spray if your hair is very thick, Salt spray for finer hair.


Totally 90′s Winter Bun!

nickers1. Start by taking a section of hair from the top of the head. Twist it tightly from the base to the end.

2. Allow the twist to coil into a little bun. Pin it into place.

3. Take a small section of hair from one side of your first bun. Twist it into a coiled bun.

4. Pin this one into place next to the first bun. Repeat on 3-4 more sections of hair.

5. Coil your last section and pin it into place.

6. You should have one bit mass of coiled buns on the back of your head. Add extra bobbies if needed. Garnish with a beautiful brooch or hair comb to finish the look.

Happy Holidays! Love, HTHG and NJ

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