The Free Your Hair Brush!

Hi babes. This exciting launch is a long, long time coming!!!

IMG_2067Since I started blogging, and stripping down my hair routine and learning to care for my own hair and self better, and sharing the experience here, the one consistent tool that I have never strayed from has been a good hair brush.

Several years ago, I wrote this post about brushing your hair and my love affair with my Mason Pearson brush, which will never end. I believe that every hair type can benefit from the use of a great brush…..And I also believe that 150$ is a lot to spend on a hairbrush for most of us. Sorry, Mason Pearson.

IMG_1775Then, last year I shared a post with Refinery29 on the importance of brushing our hair, and why it is at the root of holistic hair health. Why shampoo when you can cleanse and balance your hair mechanically by brushing it, without stripping it? I am talking healthy scalp, rapid hair growth, shiny, happy strands from root to tip. All those things that our hair product container labels promise us, can be achieved by brushing.

IMG_3787A good daily or weekly hair brush session can be a sacred and wonderful part of our self-care routines. I do mine before I shower, because brushing my curls results in clown hair. So, I spend 5 minutes brush, brush, brushing from all angles, working the natural oils from my scalp through to my ends, and spreading that beautifully oil protection and detangling action through my entire head of hair. It feels magnificent. When I am done, I have very poofy hair, so I jump in the shower and give it a good rinse, reset the curls.

Brushing is an essential part of shampoo-free life, because we need that mechanical scrub to work the oils through and keep our hair in balance. I can’t say enough about it. I brush my daughters hair, I brush my husbands beard, we use our brushes constantly.

A good hair brush is a tool for life, which is why we are thrilled to be launching a beautiful, beech wood handled mixed bristle hair brush that feels as good in your hands as it does in your hair.

brushLadies and gentlemen, I present the Free Your Hair Brush, now available in the shop. This brush is smooth, effective, just burly enough for all hair types, and is consciously designed and created with all the sweet details……complete with a beautifully engraved emblem, and pre-oiled to perfection. Care instructions provided.

Get yours today, and share this post around with your friends. Y’all deserve a good brush, and your hair will thank you forever for it. *Bonus* Our first 15 orders will receive a free Crown Chakra hair anointment oil with your brush!!!!!

DSC08869If you are a salon or boutique interested in wholesaling the Free Your Hair Brush, please email me at

Please help us spread the word grassroots style about the Free Your Hair Brush by sharing  and telling your friends. I SO appreciate it:)

Are you interested in Wholesaling the FYH brush? Please click here:)


Happy Brushing, Roxie Jane Hunt

Colorprint Hair Dreams

DSC09464 (1)Babes, I have spent the last 2 months in the studio, playing with color and hair and
paintbrushes. I developed a technique, based on ideas and dreams of hair color concepts that have been percolating in my head since I was a kid playing with my My Little Ponies, and finally took the time to experiment.
I am thrilled to share the HTHG Colorprint technique, which involves pre-lightening a panel of hair which becomes the canvas, somewhere on the head where it will peek through, and creating original inspired art within that canvas using conceptual color schemes, a variety of small paintbrushes, veggie dye and stencils. This technique is a great option for people who don’t want to dye all their hair, but want a colorful pop of something special and unique within the layers of their hair, whether it is curly or straight, long or short.DSC07315 (1) DSC08961 (1) DSC09019 (2) DSC07422 (1) DSC07489 (1) DSC09125 (1) DSC07278 (1) DSC07493 (1)
DSC07537 (1) DSC09569 (1) DSC08453 (1) DSC08385 (1) DSC08058 (1) DSC07669 (1) DSC07239 (1) DSC07596 (1) DSC00066 (2)
DSC07571 (1)

I am now offering salon education on this technique, as well as custom work on both clip-in extension hair for those who want the option of wearing their colors when they want, as well as a full service for all hair types. Contact me at for inquiries and bookings. Send me photos ofyour favorite flowers, prints, color schemes, and we can discuss your custom Colorprint hair design.

Consider this technique part of a hair craft revolution, where hair becomes art and inspiration is limitless.

xo, HTHG

Free Your Hair Shop *Sale*!

IMG_0421Hi babes!

Hope you all are enjoying your Fridays and ready to dive into your weekends. I am sure we all have differing feelings about Valentine’s Day…….My feelings are mixed. It is my 6 year anniversary with my honey, and also my mothers wedding anniversary to her second husband Jim, who died 4 years ago on Valentines Day, so for us it is a day of both love and remembrance.

My wish for all you dear readers this Valentine’s day, besides just feelings of love in general,  is that you can look back on the last year and see a growing love between yourselves and your hair……That is the goal of the HTHG blog. To help this love grow:)7U6A8814

So for all of you, and your lovely hair…..I want to invite you to the Free Your Hair Shop for a big sale on all of our lovingly made hair products and remedies…..We want to get them in your hair, and make room for our next collection, inspired by all of you and your great feedback and your dedicated readership. Thank you all so much, and big love out in all directions.

Also, please share this post with your friends who need some hair love:)

P.S. Here is a little post I wrote for Huffington Post about Raising Children Who Love Themselves.

xo, HTHG


A Message to all Hair Stylists, from Hairstory Studio’s Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon has shaped the industry of hair styling, that we can say for sure. As the founder of Bumble and Bumble, and more recently NYC’s Hairstory Studio, his vision for the future of hair continues to drive us forward as stylists, into new concepts and innovation in the realms of both creative styling and hair care.

These days, at Hairstory Studio, Michael is championing the brute force of the independent hairstylist, because ‘going independent’ appears to be the new black of the hairstyling industry. By creating an environment of experimentation to foster creative growth for his stylists, and formulating a product line based on ditching shampoo (the root of all hair woes) he is helping both client and independent stylist to streamline their hair care routine, and their back-bar.

Today, Michael chats with us about the future of the industry, ditching shampoo, and how Hairstory is here to create culture and community for the lone hair rangers, by inspiring us, engaging us, and helping us excel as independent hairstylists and artists in the big-industry hijacked world of hair. If you are a hairstylist who has ever considered breaking off from the salon and going Independent, listen up. Michael Gordon is here to encourage you to take the leap and strike out on your own.

Hair Talk with Michael Gordon


You have moved on from B&B to Hairstory Studio and a brand new product line. I am curious to know what inspired this shift for you, moving on from B&B and starting a new vision from scratch.

MichaelGordonNvreelandphoto2After I left Bumble and bumble, I decided if I were to return to the industry it would have to be with different intentions. In my time away, I became interested in the subject of sustainability, in particular how to avoid creating waste. I started to think “why are there so many hair products out there?” The ‘aha’ moment came when I realized the culprit, the real scam here: shampoo. In particular their detergents and the very real havoc they cause. This damage is the catalyst for so many products: conditioners, detanglers, treatments, masks, on and on.
This epiphany led to my search for an alternative. I didn’t know if we would find it but we did. New Wash cleans the hair and scalp with fatty cleansers derived from essential oils, leaving the hair and scalp clean and in perfect equilibrium.

In what ways do you want to see Hairstory setting a new standard for stylists/clients?
My ultimate goal is for detergents of all kinds (“naturally-derived” glucosides to SLS) to be totally rejected by the experts; and you –hairdressers – are the experts.

My whole career I’ve strived to see hairdressers become more important in society, more influential, more confident, more bold. I believe this is a powerful movement we can all get behind. Imagine what would happen if enough intelligent, forward-thinking hairdressers like yourself got behind this. The conclusion most early adopters have arrived at is that if you take away detergent from the equation, you don’t need many other products. If we could get all those harmful ingredients and all those thousands of bottles out of our landfills and oceans, just think of the good that would be done.

How can we use your vision to help us change the way we do hair, and the way we communicate with our clients?


4OnSetWithMichaelVery good question. Another one of my grievances with the industry is the appalling lack of really fine education. In particular, most hairdressers have no real idea of how to use product, and that’s not necessarily their fault. Part of the problem is perpetuated by hair companies that create countless products and so frequently launch new ones. These products are made in marketing rooms and have no real purpose other than to turn a profit.
Hairdressers naturally assume that these products all have a place – that the formulations do things that the others don’t. However, deep inside I know, from experience, the same hairdressers are screaming “this is bullshit, I can’t possibly need another thickening spray!”
With our pared-down line of four products it will be much simpler to educate your clients, and in effect sell much more. You are providing them something you believe in, it’s not a sale, it’s advice that will make their life better.
I also encourage all hairdressers and clients to use our site as a reference – to start conversations you might not have usually prompted – and all-in-all become braver.

What would you tell someone who loves the idea of leaving their shampoo behind for New Wash, or any other non-shampoo system/routine, but has been so indoctrinated in their own routines and beliefs about cleanliness that they are afraid to make the leap?
Well let’s start with the fact that the most likely place to contract a staph infection is a hospital – so the idea of being over-zealous about cleaning, purelling, and disinfecting has become an over-the-top, mostly American, neurosis. Constant disinfecting has been proven to have negative consequences on people’s immune systems as illuminated in Julia Scott’s New York Times Magazine article “My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment” (I encourage all your readers to read it).
We have resources on our site that can walk people through the science of New Wash, but ultimately they’ll need to come to this important realization themselves.

Why do you think there are so many independent stylists now, all of the sudden?

Returning to my comment about the lack of good education: I think it’s a shame that young hairdressers spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on a school, and the aim is not to create skillful hairdressers and thoughtful entrepreneurs, but essentially to keep young people from being unemployed. You come out of the 1500 to 2000 hours, take a state board exam, that in the kindest word is asinine, and you’re on your own.
At this point, if you’re bright you find a mentor or go to a really great salon and become an apprentice. In the sixties for instance everybody went to Vidal Sassoon to train and later on to any salon owned by someone who had came from Sassoon. This resulted in a very high standard of haircutting.
Things changed, times changed, franchises popped up like Jean Louis David, Supercuts, etc. etc. Hair product companies started by real hairdressers were purchased by large corporations, costs were cut, and authenticity and respect for the hairdresser abandoned. So, fast forward to now and most salons can’t afford to offer – for various reasons – valuable education.
People are deciding its not worth the money to stay in salons, selling products they don’t believe, and loosing a large portion of the commissions they garner to the house. They have their own visions and they’re manifesting them for themselves. We’re here to help these bold entrepreneurs.

Is this a sign of major changes in the direction our industry is going?

I would imagine at some point. As it stands today almost every single product manufacturer in the world either sells retail or to salons. It will not be easy to be copied when their bread and butter is in creating dozens of different shampoos and conditioners. It’s like a drug addicting trying to get clean. Hopefully they catch up with the times, but honestly this is about doing something good for brave go-getters that want to be part of a new economy. We can have connections to each and every one of our hairdressers, have conversations like the one we are having now, and really support all of you.

We have made it as simple as possible for our independent hairdressers: simple, attainable opening orders, no need for expensive inventory, and your clients will be connected to you forever, so you will make commission on every sale they place online. That second sale will not go to Sephora or Amazon, but to you.
In the coming months we will be starting a podcast series with our CEO Eli on all topics big and small about becoming independent. I think you will find this invaluable.

You appear to have a dream team of colorists/stylists at the Studio. What do you personally look for when choosing your Hairstory Stylists?


4StylingYinnaTKMovingHairI would agree that the people who do hair here are extremely talented; however it’s not a salon, so the environment and culture are conducive to allowing people the space and encouragement to become excellent. It’s not a profit center; there’s no money being exchanged. So instead there is an exchange of ideas, techniques, and at least one or two full days a week when the assistants get to train. Our very frequent photo shoots provide our stylists with an opportunity to evaluate their work and develop their eye.
Certainly my decades of experience are help, and I can act as a mentor. My coaching is made easier by the fact that these people are very self-motivated and driven to become better. The focus is very much on being the best we can be and you can see it in the conversations at our lunch table.
Hairdressers use to make pilgrimages to Sassoon – in the 90s and 2000s they made the same to Bumble. While we’re a tiny little enterprise, we are getting those same requests now. Obviously we can’t take everyone in; however, we are focusing our content to help people learn, practice, and be inspired. There’s great shows on cooking, on sports, on all sorts of craftsmanship – you don’t see that in hair. We will be filling that void. I suggest in the first five, ten minutes of your day reviewing a story or two and taking it with you through the day.

You really champion the concept of Creative Collaboration within the Studio. What are your thoughts on the importance of collaboration in our industry, and how can we (independent stylists) begin to move in the direction of being more collaborative?
The idea is to encourage and suggest that hairdressers talk to each other more. Most professions have seminars, discussions, TED events – and I’m not talking about hair shows – where important ideas are exchanged. That’s why blogs like yours and others are so important. We need to have real conversations. For example the exchange that the story “The Long and The Short of It” got started simply on Instagram was very exciting to me. People were discussing hair length in a new way.
In fact, we are going to start featuring different hairdressers from around the country who share their experiences in little films. Films that are thought-provoking and motivating in a very transparent and authentic way.
We’re in the beginnings of building a strong community and we encourage you to join.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.03.16 AM

If you know a hairstylist, please tag them or share this post with them. It just might be what they need to take the leap into their own independence. And if you are a stylist, I strongly recommend you check out New Wash and the Hairstory Enrollment Plan. My clients adore it, and the whole system is designed for independent stylists and their clients. Make your first order and get a free bottle of New Wash for yourself, and be sure to tell them How-to Hair Girl referred you. Stylist referrals mean kickbacks, and you will get them too when you turn your friends on to Hairstory;) Spread the love, from one hairstylist to the next.

xo, HTHG, Michael Gordon and Hairstory Studio


Free Your Hair Earth Collection Debut

In a world where the systematic abuse of our planet and our bodies has become the norm, the term bio-remediation really stands out.

Bio-remediation is the practice of using organic plant matter to clean up  to restore health and balance to the landscape. It is a technique most commonly used to clean up environmental messes, but the more I learn about it, the more I feel passionate about using the concept of Bio-remediation in my beauty and personal care routine to restore vitality and balance.7U6A4324

Our hair and skin and bodies are constantly barraged by environmental stresses that weaken and ravage the fibers of their strength. Much like the earth itself, these fibers can be restored and protected by employing many potent natural compounds found in plants.

This knowledge and understanding, along with my commitment to great hair every day,  is what inspired me to create The Free Your Hair Earth Collection……..To harness the power of my favorite plant allies blended with organic, sustainable harvested oils and powders to create a line of interchangeable hair and skin care products for in-salon, editorial styling, and at-home daily use.

Meet The Free Your Hair Earth Collection, potent plant powered small batch products to treat and bring optimum health to our hair, scalp, and skin while covering the bases of all your hair-styling needs.




This line was created and made in Seattle Washington through the process of planting, harvesting, drying, infusing, powdering, mixing, and blending a combination of my favorite action-proven beauty herbs…..Horsetail, Borage, Burdock, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Calendula, Wild Rose, Nettles, which make up the Free Your Hair Active Plant Infusion, which is added into each product.




Our plants were either grown in house or locally sourced and wild-harvested by my hands and the hands of my daughters.

Our recipes are expertly researched and tested in the salon on all hair types, and on my girl-crew who have provided endless inspiration for the line. Thanks babes.7U6A3815IMG_5491

7U6A6056The Free Your Hair Earth Collection line Includes:

Shining Hair Oil which nourishes and replenishes moisture and protein loss due to environmental and chemical damage to the hair, restoring your hair to supple beauty and protecting your ends from further damage. This gorgeous oil adds shine and elasticity to all hair types, and is great for before heat-styling as a protector! This oil is also wonderful on the skin and is especially suited to treat any sort of ailment like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Beauty Vinegar balances and tones the hair and scalp, bringing moisture to the hair while sealing the cuticle for a gorgeous reflective finish. Seals in color, adds supple bounce and softness to coarse hair and curls, and you can use it as a brightening toner for your face!

Plant Paste is a soft matte-finish workable styling paste which allows for sculpting ability with lasting hold and a nice velvety dry finish. It is perfect to style, tame, or add structure and texture to your hair and beard. I love to mix the paste and powder together in my hands and run through my hair for extra texture and hold.

Dry Shampoo is the perfect solution for 3rd Day hair. Our blend of powdered raw ingredients soak up oil at your roots and add just the right amount of texture to your ends, while freshening and reviving your hair into lived-in hair perfection.  Make this one your go-to any time you need to revive your hair and make it last.

For a full list of ingredients, and to purchase your own bottle or set of products, click here.

Babes, I am really excited to debut this project here on How-To Hair Girl because it is such a culmination of many things that I am passionate about learning and sharing, and those our our core values here at HTHG.

Making the Free Your Hair Earth Collection was a journey of love, research, intention, patience, inspiration, creativity, belief, and commitment. Thank you for joining me in the process of developing the line…..I can’t wait to get these goods into your hair and onto the shelf of your salon. Get your FYH Earth Collection goods here, before they sell out, and please share this post with your friends if you think they would be interested. If you want information about a wholesale order, please contact me at howtohairgirl@gmail.

xo, HTHG

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