Tribe de Mama Sacred Self Care Brushing Ritual

7U6A7353Hello mamas! This post is for all of us who are mothers to children, pets, and/or ourselves. Even papas can be mamas, so this is for you too.

This year has been all about healing through re-connection. Coming out of the dark and into the light. Keeping our shadows close as we walk in the sun, honoring all sides of ourselves and loving the parts of us that we keep hidden and beginning to let those parts out of hiding. Remembering that our path can only be navigated with true clarity when dark and light are both at work.

Self-Care during transitional times in life becomes more important as we grow older and experience bigger life changes. We begin to understand the importance of staying present, and trusting ourselves. We learn to stop abusing ourselves with critical words aimed at our own hearts, and learn to love and accept ourselves as a mother should, whether we had a loving mother or not.

We start to gravitate towards the people and the experiences that allow us to express and accept love, and we find the tools that help us invoke and manifest that love. We learn that mindfulness, meditation, ritual, and ceremony are one and the same, and can be infused into even the smallest tasks in life.

7U6A7383Prayer is the same as manifestation, and to experience it’s potency we can use equal parts gratitude, hope, love and imagination. To access these 4 celestial commodities, we begin by cultivating a deeper connection to everything and everyone around us, including ourselves.

We learn that by offering, we receive. And all paths lead back to the source, the mama, the mother in all of us that loves us into being and teaches us to care for ourselves. Sacred self-care, radical self love.

As mamas, let’s love ourselves first.


Hair Brushing Ritual


Here is my favorite ritual for self-care. You can do it on your own, or with your children or a friend.

You just need a HAIRBRUSH, and your FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OIL, and a quiet 5 minutes.

By cultivating this practice, allow the healing and eye-opening power of Sacred Self-Care to seep into your life, one brush stroke at a time.

  • Find a quiet, peaceful place
  • Sit down, take a deep breath. Breathe for a minute, inhaling fresh, cleansing breaths, and exhaling stagnancy. Breath in the new and out the old.
  • Set an intention for your brushing session…..What do you want to manifest into your life? And what are you ready to let go of?
  • Apply your favorite essential oil or Crown Chakra Oil to your fingertips….Just a few drops. Breath in the scent and let it envelop you for the moment. Spend a few moments massaging it into your scalp, beginning with the temples and working towards the top and back of the head.
  • 7U6A7288Begin to brush your hair, first gently de-tangling the ends, then working your way through to the scalp. Close your eyes, and breath.
  • Hold you body in alignment. Sit bones tucked under, pelvis tilted ever-so-slightly forwards, shoulders open, head resting softly on your neck. Strength without tightness in your core. Keep breathing.
  • As you brush, imagine what you are letting go of. Begin by brushing any negative feelings that you have felt or that have been imposed on you regarding your hair. Brush out anyone who ever told you that you didn’t have good hair. Brush out anyone who ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough in general. Brush out criticism that you impose on yourself throughout the day. As you hair softens with each brush stroke, the tone with which you speak to your own self softens.

7U6A7501 (1)We are also mothers to ourselves, let’s not forget how important it is to care for ourselves and speak to ourselves with love. Loving words and nurturing care build healthy children, bountiful gardens, and centered, strong mamas.

  • Brush out old energy, old habits, negativity, restlessnessBe here for the moment, enjoying this beautiful demonstration of self care on our sacred crowns, and our sixth sense, our hair barometer to the world around us.
  • Brush your hair from all directions, Inviting with gratitude in through your crown the winds of change and rebirth, the fresh air of the East, the sensuous, emotional and creative waters of the West, where the sun sets with anything we are ready to put to rest, the fires of the South that ignite our passion for life, and the earth element of the North which grounds us, roots growing through the ground so that we may safely explore the cosmos without loosing our footing.
  • Flip your head upside down and let your blood flow to your scalp, bringing vitality and circulation. Brush your hair upside down and imagine your cells dividing faster with the friction of the brush and the blood flowing to your hair follicles. New Growth, New Life.
  • Now sit upright again, hair big and wild. Eyes closed. Brush resting on your lap. Keep breathing. Wait a moment and stay present with all of the feelings and sensations of your body.
  • Invite your mind to be still and quiet as you focus your energy on your breath and the sensations of your physical body.
  • Open your eyes. Pick up your brush, and begin to remove the hairs from it, pulling out as many as you can all at once, thanking your brush, your sacred self care tool, for helping you channel this invocation. All these hairs that you have removed represent everything you brushed out of your hair, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Offer them to the ground, (garden?) or to the fire (burn them) , or to the water (river?)  or to the air (feed them to the breeze) Say goodbye to them and open yourself to new growth, to the manifestations of your visions and hard work, and to love.

*This ritual is especially potent on the Full Moon and the New Moon.

7U6A7557Please visit Tribe de Mama for more musings on Mama Life, and visit the Tribe de Mama Instagram for our Free Your Hair Brush/ TDM special promo-code for a discount on your beautiful hand finished, mixed-bristle hairbrush. #freeyourhairbrush

Thank you to the Mama featured in this post, Marriah Berquist, and her magical daughters baby Ocean and big sis Pilot (Queen of DIY haircuts.)

xo, HTHG

Spirit Weaving the Crown

IMG_8985IMG_8340Hello dears. I hope you all are doing well! I just returned from the Spirit Weavers Gathering where I set up the Adornment Space with Stefani Padilla and Rebecca from Heartfire Henna as a sacred area for adornment through hair cuts, braiding, and henna.IMG_8674

I spent an entire day, dawn till dusk, decorating redwood trees with flower garlands and mandalas. Twas absolute heaven. Then spent 10 days within that beautiful sacred space, braiding hair and bonding with incredible women. IMG_9014-1IMG_8994

I also facilitated a Braid Workshop (Weaving the Crown) and Braid Circle which was incredibly fun and the women who came to learn blew my mind with how quickly they picked up braiding and how empowered they felt by learning the ancient craft.

I have so much I want to share about it, but I reckon all the jewels of memories and knowledge I learned and shared will be coming out slowly in posts to come. It was such an honor to offer my skills and have them be so lovingly received. Let’s just say this…..My heart exploded. Thank you all who were a part of it.

And I have many photos to share.

Interested in booking a Braid or Beehive bar or a Braid Workshop for a party or an event? Email me at

More soon, HTHG

Tropical Birds ColorPrint Hairadise

Hi Babes!

While I was in Arkansas last month, I got together with Melissa, my business partner from Mayapple Salon to collaborate on a photo shoot for old times sake. ( We have styled many photo shoots together and it is always such a great time. )

Melissa is creative director of Art Amiss Fashion a local arts organization, and writes the style column for the Fayetteville Weekly, which photos from this shoot will be used for.

I wanted to give you all a look at some of my favorite shots, some of which will pop up in the near future in HTHG tutorials:) The theme of the shoot was Tropical, so I prepared ColorPrint hand painted hair wefts in juicy tropical inspired colors and fern like textures.7U6A6736 7U6A7045 7U6A6738 7U6A6460 7U6A6921 7U6A6828 7U6A6589

These shots feature Melissa Arens, Kelly Wake and Penelope Obersky as models/ Hairstyling and ColorPrint by yours truly, Styling by Melissa Arens and jewelry by Keely Wake of Flora and Fauuna

Check out Mayapple Boutique here!

Enjoy! xo, HTHG


Shampoo-Free: A Gift to Clients

Hi dears. This post is for all of you, but especially to my fellow stylists.

7U6A21174 years ago, when I started my Shampoo-Free Journey, I brought my clients along with me. I tried not to be pushy about it when talking in the salon about ditching shampoo, and I waited to bring it up until I could see that a client was ready to embrace to concept and start their own journeys.

What I have seen through the course of being a shampoo-free hairstylist is that giving my clients the gift of well-timed permission from their stylist to stop washing their hair is hugely empowering and transformational for them…….And that is the best gift I can give to them.

As hairdressers, we learn to see when a client is unhappy with their hair, and see how that effects them in their life. They are at an impasse, where they don’t understand the needs of their own hair, and they feel frustrated and powerless to change that. The commercialization of our industry has created a system which directs us to profit from this frustration by selling more products to fix the problems of our clients hair…..We sell them the promise of better hair, but we can’t vouch for that.

Helping shepard my clients through the process of ditching shampoo has brought us to a new level, where my job is truly about learning to understand them, their lifestyles, their unique personal styles, and the needs of their hair…….And empowering them to navigate the synthesis of these things in a healthy way with the outcome of great hair that suits them and their lives, and doesn’t require much work on their part.

All because their hair is in it’s natural beautiful state, and we embrace that, together.

This is why I stand behind the Hairstory philosophy and New Wash, the first independent stylist approved system for introducing our clients to their own hair, sans shampoo. 7U6A2234

New Wash gently cleanses without Parabens and SLS, using naturally derived oils like jojoba, and essential oils of peppermint and sunflower to help gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping it, leaving it in it’s most natural lovely state of being.

I can’t wait to get the Free Your Hair Salon up and running, so I can introducing my clients to New Wash……They are already primed and ready to experiment further into the realms of shampoo-free life.

Interested in trying it? Sign up today and receive a free bottle of New Wash…..I bet you will love it as much as I do:)

I hope to have you in my chair some day so I can introduce you to my new favorite in-salon line!


xo, HTHG

Desert Alchemy. A Totally Blown/ Free Your Hair Collab

Desert Alchemy in collaboration between Totally Blown and How To Hair Girl are proud to announce Feed, Quench, and Build organic wild havested hair products.Hi friends!

I hope you all are staying cozy in these dark months……I’m doing my best to, and to keep the good vibes rolling. I have to say it is a bit harder to keep the positive flow moving in the Wintertime……Takes a bit more work!

I grew up snowboarding all winter long and now that I am a mom without much extra money to burn, that hobby has faded. I miss those snowy, active winters throwing my body off of jumps and rolling in the heavy PNW slush. I miss just being out in the elements all year long. Maybe today calls for a walk in the rain:)

At the moment, I am taking a break from editing a video collaboration that I am really excited about on a VERY slow moving computer because I want to announce a really fun project/collab experiment that I have been working on with my friends at shotgun-blown apparel company Totally Blown out of Joshua Tree.

( I’m warming up just thinking of how fun this project was to create!)

A little backstory- Sarah and I met at last years Spiritweavers and on my end, it was love at first site:) She lives in the Desert outside of Joshua Tree with her partner, Cody where they create wearable art garments with natural dyed fibers distressed with shotgun shells.

She visited Seattle a while back and told me that she has been on a quest to find lovingly made self-care products for her skin, body, and hair. I made her a few hair remedies from my hair apothecary to treat her desert-distressed hair…..She needed some protection from the elements and some hydration to keep her stunningly orange hair bright.

7U6A3830 After she returned to the desert, she reached out to me about collaborating on a Inspired line of hair care for desert-dwellers, infused with native desert plants and formulated for hydration and protection and a water-wise haircare experience…….The Desert Alchemy Collection was born! She went foraging and sent me up a box full of lovingly curated herbs and plants, desert dust, bark, rocks, and feathers to use in the creation of the line.

IMG_9023Together, we brainstormed oils and scents and dry earth-based ingredients that come from the desert to include in the collection, and also packaging and names and inspiration……A true collaboration!

Using ingredients like Aloe Vera, Pomegranate oil, Avocado oil, Sage, Fossil dust, Desert Dust, and Arrowroot, Creosote, Coyote Bush, Rosemary, and Orange Blossom we created the Desert Alchemy Collection……an organic hair-care line for desert dwellers and conscious people who want to nourish, hydrate, and build texture in their hair using the elements of the desert.

(Personally, as a Northwest gal, bringing a little desert energy into my soggy bones and frizzy hair has been quite healing and upllifting)

We would love to share this limited line with you and it is going fast! The line is sold exclusively through Totally Blown, and our first batch is almost gone. I started brewing the 2nd batch yesterday which will be available in mid to late January. Reserve your consciously created hair potions today by emailing Sarah and Cody at

Here is what High-Desert Hairstylist Christina Sanchez Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.58.30 AMhas to say about her Desert Alchemy Products.Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.58.00 AM

Interested in collaboration with HTHG? Email me at

xo, HTHG



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