Glitterbuzz Sparkle Hair

Sparkles are wonderful. There was once a day in my life where my vials of loose colored glitters were as precious to me as almost anything. I used to use them to add some shimmer to my eyeshadow, and as the magical finishing touch to my baby clips and on the toes of my Doc Martens.  The carpet in my room was a mess of glitter, and everything I owned had the telltale trails of my sparkle obsession.

But lets be real. Loose glitter is a mess, and it is impractical. And some people are total glitter haters, and they don’t want you anywhere near them with the stuff, for fear that it will end up all over them.

One of the lamest parts of being a grownup is not having a sparkle covered life. But I miss my glitterbuzz. That being said, I recently stumbled upon some amazing looking ways to incorporate sparkles back into life…..While keeping them relatively mess-free and contained.



Check out these awesome tutorials. This first one is a Glitter Hair Gel that you can use to add some shimmer to your strands.


The second one is this to die for Sparkly Melon Lip Look!


I absolutely love this Sexy Slicked-Back Sparkly Hair Do.

Sparkly Freckles?????? Yes please.

I’m diggin the looks of these Sparkly Golden Lashes (and Brows!).

And lastly, The Glitter Part. I will rock this look one of these days. I first saw it on my co-worker Sarah B. She wore a golden glitter part to this years Vainiversary Holiday Party, with long wavy 70’s hair and I nearly died.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 4.25.47 PMThe Manic Panic Die Hard Styling Gel in Stiletto is pretty amazing, BTW. It is a silver shimmer/glitter gel that goes on thick and looks like solid sterling when it is in your hair. One of these days I will do a silver curly ombre short hair tutorial with it for ya;)

Stay tuned!


xoxo, HTHG

How To Talk To Your Stylist.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.58.54 AMHey babes. Communication with your hairstylist is totally necessary when you want to achieve a particular hair goal. Read more on this from HTHG on R29!

Green hair envy.

The 90’s called and left this angsty message: Green hair is legit and not just for grunge rockers and mermaids. Ever since Viper, female super hero of Marvel Comic fame dove onto the scene with kelly green hair, green has been the archtype of tough-girl ‘don’t call me cute’ hair colors. Where pastel pinks are femme and soft, green is perfectly bold, moody and complicated.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.48.20 AMThe past few years have been all about peachy pinks and silvers. Everywhere we looked, we saw pretty unicorn hair. This past Summer was about purple hair. So much purple hair happened in salons across the country that the tell tale mark of a hair dresser was purplish stained fingertips. Real talk. Enough is enough. The pink and purple trend is fading as fast as purple hair on sun bleached ends…….More of HTHG’s green hair thoughts on Refinery29 today! And also, a giant shout out to RAIN for being a fantastically quick and awesome editor and helping me bust out content like a pro:) It is so wonderful to have your input.

xo, HTHG

Natural curls and waves….. Free the hair beast.

curlsYou want to know what makes me really happy? Big, wild, free curls and untamed waves. Naturally curly hair that is left to its own devices and not shellacked with products. Wild, free, curly, bouncy, discheveled full-of-personality hair.

Curly hair is really special. I have curl envy. I had a brief dance with being a naturally curly girl for a couple of years before I had children. Now, my curls are mostly gone unless it is very humid, then I might see em again in the form of big wild wavy curls. Sometimes I have to pull out my Q-Redew just to get a little of that curl back. ( Have you heard of the Q-Redew? check out this review!)
Anyhow, when I see women with natural curls that are not tame but beastly, I thank her in my heart for letting the hair beast be free. By the way, Shamphree is a great method to use on naturally curly hair. Can I also introduce you to my favorite curl product ever?

I have a confession to make to all hair clients and future clients of mine. When you sit in my chair and tell me that you have curly hair but you wear it straight, I am going to try to convince you to let me cut it in a way that works with your curls so you can free the beast. If you are not interested or not ready to accept your hair texture and work with it, then may I suggest that you find yourself a different hairdresser. It hurts my heart too much. I love your curls.

In honor of your curls, these are some photos of curly hairstyles I love. Solange and her legendary afro can’t be beat. Duh. Vanessa Paradis and Kate Hudson rock em loose and free. An undercut with roots hairstyle on bleached shorter curls is perfectly edgy. Big and long curly bed-head is so very hot. But best of all, the curly shlob. 

The shlob (shaggy layered bob) is so amazingly great on curls. Here is an example of a shlob that I did last summer on mixed textured curls.Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 1.16.19 PM This haircut works on all kinds of curls, and on all face shapes which is why I have an entire DIY section dedicated to it. The layers in the back give nice height in the back, and the length in the front frames and elongates the face. trop

Here is Christina from Trop Rouge. She is one of my favorite NY fashion bloggers. Her hair is a perfect free beast of a shlob. She wins the award for my favorite free curls.

Please, curly friends. Rock your curls hard. And love them tenderly. And don’t forget to hashtag your natural hair photos #shamphree #freeyourhair #freethebeast. Let’s get some more energy in the natural hair movement!

Are you naturally curly and not sure how to take care of your hair? Here is the best guide to loving your natural hair out there ( Even straight haired girls can get alot out of reading this book!)
Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair

Are you naturally curly and do you have unanswered questions? Be sure to check out The Naturally Curly website, as well.



HTHG’s favorite bangs and DIY bang kit giveaway!

PicMonkey CollageBangs are the most powerful way to transform your face, accentuate your eyes, and add style to your haircut. The right style of bangs can really work wonders!

I am a huge believer in bangs, and cutting them yourself. It is a fun way to really take control of your look in between trips to the salon. I have never had anyone but myself cut my bangs.

Contrary to what you might hear other places, there is a bang style to fit any face and hair type. Maybe you have been told that you wouldn’t look good with bangs or you have had a bad bang experience…..Don’t let that scare you away from experimenting! Let this little bang guide help guide you in the right direction towards your perfect bang style.

Bang breakdown

1. Curtain bangs…..These are basically grown out bucket bangs. Curtain bangs have a nice face slimming and elongating effect.They are great for lower hair lines. They are long and blend nicely around the face. They are a good option for people who are afraid of bang commitment because they grow out without any fuss at all. To get these bangs, Follow HTHG’s bucket bang tutorial, but cut them nice and long.

2. Asymmetrical bangs. These bangs are funky and edgy and fun to wear. They suit all face shapes, and look especially good with above-the-shoulder length haircuts. They grow out nicely into side sweeping bangs. Follow HTHG’s Asymmetricall choppy bang tutorial to DIY ‘em.

3. Kitten bangs. Meow! for the bold lady, these dramatic pointys are very fun to wear and look great with darker hair colors. They work well on straight hair. HTHG does not yet have a tutorial for these bangs. They are kind of hard to perfect. Slow and steady is my advice;)

4. Choppy bangs. These bangs are nice and feminine. They can be very slimming for the face if cut from a narrow section, and they can also widen and open up the face nicely if cut from a wide section. They work really well for higher foreheads.They tend to grow out easily because there are no hard lines. They are great for curly haired ladies who want to wear short bangs. Follow HTHG’s choppy bang tutorial to get these babies.

5. Blunt bangs. These are nice and dramatic. The hard line is a nice contrast for softer face shapes. They can give thin hair a thicker appearance. Best on straight hair. Use your Purrrfect bang kit to get a perfect line.

6. Betty bangs. For the vintage loving ladies out there. Feminine, sexy, and dramatic. These bangs combine a hard line with sloped shape so they really will work on all face shapes. They look great on women with low hairlines. They work best on thicker hair, wavy hair. Follow HTHG’s Betty bangs tutorial to get em.

7. Bucket bangs. Like Zooey Deschanel’s bangs?. These bangs form an arch around the eyes, drawing attention directly to the eyes. They are slimming and elongating for the face, and they look very seductive. They grow out into curtain bangs. They look best with below the shoulder length hairstyles. Follow HTHG’s Zooey bangs tutorial to DIY them.

8. Side bangs. These bangs are very easy to wear for all hair types and face shapes. They are very versatile, they grow out great, and they are super easy to DIY. Use your Purrrfect bangs kit to DIY them!

Purrrfect Bangs DIY bang kit giveaway!!!

Here is my exciting news for the day. Are you ready for this? I have 2 of these kits to giveaway! What are they? Everything you need to cut your bangs at home, over and over again. The kit includes sharp shears, a comb, an instructional guide, and a clever little template gadget that will ensure bang cutting perfection.

How to enter? Like HTHG and Purrrfect bangs on Facebook, and share the Facebook post. I will choose 4 random winners a week from today. Best of luck and I can’t wait to see your new bangs!



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