Glitter Dandruff. The Next BIG Thing for Hair.

Dandruff is an over self-diagnosed condition of the scalp which nearly none of us actually have. Many people suffer from ‘dandruff.’ Many more people suffer from glitter.

Glitter has been deemed the ‘Herpes of Crafting’ because once you see it in your craft kit, you are likely to never be able to get rid of it. Generally, people who don’t like glitter REALLY don’t like glitter, because chances are, they have had a bad experience. Maybe they have been infected with it against their will (My waiter the other night had a sparkle on his cheek, unbeknownst to him, which glimmered and gleemed every time he spoke.)

Wearing glitter is a great way to unnerve uptight people in social situations, because it makes them afraid that you might get too close and accidentally touch them. It is also a fantastic way to decorate any and everything, especially if you want to disguise small mistakes…….Messed up nail polish, scratch on your car, scuffed boots etc.

I happen to love glitter. Here is why…..When there is something that you really can’t avoid drawing attention to, glitter will always both attract the eye by sparkling, and distract the eye by diffusion. Which makes Glitter Dandruff the perfect way to distract from ‘dandruff’ or grown out roots.

Here is how to get Glitter Dandruff.


Begin by getting some loose glitter, like this kind ( my favorite for crafting and hair.)

Now find a willing friend to glitter-bomb you. 7U6A8814

Dump a tablespoon of loose glitter into their hands.

7U6A8784Stand back, lean your head over towards them.

Have your friend go “1,2,3 BLOW!”7U6A8798

Wait a couple seconds for the glitter to settle in. 7U6A8800

Now go about your day, shining like a diamond. And if the haters hate, give em a nice big sparkly hug.7U6A8828

More on glitter here.

xoxo, HTHG




5 Killer Hairstyles to try.

Guest Blog Alert! In the mood to try something new? Here are 5 Killer Hairstyles to try! Thanks to Karishma Sehgal for curating this list for us!

It’s true that your locks speak volumes about your personality. While long and straight hair is associated with femininity and beauty, short hair is associated with power and prestige. Hair is a medium of self expression that can work wonders to give your look a facelift! With the concept of power dressing gaining ground and women getting more empowered than ever, many edgy and bold hairstyles have paved their way into the beauty circuit. Seen everywhere from fashion show ramps to boardrooms, these hairstyles are gaining popularity among women from all walks of life. Here is a list of 5 cosmo hairstyles that you must try this year:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.30.01 PMBlunt Bobs – Bobs came into being way back in the 1920’s and if trend forecasts are anything to go by, they are here to stay! This season, blunt bobs have made a comeback with Coco Rocha’s look topping the charts. This hairstyle works best for those with fine, straight hair. Other hair types can also pull off this look but with greater maintenance and upkeep. You can work this trend along with straight or side swept bangs, depending on what suits your face shape.
  2.  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.30.36 PMPixie With An Edge – Pixies have been making waves for the last few years and have had many women boldly embrace this trend. This year, hairstylists have introduced a funky twist to the good ol’ pixie. The latest trend is that of pixies that are angled, razored and big on the crown. Depending on your style and will to experiment, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a pixie that can take you from looking like a rocker chick to a corporate hottie!
  3.  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.31.16 PMWavy Lob – Kim Kardashian walked into the Grammy’s with her wavy lob this year and left everyone awestruck! The wavy lob has been making many headlines this season with some of the biggest names in tinseltown working this effortless yet chic hairdo! Those of you with medium length hair can easily try out this fun hairstyle at home. If you have straight hair, you can get light curls using a curling iron or by braiding your hair overnight. Work some sea salt spray on your hair and ruffle it with your fingers. Follow it up with light brushing and you’re set!
  4. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.31.44 PMSlick Bun – If you are someone who doesn’t like going too audacious with your hairstyle but still want to make heads turn, a slick bun can be your go-to hairdo! Spotted at many international Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows like that of Carolina Hererra’s this year, slick buns work just as well for a day look as they work for an evening updo. Whether your hair is short or long, wavy or straight, you can always try out a bun that will work perfectly for you. To get a flawlessly slick bun, dab on light oil onto your towel dried hair. Let it dry and fasten it in a tight, high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail in a bun and secure it with bobby pins. If there are any flyaways falling on your face, pin them up to the bun.
  5. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.33.22 PMWet Look Midi – When Rosie Huntignton walked the ramp for Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 sporting wet tresses, stylistas world over knew that a new trend was born. Following the out-of-the-bed hair trend of last year, this year out-of-the-water hair has taken the cake for being one of the edgiest looks of the season. This hairstyle works especially well for mid length hair of any texture. You can wear this look for a formal night event or even a dinner date with your love. To perfect this look, comb your hair at the back and spray it with high shine hair lacquer. It’s as easy as it can get!

These super chic hairstyles are sure to add the needed touch of magic to your stunning outfit, kickass wit and powerful aura. Which of these hairdos is your favorite? Share your pick with us in the comments section below!

Author Bio : Karishma Sehgal

 Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.26.40 PMBeing an ardent fashion, beauty and lifestyle enthusiast, I have contributed to a number of popular lifestyle magazines and blogs. My writings are mostly targeted towards young women on a budget who enjoy the art of looking good. Follow me on Twitter!!

Super Hair Bowl: The Birthday Rose Hairnucopia

After last years birthday hair success, Jules wanted another birthday hairstyle. This year, though, she wanted it to be a Super Bowl hairstyle, specifically a super bowl made of hair on her head.

Originally, she thought we should fill the hair bowl with mini-skittles because she is unabashedly in love with Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks Skittle-endorsing bad-boy.

We are Seattle-ites, btw, who previously haven’t given a serious shit about football. I begrudgingly watched the Super Bowl game last year because my home team was in it and I happened to be at grandma’s house on game day, and grandma happens to be a major sports fan, and knew all the stats and stories on the players……And just like that……I became a fan.

This year I find myself making Super Bowl snacks and wishing I had a team jersey to wear while I watch the game with my equally bewildered newly-found Seahawks fan husband on a large projections screen. Are you there, god? It is me, Margaret, and I don’t know who I am anymore.

Getting back to hair, Skittles in the hair bowl presented in an absolute cluster-fudge of technical difficulty in my brain…..Although I loved the originality and spirit of the idea. We settled on a big pink birthday rose in the Super Hair Bowl. Jules said ‘We can just call it the Rose Bowl.’ because that is a football thing too. She clipped the biggest pink rose from her birthday bouquet that came from her boss.

It was all Jules’s idea, this bowl of hair. She thought we could cut a bowl-ish shape out of cardboard and use it as a form for it, and she was absolutely right. Leave it to her to have some weird theme-y party trick up her sleeve. 7U6A2868

I sectioned out the hair around her front hairline, because it is always good to have some extra hair to patch things together and cover up mistakes at the end, when hairstyling.

7U6A2874We put the rest of her hair in a high, tight ponytail on top of her head, then pulled the ponytail through the cardboard form.

7U6A2889I spread the hair around the form like a donut, and tucked the ends under and pinned the hair to the head, at the base of the pony, all the way around the form, working section by section. 7U6A2905

After the entire Hair Bowl was made, I gave it a good spray with KM Session Spray because that is the best hairstyling firm hold setting spray there is. Then, I stuck the rose into the hair bowl, and pinned it into place.

7U6A2919Her hair at this point looked like a weird alien sock bun. The right thing seemed to be to make it more weird by making it into a beehive in the front, so I split the front hair in 2 sections down a center part, and wrapped them in opposite directions  around the bun and pinned the ends at the base of the bun. This gave it a hive vibe. I left one small bang section of hair out to create a little pin curl with to finish the do. Duh. Then, I pinned a leaf on each side of her hive.

7U6A2959Enjoy this day of football and surreal American hype and typical snacks.

7U6A2926IMG_3601Oh yeah one more thing….Check out my collab instagram with Holley, where we document her many beehives, each with it’s own persona. @missbeehivin

xoxo, HTHG


Hair In Motion with Marc Laroche

IMG_3249While nerding around on Pinterest, I found this gem, which led to me stalking a Photographer by the name of Marc Laroche, who seems to be fulfilling a dream of my own, which is to photograph beautiful hair in various stages of motion. IMG_3256IMG_3255IMG_3254IMG_3253IMG_3252IMG_3250IMG_3251IMG_3259IMG_3258

I love stumbling upon gems like this. I just can’t get enough of these photographs. What do you think?

Green hair envy.

The 90’s called and left this angsty message: Green hair is legit and not just for grunge rockers and mermaids. Ever since Viper, female super hero of Marvel Comic fame dove onto the scene with kelly green hair, green has been the archtype of tough-girl ‘don’t call me cute’ hair colors. Where pastel pinks are femme and soft, green is perfectly bold, moody and complicated.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.48.20 AMThe past few years have been all about peachy pinks and silvers. Everywhere we looked, we saw pretty unicorn hair. This past Summer was about purple hair. So much purple hair happened in salons across the country that the tell tale mark of a hair dresser was purplish stained fingertips. Real talk. Enough is enough. The pink and purple trend is fading as fast as purple hair on sun bleached ends…….More of HTHG’s green hair thoughts on Refinery29 today! And also, a giant shout out to RAIN for being a fantastically quick and awesome editor and helping me bust out content like a pro:) It is so wonderful to have your input.

xo, HTHG

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