Little girl curls

7U6A50647U6A5057I rag curled Marley’s hair the other day and it turned out so cute. It was such a silly poodle fro at first after we brushed it out, but it relaxed into a lovely little 1920’s bouncy curl wave by the end of the day. She loved it, as she always does when her hair is wild and big. 7U6A5114









She yawned big as I took her picture in the morning before she headed to Summer Camp. My kids went to camp this year….Drama camp for Mars, and bubble and balloon camp for Selah. Peace and quiet time for me, which was a huge relief.

We had a great Summer but I am glad to see the fall come. Glad the kids are back in school and we have some semblance of a routine again.

xoxo, HTHG

Cobra gets bangs. Becomes a lady.

7U6A2666  Cobra the snake. Aka, Simonne the baby. Shining almost 2 year old star, shredding the baby/toddler line and roping it like a rode warrior. Daughter of Bethefair mother Brette Howard. More than a friend to me, more like a sister.7U6A3515

Cobes got her first haircut. I had the honor. I gave her bangs, then a little up-do with a clip. She became a lady that day;)

Got a baby ready for their first haircut? Here is my DIY video for it. xo



Kid’s first haircut. Starring Selah Sparrow

7U6A19467U6A19547U6A20037U6A19937U6A19817U6A2000There comes a time in toddler-hood when baby hair no longer works like it used to.  it is like a pair of pants that have stretched out beyond the point of return, and you keep trying to wear them anyway. Almost like trying to wear your pregnancy pants after you loose some baby weight. Just doesn’t fit.

A you can see, Selah recently reached that point with her adorably wild head of golden waves. Although we cherished her random tails that flopped around on the back of her head like the ears of an enthusiastic teenage golden retriever, the time had come for her first real hair cut. When I say real, I mean more than just “trimming her bangs.”

Despite her rambunctious personality, she loves  sitting still for a hair cut. She gets pretend cuts after real every haircut I do at home. she proudly climbs into my chair and sits still while everyone watches her get her “bangs trimmed” which really means I just make my shears do a snip snip sound across her forehead. Big kid stuff.

Anyhow, we decided to cut the back up into a stacked little bob with some layers to free up her curls. Basically, a she got a Shlob. Everyone knows that there is just nothing better than a little girl with a stacked bob.

Then I gave her asymmetrical choppy bangs which worked perfectly with her waves.

How, you may ask, do I get my children to cooperate for pictures? The answer is bribery. Because bribery is the only way to get children to cooperate for pictures.

Oh, and also I gave her a little fake camera to play with as I shot photos of her. I directed her with promises (which I kept:) of afternoon swimming. When I was satisfied with the photos I had, it was her turn.

She did my hair for me with a alligator clip, a plastic barrette, and semi-pig-tails. Then she told me to turn around, smile, turn the other way, slow down, honey! whoa! okay. Now another one from the front.

I have a DIY hair video called ‘Kids first hair trim which demonstrates this cute cut on wavy kid hair for any of you interested in giving your kid their first haircut. I also have a boy version which works wonders on boys or girls;)

xoxo, HTHG

Daisy Braids and my dear daughters.

7U6A0380Hi babes. I was thinking the other day that it has been a while since I just wrote up a post spontaneously and shared it….I’ve been spending so much time focused on the details of production. I miss just sharing life as it happens. So I am going to make more of an effort to keep you in the personal loop as well as the hair loop of HTHG.

My daughters are Marley Mae Apple Ames, 7 years old, and Selah (Say-la) Sparrow Honey Wilder, 3. We named Marley Mae Apple because she was born when the southern Mayapples were in full bloom, and because her grandpa is an apple farmer. Selah was named after a girl I went to school with who was the daughter of ex-pat Isreali hippies and I loved her name. Sparrow because she was born a dark eyed little bird. Honey after her grandmother who affectionately went by Honey, and Wilder because her father, myself, and her sister all have different last names and it seemed only fair to give her a unique one of her very own. And Laura Ingalls Wilder is my idol, and a great universal namesake.

There you have it. I love to name things. It is one of my favorite past times. I was born Jane Eleanor Vander Stoep Hunt, but changed my name to Roxie at the age of 10 because it just felt right.

7U6A0391Marley just graduated from the 1st grade, which blows my mind wide open. She is a lean, lanky smarty-pants with insane ambition and drive, creativity and a braid for finite math.

She loves to party, is very kind and loving, and has a soft spot for all living non-human creatures. She is very much herself, and doesn’t seem to hear the beats of other peoples drums. I am very proud of her. For more on Mars and her hair, check out this post about her first DIY haircut. For more kid hairstyles, check out rag-curls, birthday braids, midnight braids, bug-catcher bun, and super cute kid bangs.

7U6A0191The night before her last day of school, Marley’s sister Selah decided to take the liberty of sneaking out of the bathtub and getting the Chlorophyll from the fridge (If you don’t know, Chlorophyll is plant blood and I add it to my water to oxygenate my blood.) The girls proceeded to wash their hair with it which resulted in dark green bath water and green-tinged hair. You can almost still see it in the photo above. They are wild little beasts a lot of the time.

The last day of 1st grade called for Daisy Braids, naturally. So I gave myself and Marley Dutch braids and decorated them with daisies. Selah got pigtails with daisies pinned in because her wild curls won’t sit still for braiding. More on Selah later, when she can sit still for 10 minutes at a time:)

Daisy Braids

7U6A0188Daisy braidsThe key to Daisy Braids is to pre-secure your daisies to pins so once your dutch braids are in, all you have to do is stick em in wherever you want ‘em!

For these braids I used large daisies and clusters of small ones. I cut the stems off the large daisies and used hair pins to pin carefully through the base behind the flower. For the clusters, I left an inch of stem and used small bobby pins to pin them directly into the braid.

Here is an easy Dutch Braid tutorial for longer hair, and here is one for shorter hair. The technique used in this tutorial is best done on shorter to medium length hair.

I suggest having 2nd day hair or using a grippy braid spray to really get your braids to stick together, and bulk up when you pull them apart to rough em up:)

Daisy braids are the perfect Summer time mother-daughter hairstyle for weddings, solstice parties, music festivals, you name it. Hair fun for the family.

What are your daughters like? I would love to know.

I am my mothers daughter, more and more. My mother is a wonderfully kooky woman. Is yours? Being a mom is pretty rad and also a constant headache and heartache.

Love you guys, thanks for being here.

xo, HTHG

Fresh hair for the Mars.

marsMy Marley Mae Apple is 6 years old now. She is sharp, bossy, imaginative, creative, and thoughtful. She wants to be an evolutionary biologist when when grows up, but also a restauranteur owner and hair dresser and an orphanage director and mother of 15. I think she would do great at any of those things, but I keep stressin to her that you have to be a really good listener to be a hairstylist.

Anyhow, she has been experimenting with hairstyling on herself a lot lately. I let her use my hair kit because she is finally old enough to return things to where she got them and keep things semi-organized. 6 is a magical age. Here are her recent hair creations.


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