#DIYhair Friday! Sci-fi empress long-hair spiral braid.

DSC05341spiralHere is a doozy of a cool hairstyle that takes a long time, is hard on your fingers, and looks super cool! I am here today to show you how I did it, the error of my ways, and how to make it easier next time.

My model was going on a road trip and intended on wearing her hair this way for 2 weeks. I think it was the perfect road trip hair solution!

I did this hairstyle as an experiment, only to learn that I could have done it much easier by doing a lace braid instead of a french braid. A lace braid means you just add hair in on one side of the french braid. After I did this hairstyle on 4 foot long hair, I thought to myself……There has to be a better way. Here it is. This video shows the easier solution…..Lace braid, and starting at the top and working down and around.

To get this look the hard way, I basically started at the nape of the neck and made a continuous spiral parting around the outer perimeter of the head and worked my way in. I would part about 6 inches of the spiral, french braid (cornrow), clip it off, part 6 more inches, and continue braiding. Eventually, the spiral ended at the top of the head. I braided the free end, then wrapped the braid into a big bun and pinned it with large bobby pins. spiral braid

Grab your longest haired friend and try this bad-ass sci-fi empress hairstyle this weekend!




Behold the Ponybow

This is a brilliant guest post from a Amy from Art of the Heart that I am excited to share with you. The hairstyle is called the Ponybow, and it is a real hybrid beauty.

I LOVE to see your inspired DIY hairstyles, so please don’t hesitate to send em my way so they can be shared. Here is the……

Adorable Ponybow DIY

Here’s what you will need…

Bobby pins, tiny elastics (clear if you have blonde hair), and either a smoothing

product (for a clean look) or a texturizing product (for a messy look).

ponybow1.) Secure a side ponytail with an elastic.

  2.) Separate about a 1″ section from the ponytail. Smooth your hair product on it to create more manageability. (I used Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort)

3.)Create a loop with the small section you just gathered.

4.) Grab another elastic and place it around the loop. Twist the elastic like you’re

securing a ponytail, but don’t wrap it around the loop again…Just hold it for a second.

5.) Take the tail of the loop you just made and create a second loop. Now wrap the

elastic you’ve been holding around that second loop.

6.) It should look something like this. You can pull on each loop to situate them

and make them bigger if you want. The very end of your 1″ section should still

be hanging out a little bit.

7.) Grab the tail end of your 1″ section.

8.) Wrap it around the center (hiding the elastic) and pin it either underneath

or behind the bow. If the bow is sticking out just pin the back of it closer to

your head.

9.) Gently pull on the bow some more to get your desired size and placement.

That’s it!! Have fun :)

For more hair and beauty love, follow Amy on







#DIYhair Friday…..Too hot to deal bun.

DSC03245Sometimes you just have to get your hair the hell off your neck in August. I am here in mild Seattle, feeling desperately hot and having a moment of silence for my comrades in Arkansas ( The fire-y August pit of Hades) and around the world, where the heat really truly is oppressive. *************moment*************

This hairstyle is for you. It is a simple twisted bun, the kind the longer haired women (and men) have been doing to keep their hair off their sweaty bodies since the dawn of human kind.

Here is a photo montage of twisted buns throughout the ages.

PicMonkey CollageWhat I really love about these historical buns is that they are all finished off with some sort of beautiful and simple clip, band, or accessory. Before the time of bobby pins, people used decorative combs and sticks. A simple bun should always be decorated in some way. The To hot to deal bun is finished with a hair comb designed and made by Nikki J. She is about to release a new line of gorgeous brass and silver hair accessories and I am BEYOND EXCITED TO WEAR THEM AND SHARE THEM!

Her metal designs are fit for royalty.

Here is how to get the look.

hot as haides summer bun1. Start by gathering all your hair into a ponytail.

2. Begin tightly twisting the base of the ponytail.

3. Guide your hair around into a  bun as you twist.

4. Continue twisting and guiding the hair around the bun.

5. Twist and guide the ends of the hair around the bun and tighly tuck the ends under the base of the bun.

6. Stick your comb teeth through the ends and into the base of the bun to secure it.

7. Tuck and wrap any loose hairs into the bun.

Now go out and deal with the heat a little better, rocking your timeless, tight twisted bun.

Happy Friday in August!


Mad Men braided bun.

IMG_3722Prom season happened last month. Nervously excited teenagers with their parents credit cards poured in and out of Vain like mini-brides, with high expectations and a strong sense of sweet, innocent entitlement.

I love a good up-do. When there is inspiration like ‘Mad Men but modern’ I can get creative. I like working with some agreed-upon visual reference, like a photo or an era or a concept. It is really fun to me when a hairstyle for someone’s special day is collaborative between the 2 of us, but without neurosis. It is a shared moment in creative vision between strangers that excites me. This hairstyle was like that between Zola and I. She wanted big and smooth but rough around the edges, polished but perfectly mussed modern day Mad Men hair. This is what she got.

This hairstyle requires long, medium to thick hair and a hair donut bun form like the
Chignon Brown Medium Hair Donut.

Here is how to get the look.mad men

1. Start by making a high, tight ponytail on top of the head. Smooth all the hair up towards the pony with a boar bristle brush after securing to make it extra smooth. Put  the donut around the base of the ponytail.

2. Spray throughout the ponytail with texture spray. Work your way through the ponytail, teasing it gently section by section to add some bulk and texture. Split the ponytail into 2 sections and braid them all the way to the ends. Secure with clear elastics. Now pull the sides of the braid apart a bit, starting at the ends and working your way up to bulk it up.

3. Start wrapping one of the braids around the bun form. Pin it in at the ends.

4. Wrap the other braid around as well, do your best to cover up all parts of the bun form to hide it. Pin the ends of the braids in discreetly.

5. Add more pins wherever you need to to cover the bun form and create a nice round bun. You can stab your pins directly into the bun form to get a good secure grip.

6. Do a final once-over, making sure the bun is a nice even round shape. Add a cute headband to give it a 1960′s finish.

Now pair this with a cocktail dress and you are totally ready for Mad Men fabulousness.

Want more Mad Men hair inspiration? click here!


Le Poisson de Paris Prom (or Bride!)

DSC01812Marlena’s hair is waist-length, thick, silky and blonde. Dream hair, basically. She wanted a ‘do for prom that went with a beautiful grecian inspired white dress and chandelier earrings. She wanted something a bit different, so she got an epic french fishtail with some accent pin curls that was so beautiful on her that we both almost cried.

Here is how I did this one.poisson

1. I started by curling all of her hair with a large barrel iron. I sprayed the curls and let them cool for a couple minutes to set. Then, I worked through her crown back-combing tight-n-right to make a nice full base. She wanted plenty of volume. I smoothed the surface of the hair over the back combing.

2. I started a french fishtail braid in the back, slightly off to one side.

3. I added hair in small sections from the sides into the braid until I reached the nape of her neck.

4. I continued to fish-tail the free end of the braid over one shoulder and secured the end with a clear elastic.

5. Then I pulled the braid apart to loosen up. Here is a tip…..Start pulling apart from the end of the braid and work your way up. Start pulling big pieces to bulk it up, then pull smaller pieces out to rough up the edges.

To finish off this look, I isolated curls from around her face and pinned them onto the side as decoration. Then I sprayed the HELL out of it and gently (here is another trick;) Ran the curling iron over the top of the curls to heat up the spray and glue them to the head. Then, I let em cool, removed the pins, and set her free.

Also, you can wrap a small section of hair from the end of the braid around the elastic and tuck it in to finish off the braid.


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