Dark Alley Haircuts

IMG_1660Hey ya’ll.  I do a semi-annual impromptu pop-up hair salon in a dark alley behind my favorite Seattle bar, Al’s. I only do it if I happen to show up there on a Saturday when Holley is bartending, with my shears and enough people happen to complain to me about their long shaggy hair. Then, the chair gets pulled out the back door and I start cutting hairs in the dark. It is a personal challenge and I generally get my drinks payed for. It also makes me kind of feel like I’m part of some kind of off-beat speakeasy for the night, so I do it.

IMG_1649IMG_1655This time around, 2 brothers from Florida were in need of haircuts. Or so they said. I almost had to turn them down based on the fact that they both had fantastically pretty 70’s shags. And I wanted to braid their pretty hair so bad.

But they talked me into it. So I we went to the dark alley hair chair. One of em got a lot chopped off. The other just needed a little trim and a clean up.IMG_1651IMG_1658

Maybe I’ll see you at Al’s sometime. and If I have had enough to drink and I happen to have my shears on me, you might get invited to the Dark Alley.

xo, HTHG

Porch Cuts. A new HTHG series…..Time Machine Man

7U6A98977U6A9917Remember the man in the time machine? He came to visit, hot off a 3 month traveling work stint of fixing huge forged industrial hammers all over the west coast. You can tell that he is a machinist by the look of his insanely cool hands.

7U6A9926He was due for a cut, but first we ate lasagna. He showed the kids his stitches from a recently removed mole, smoked Pall Malls, and looked the part of exactly who he is.

7U6A9908He told stories, lamented, laughed, embibed. Sidenote: In the back of his truck was a recently gifted Schwinn motorbike from the 1940’s that is basically a cruiser bike with a huge motor on it.7U6A9824

I cut his hair into the basic classy man ‘do, which suits him perfectly, and he will surely finish it with his favorite Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade and look quite dapper.


Clown hair dapperized.

IMG_7033And I mean clown hair in the best possible way. His hair was thick and wiry and curly and salt and peppery and awesome. And he was ready for dapperization. So I gave him the Vintage dapper man do. Then, I combed his curls into a fingerwave. Ladies, you can DIY this one on your dude. Here is how. And here is how to style it. What a babe, right? Thanks Kels and Caed Kuno.

xo, HTHG

Macklemore’s Same Love haircut.

mackMacklemore’s Same Love haircut is sexy. It is sharp as a tack. It is an homage to the hairstyles worn by men way back in the day, but with the perfect amount of cutting edge. And it looks just as good on a chic as it does on a dude.

And guess what? This haircut is just a short, pushed back version of the Hipster Hangover.

What I like most about the Hipster Hangover is that can be worn at different lengths on all hair types for perfect hipster androgyny.


Michelle Williams is rocking it with more length on the top. She styles hers so that the top comes forward and to the side to frame her sweet little face.Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.17.46 PM

Miley Cyrus is also rocking it. Hers is generally styled up into a pompadour.

This haircut is so incredibly easy to do. You do not need to encourage your dude to go to the salon for this one. You can give it to him yourself. Or to her yourself. Whichever one it is. Same love. ( Have you seen Macklemore’s Same Love video?)

The point is, the Hipster Hangover is a perfect beginning DIY-ers short haircut. And, it just so happens that your dude needs Macklemore’s haircut.

Here is how to do it………Watch this video and follow the directions, making the following changes……Using your clippers, ( Need some? try the Wahl 24 piece clipper and hair cutting kit) cut the under-section with the smallest guard. Cut the top section slightly shorter than demonstrated in the video. You can even use your clippers with a 3 guard on the top, and here is a little tip……use the little lever on the side of your clippersScreen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.32.02 PM and put it on the higher setting for the front inch or so of hair on the top section, and then put it on the lower section for the rest of the top section. This will give the top some graduation from shorter in back to longer in front.

Then, to get Macklemore’s look, wet your hair and brush the top back with a boar bristle brush like the Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Paddle Brush
and some pomade. Hot!!


Manscape 911

DSC01923I apologize. I have neglected the dudes in the room. I know you are there, and I want to include you in this discussion. So, for you……..I present a tutorial of a basic manscaping for the face.

Manscaping is the basic grooming and removal of male hair. Do you think this man needs scaping? I’m kind of loving his fur (from afar)

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 10.27.49 AMMy brother in law Jose Barajas ( Not this hairy guy, but the guy featured in the tutorial;) was awesome enough to let me manscape him. He was lightly hairy with bushy burns, shaggy hair and wildish beard and stash. He needed a simple and basic shaping up of his facial hair. I started off by giving him the dapper dude haircut. Here is how I scape.

Manscape 9111. Start with the side burns. Comb them all backwards towards the ear. Cut straight down the jawline.

2. Comb them a forward towards the face. Cut a straight line down the cheek.

3. Cut straight across the bottom of the jaw line, against the skin.

4. Now use your comb to hold the hair out from along the jawline. Cut shear over comb to remove length from that line.

5. Repeat on the other side.

6. Now have man lift his chin to scape the under-neck. Use your comb to pull the hairs out and to one side. Shear over comb cut to remove that hair.

7. Repeat on the other side of the neck.

8. Now comb against the grain of the beard to rough it all up and scan it for loose long hairs. Trim them to clean up the overall look. Do this on the sides, front, and underneath the beard.

IF there is a mustache…….Comb all those hairs down towards the lip and CAREFULLY cut along the top lip line. Then, on one side of the mustache, hold the hair out with your comb and shear over comb cut. Repeat on the other side.

Now you know how to scape your self or your dude! You will be amazed at how hot you feel/look with just a light scapin’

xo, HTHG


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