Country Music’s Best, Macefield Music Fest, Hair.

I have to take a minute to introduce you to my two favorite babes in the Country Music scene, who I had the pleasure of styling last weekend.

Meet Jaime Wyatt of Jaime Wyatt and the Bang Bangs and Lucile Kuntz from The Crying Shame, both up and coming country music lady legends in their own right……and by Country, I mean like some real chops, throw-back to the greats of country music Country, but with just the right amount of Pacific Northwest Flavor, like the same flavor that happened when Loretta Lynn lived in Aberdeen, WA.

I met these gals at Bandittown last month through Missbeehivin’ Holley, where they both played gigs. This past weekend, their bands played at the Macefield Music Festival in Seattle and I got to style their hair up right quick before they played.

7U6A2739 7U6A2722Jaime got a little bit of a Keith Richards Rock n’ Roll braid with white leather tassels and a couple of feathers wrapped into the ends. She said it reminded her of a pony that her family used to have named Feather who was a real asshole and bit her once on the stomach. Jaime’s sister used to braid feathers into Feather’s pony hair.7U6A26927U6A2695

Lucile got a daringly sweet little low half-up beehive bump with a little braid coming from each side, and a little white stripped leather bow pinned into it.

Sadly, I couldn’t make it to hear them play that night, I had to be home with the kids. Which was great, I just really wanted to stay for the music…..But as my grandfather would say….’ you can’t kiss all the girls.’ So there.

6G7A4708 copyPhoto by Ryan Jorgensen

Check these ladies out and listen to what they have been working on and while you are ad it check out their tour dates to see when you can catch em in your town…….I have a hunch that you will be really into it.

Need more Country Lady Legend hairstyle inspiration? Check out these 3 tutorials!

xo, HTHG

The Sarah-Ann Marie

7U6A1009Vest by 10th and Olive, hair by HTHG

Hey babes. This beautiful low pin-curled hairstyle is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah Ann Marie, who happens to be also modeling the hairstyle. We went to Bandittown together last month….She sold her leather-emblazoned bags and jackets (her collection is called 10th and Olive) while I was doing hair on the porch of an old rundown cabin.

She made that great vest in the photo above!

Now I have been doing Sarah’s hair for years and years. Colors, cuts and styles. And she is hands down my favorite with green hair. She is just one of those lucky people who looks like she could almost be a natural green, if that was a real thing.

Sarah is super resistant to my beehives. Like she has basically forbidden me to give them to her because of the wear and tear that happens as a result of all the back-combing that has to happen when one gets a beehive. This, as you can imagine, pains me to no end because I want her give her a green beehive so bad, mostly because I have been forbidden them, but also because she is such a beauty and she has such great style, I just want to ice her cake with an epic beehive. You know how it goes.

Well, this time, we negotiated her beehive and compromised on some VERY light back-combing to build a low height/low impact beehive with all the decoration down low, so that the hairstyle felt more flapper and less of the doo-wop.

The Sarah Ann Marie


Here is how we got the look.

I started by sprinkling some Dry Shampoo into my boar-bristle brush, and brushing it through her crown, to soak up some oil and help add texture and loft.

I began some light back combing at her roots, up around her crown. I worked gently, so as not to piss her off. Nothing to tight or vigorous.

Once I felt satisfied in the amount of lift I had created at her roots, I smoothed all the hair back with my boar-bristle brush, just over the surface of the hair, keeping the back-coming in tact underneath.

I gathered the hair from the top half of her hair (with the exception of her side-bang section, which I left out for now) into a very low ponytail, held it against her head, and rotated it once at the base, towards one side.

This created a little ofset twist, which I pinned into place nice and snug with bobby pins. Then, I took the hair from below the top section, gathered it into a ponytail in my hand, and twisted it once against the head as well, in the same direction of the first twist, and pinned it snug to the head.

This created the scaffolding of the hairstyle…….Nice high, smooth top, and the rest secured to one side, where the free ends right where I wanted them……And it was time to start building the curls, the details which made the ‘do.

At this point, I started working a bit more free form, taking small strands of hair that hung from the 2 twists, rolling it into a pin-curl, and then pinning it into place, doing my best to hide the pins discreetly within the hairstyle.

To create a more polished look, before I rolled the pin-curl, I gave the section of hair a twist, creating a rope-like look for each curl. I varied the size of each curl to keep it organic.

I built the curls into the hairstyle, pinning them into each other, creating a messy grid of bobby pins under the curls, hidden away but crucial to the structure of the style.

At the end, I separated her side-bang section into a few pieces, and pin-curled them at the ends, and pinned them into the hairstyle alone the side.

What we ended with was a solid, soft yet classy hairstyle which decorated one side of her head in a gorgeous, delicate swath of green curls.

xo, HTHG



Bandittown Babes and Beehives.

In a photographic nutshell, my Bandittown experience went like this:

First off, a night of dancing and merriment with some fantastic North Folk locals like This special man. 4 tours in Vietnam, couple years in the pokey, many years spent as a sculptor…… A very dear man. He just really wants a sweet wife. Any takers? I would if I wasn’t already spoken for;) 7U6A0820

Also, a woman named Annette, which she followed with ‘like Anette Funiccelo!’ in case there was any confusion. She danced with me, helped me find my purse when I lost it, and then talked me into really wanting to get a Harley because of how it good it feels to sit on them with the engine going. 😉 Love you, Anette. Friends for life. Can’t believe I don’t have any pictures of you.

Tin Type photos with the awesome fellas from Revival Tintype.IMG_72707U6A2111

Alix Brown, my lady friend from LA brought Janel AKA Judy along, and they were an absolute delight and a hoot. I am so glad to have friends like them in my life. Smart, strong, bold, women with great senses of humor. What could be better?

Savina, the 4 year old wonder-woman was very patient with all of us hearing folks. (she is deaf.) Luckily, Alix can sign.



Holley’s beehive was so stunning, she inspired many other beehives at Bandittown, and before long I was sweating and working my butt off teasing, combing, building, wrapping, smoothing, curling and pinning. #missbeehivin7U6A0922_27U6A0929_2



Sarah, my dear friend and traveling bed-mate, sold her gorgeous leatherwear. Don’t you love her leather applique vest??? Find her at 10th And Olive.7U6A1009

Here is Alix’s beehive, btw. Inspired by Bridgette Bardot with little purple neck bangs.7U6A1011

Darling child Hive on Adia


Taylor, up-and-coming editorial hair stylist got this hive’n’braids.7U6A1068

Some braided whiskers…7U6A10777U6A1026

Non-ironic mullet braid, on an awesome North Folk townie lady with a broken arm and an ice cream cone. She said she hadn’t felt that pretty in years:) Love.7U6A1085

Brette suprised us from SF. Best present ever. She is the one with the braided Sci-hive up-dune. 7U6A1150#beehivebbs

Night time escapades with my gals.7U6A18917U6A1775 #tootsietumbleweed

Pool with little Savina the pool shark at the Buckhorn Saloon.7U6A1929

This guy. He missed his chance at being my first ever man-hive because he was scared of his girlfriends reaction. I told him to grow a pair and just let me give him a beehive. He was drunkish. He let me give him braids instead. That’s okay, I guess, but I still really want to give a dude a beehive so bad. Any takers?


Jaime Wyatt, playing a great gig while Holley danced. And watching the sweetest biker couple ever dance together.7U6A15087U6A1384

Lastly, a day and night in Yosemite, getting free.7U6A20827U6A20657U6A2016


Great times were had by all at Bandittown, and I will be back again ASAP for another HTHG Beehive popup:)

xo, hthg

Boredom and Catching up on Things.

Another case for boredom. What is boredom exactly? According to Wikipedia, boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings.

Here at our house, we have had the pleasure of rolling around in boredom, pushing through the uncomfortable suspension of having nothing too pressing to keep us trying to get shit done, and finding beauty and fun in the mundane!

To be more specific, our school system is embattled in a strike, and the kids haven’t started school yet so we have spend several days now just bumming around, finding birds nests and photographing them, picking flowers, riding bikes, doing little projects, and braiding our hair. A true gift, if you ask me. IMG_7267

When my daughters say ‘i’m bored’ I know that it is just a matter of time before they use their little creative brains to figure out a project that engages them in the world around them, and before long, they are fully entertained. I love it.

Today, they helped me forage for greenery and flowers on a walk at the lake, which I then braided into their hair, which inspired them to dress the part of floral empresses. Take that, boredom.IMG_7359

IMG_7324After such a busy Summer, I am loving this time, knowing that as soon as the teachers reach an agreement about their pay with the school district ( I say, hold out for more!) our lives will pick back up into a frenzy-like pace.

7U6A1148Catching up on the last few weeks, I had a fantastic time at Bandittown, doing Braids and Beehives and hanging out with some incredible people.

I met a guy named Terrance Reimer there, a photographer. We talked shop, he convinced me to start making prints of my favorite images. Checked out his website, loved what I saw. Check out these two hair shots he captured! He shoots with real film! Really inspired me to learn more.IMG_7218IMG_7219


Post about Bandittown Beehives coming soon!


Our last night in California was spent camping in Yosemite, where we swam in a lake and woke up in the middle of the night to hungry bears tearing around our camp site, digging through Labor Day Weekend garbage.

IMG_7312This past weekend, I gave my nephew SeaBass his first ever haircut, while his cousins fluttered about excitedly.IMG_7309

Marley, my 8 year old, finally let me give her bangs. Halleluja!

IMG_6859Lastly, went out for pizza the other night, and saw Black Lives Matter being written by the jet stream of an airplane in the sky above Seattle. Too fucking cool. Keep it up, everyone.

xo, HTHG

Like my photos? check out my photography site, Filth and Beauty.


Come See Me at the Bandit Town Labor Day Campout!

7U6A3536Hi honeys. As you know, beehives are my thing, and any excuse to do them and I am there, with my teasing brush and my pins and spray. Ready at the tip of a hat and the stomp of a boot.

That said, I am really excited to announce my visit to Bandit Town in North Fork, CA for a weekend of country lady hair, braids and beehives at the Bandit Town Labor Day Campout.7U6A85247U6A3194

7U6A3016I wanted to mention this on the blog, and let you all know that you are invited to come experience the country festivities, there will be music, food, craft booths, and general debauchery in fine country style at this little country town in central California, and I am sure proud of my girl Holley AKA Missbeehivin for putting on the event. So please consider coming to the campout, and while you are there come and find me, and let me give you a beehive as high as hell.

I will be there with my girl Sarah Caldwell, creator of 10th and Olive leatherwares.7U6A8911

7U6A9366 7U6A9323I had a ball shooting some of her goods last week at the river with Sarah and Nikki.

Lastly, I’ll let you in on a little secret…….I created a product just for the event. That’s right……One batch of Hillbilly Hair Revival. Hair of the Dog for your Hair. A resurrection spray to lift your hair and your spirits the morning after long nights out on the town, or whiskey around the fire.

7U6A9444Ingredients: Spring water, whiskey, arrowroot, Mojave desert salt, vanilla, vetiver.

See you there? I hope so!!




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