Tea and Braids: Tradition for family

The other night, we had tea and braids night at my house. It was an excuse to quietly bond with my kids before bedtime. It doesn’t happen often that we get to hang out together, quietly doing projects. Key word quietly. My daughters know how to use their voices.

7U6A5746The girls love Sleepytime tea and Wildflower Honey, collected by our cousins in the Montana Rockies. It feels like a special ritual, and it helps calm them. I am in love with my ceramic mug by my favorite potter, Adrien Miller. 7U6A5751

I have been teaching Marley to sew, a skill that I have collected in tidbits from both my parents, and both my grandmothers. My mom and her mom were very dedicated to following patterns. My dad and his mom were quite bold when it came to winging it and sewing by hand.

I consider my rudimentary sewing skills to be some of the most treasured practical skills that I have. Marley can now thread a needle, knot the thread, make stitches, and tie off the stitches at the end. I recently tried to throw away a tattered old pair of her underwear that had holes, but she insisted on mending them instead. She now proudly wears them, and I proudly pretend I am Caroline Wilder, raising pioneer children. Next stop, making balloons out of pig-bladders to play with. Simple pleasures!

Also, Marley mended a gaping hole in one of her favorite blankets, then tore out the stitches, deciding she liked it much better with the hole.


7U6A57577U6A5781While she sewed, I brushed and braided her hair, which is like fine spiders silk but as dense and pale as pound cake. In the back ground, an uninterested fairy with droopy wings pretended to be the princess of the puppies.7U6A5766

7U6A5777For fun, I wrapped Marley’s dutch braid into a bun and pinned it with my incredible long steel 2 prong pins that I am obsessed with. I get them from an online shop called Mennonite Maidens. You should seriously check these chicks out.

Do you have daughters or long haired sons? Tea and Braids is a lovely evening-time bonding tradition for children and their parents. My girls love having braids in their hair, and then mermaid-y waves for the days following.

xo, HTHG

Lazy Gal Buns

lazy gal bunsHey my dears. Here is a quick lazy girl hairstyle that I have been rocking lately because my hair is (Finally!) long enough to wear all braided and twisted up high. Halleluja!

This is a great mom hairstyle because it can be done super quick and it will stay in all day long while you wrestle, run around, and then lock yourself in your room for some peace and quiet.

I like Lazy Gal Buns because they give a nice amount of volume all over, and because the buns are on top, it looks super cute from all angles!

Lazy Gal Buns

As always with braided hairstyles, prep the hair with Masterbraider wave and braid spray.

Begin by parting the hair down the center. Gather hair up on one side, nice and high. Braid the entire section and secure the end with a clear elastic. Pull the braid apart to loosen it up.

Repeat on the other side. Now, take your braids one at a time and wind them into a loose bun. Tuck in the ends, and pin them into place.

Pull your lady parts down from the temple area, and from right in front of the ear.

Now you can laze about in high style. And don’t feel bad about it! Everyone needs an unjustified lazy day sometimes.

xo, HTHG


Happy Mothers day! Here are 6 tips for great Mom hair.

mom hairThis post is dedicated to my mom, Ann. She has taught me many things and I have taught her many things back. She used to braid my hair into 2 french braids and it was pure heaven. So thanks, mom, for everything. And happy mothers day to all the mamas out there! I hope you have planned something nice for yourself to celebrate mothers day this year.

About a year ago, I sat down to write a post about my favorite hair tricks for busy moms.
Mom hair is a subject that is very close to my heart because I am a mom who has mom hair.

I took Selah to the playground today. It was peak playground time in Seattle. First sunny week of spring, 10 AM on a Wednesday. The place was crawling with moms. I got to thinking about mom hair.

Like all the other urban modern moms, I promised myself that I would keep my look together after having kids. I abandoned that promise about 5 months into my first pregnancy, when yoga pants and hoodies won out over cute vintage maternity dresses and designer jeans. I promised myself that I wouldn’t drive a mini-van. I promised myself I wouldn’t have a pancake butt and mom hair.

As I watched the children play, ( AKA studied the mom hair in action) I realized that not only do I have a mini-van, ( Not that cute VW bus behind the mini-van) but I also have mom hair. And it is not so bad. It is just a messy ponytail/top-knot, natural textured fuss free simple easy hair.


If you were to see me in my element, you would see modern mom hair to the max.  I have found an easy routine that works with my hair and my lifestyle. I have DIY layers and mom-bre ends and I ShamPHree my hair weekly. When I am shooting photos for this blog it is the only time that I don’t have mom hair. I love blogging because it is my only mom escape;)

Being a mom is the perfect excuse for abandoning your daily fight against your hair. Here is an great article about how to rock your mom hair.

I have a few tips for keeping your mom ‘do fresh.

Mom hair tips

1. Tired of looking and feeling tired? Try bangs! They are an instant style pick me up and they are easy to DIY!

2. Make sure your hair routine suits your lifestyle. Are you spending more time than you would like trying to get your hair to behave? Maybe it is time for a hair consciousness shift. Free the beast. Work with what you have, not against it. Maybe it is time to try ShamPHree-ing.

3. Make sure that your hair is cut in a way that will grow out well. In my opinion, cuts with rougher edges and layers and texture tend to grow out better.

4. If you color, stick with shades that flatter you. If you are stuck in a color rut and have been getting the same bleach highlights for the last 10 years, consider transitioning to a more low-maintenance color process.

5. Search high and low for a hairdresser that understands your taste and lifestyle. Ask around, search the internet, stop people on the street.

6. Have fun with your hair! This website alone has nearly a hundred easy DIY hairstyles for all hair types that can be done in 5 minutes or less with nothing but a couple of bobby pins and some small elastics. Even a small accent braid in your top-knot goes a long way. Experiment with DIY hairstyles. Try HTHG’s Tired Mama Braids!

What I saw at the playground today was a lot of moms who would rather be at the park with their kids than messing with their hair.  I am grateful that mom hair has evolved from the days of that terrible mom-bob fashioned by Martha Stewart. Aren’t you?mom

Rock on with that mom hair.


Now I just need to work on loving my pancake ass.

Cool kid braids.

IMG_1351 My daughter Marley’s hair is finally long enough to braid, after her 4 year old DIY haircut experiment. She is also old enough to have caught on to that silly old gender stereotype that boys have short hair and girls have long hair. So, she only kept this hairstyle in long enough to let me take a picture, then promptly took it out because it made it look like she was a short haired boy from the front. She will learn.

On a slightly different topic, almost 6 is a cool age. Marley is starting to develop a social awareness that makes me proud. Hearing her excitement when she talks about MLK and Rosa Parks and how they stood up for what they believed makes me feel like there must be a bright future for my children. I showed her the Same Love video by Macklemore and now she understands the adversity of people who are not treated fairly based on their sexual orientation. She asks A LOT of questions. She wants things to be fair for all people. And she is a complete bossy know-it-all who will not take ‘no’ for an answer so I like to think that she will grow up to make the world as she wants it.

Cool Kid Braids


Getting back to hair, this braided hairstyle is super easy to do and it is perfect for medium length hair. It consists of 3 little braids and a bun. Here is how to do it.

1. Section off both sides of the head, from behind each ear, across the top. Part section down the middle. Make a small dutch braid on one side. secure with a small clear elastic,

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. Join your braids together at the back of the head with another clear elastic. Remove the elastics from the ends of your first 2 braids.

4. Braid the ends of your first 2 braids in with the rest of the free hair. Secure the end.

5. Roll that braid upwards, and pin it to secure.

6. Arrange the bangs or lady parts.


Peri-bottle awesomeness for no-poo

So, the spray bottle is starting to be a little hard on the old trigger finger. My co-worker the talented esthetician Alexa Marley had the perfect idea of using her peri-bottle for her no-pooing. It is perfectly squirty.

HTHG TMI peri-bottle fact: Fellow home-birthers remember the peri-bottle as a squeezy angel of relief that we filled with healing herb tea and squirted onto our lazy-zones while we peed to keep it from burning a terrible seering pain, post birth!

I want to get some made with the HTHG logo on it. Anyone know how to do that sort of thing?

get your no-poo peri-bottles here!


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