DIY Ombre hair du jour.

jhgvValentine’s Day always makes me think of going lighter with my hair. Every year around mid February, I get the fever and start going blonder.

My hair lightening adventures have gone from drastic platinum to subtle ombre. As I get older and my hair gets longer, my hair motto has changed from ‘go big or go home’ to something more like ‘keep your eye on the prize.’ (The prize being long and healthy no maintenance hair)

I do miss my days as a hair swinger. Black to blonde and back again. Short, blue, long extensions .You name it. But I am enjoying the ease and femininity of longer more natural hair. I have given birth twice so I guess I feel like my hair better suits the fact that I have been officially confirmed as a woman. It just feels right.

So now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, my first official lightening of the year was a subtle ombre using bleach and 20v developer in my ends. Their are a million ways of doing DIY ombre hair, but the ponytail trick is by far my favorite. It creates perfect line-free light ends that look as natural as a So-Cal surfer chic. And that is where the trend started, am-i-right?Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.41.17 PM

Ombre hair is genius. It is pure recession gorgeousness. It is so easy to DIY, it looks great, and it requires no maintenance. The ponytail ombre technique is awesome because depending on how much bleach and what volume you use, you can go subtle or drastic or dip-dye on short, medium, or long hair. Here is a full tutorial of this easy coloring technique.

I decided to go with super subtle because I didn’t want to have to fuss about my dry ends later. So, I employed a bit of back combing to diffuse the color. Here is how I did it…..

I started with bleach and developer, gloves, a comb, ponytail holder, and bowl and color brush, and a couple pieces of foil.

DIY subtle ombre hair


I began by putting the hair in a ponytail on top of my head. If your hair is short and won’t go entirely up into a pony, don’t worry about it. Just put as much up as will reach.

Now, I mixed up my bleach very thick and paste-y so that it doesn’t drip or bleed. It was just barely thinner than cookie dough.

Then I took a random chunk of hair from within the pony and back combed it 3 times. I applied bleach to the ends, gently massaging it through so that it thoroughly saturated and covered them.

I did this with 10 or so chunks of hair. This was mostly all of the hair, leaving out just a few random pieces.

*I used a little variation in how much of the ends I bleached. Just the very tips on a couple pieces, and a couple inches on others. My chunks were different sizes. I like to do very small chunks with longer bleached ends to add some ribbons of color. The great thing about DIY ombre is that the more random it is, the better it looks.

*If your ponytail is long, lay the bleached ends on a piece of foil to keep it out of the way. You don’t want the bleach on the ends touching the rest of the hair. The back combing helps keep the bleached hair from flopping onto the other hair.

When I was done applying bleach, I had a ratty mess of hair and some nice clean bleached tips. I let it process for 20 minutes or so. I took out the ponytail holder and washed the bleach out.

7U6A9648I was completely pleased with the way it turned out. My hair looks like it was frosted with liquid sunshine. I’m feelin it. I sprayed it down with my favorite sea-salt texture spray when it was damp, scrunched it a bit, and let it dry into lovely surfer-girl ombre-d waves.

Will you try it? Don’t forget to send me a photo;)

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Why I hope ombre hair sticks around in 2013…

pMake 2012 the year you DIY your ombre hair.

Ombre hair is genius. It is effortlessly pretty surfer girl summer hair carried through all seasons. It looks good on basically every hair type, texture and length. Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 4.05.00 PM

You can get as wild and bright as you want with it, it is easy to DIY, and it doesn’t require any upkeep.

Are you convinced yet? Good. Make 2013 the year you go for it and DIY your ombre. Will you go all out and dip dye it, or will you keep it more subtle? Perhaps balayage is more your style? DO IT!

Coppery red ombre on #naturallycurly hair!

I have to say that while I get tired of saying and hearing the word ombre, I will never get tired of the look and effect of it. It looks so pretty. Any hairstyle and texture can pull it off. It reminds me of warm weather, it adds dimension and shine,  it grows out with no upkeep, and it is so easy to DIY.


Here is my favorite DIY ombre done on curly hair.

Yep. It’s as simple as a ponytail, a paintbrush, and some hair color.

Lovin it.Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 7.52.00 PM



And I’m also loving the spicy copper ombre. It’s a nice change from the buttery blondes and golds of last season.

Lois Lane graphic novel hair!

Anyone else love that black hair with little sparkles of blue in it like Lois Lane from Superman or Veronica from the Archie comics? Maybe you thought it was only possible in comic books and graphic novels. Guess what, superwoman. You can DIY it.

It helps that Skye has naturally dark brown almost black hair. This look is easiest to DIY and looks best on naturally dark hair. It is great for dark haired ladies who want unique color that is low maintenance.

Want to DIY it? here is this #DIYhair trick for color, in a nutshell……..

Start by pony-tailing it and dip dying the ends with bleach. Then shampoo it out and go back over it with Blue haired freak by Special Effects.

Top this look off with some precise and dramatic Zooey Bucket bangs!

How to get silver ends in dark hair

Ombre is here to stay. It has successfully proven itself to be a practical and pretty way to have recession proof hair. Besides the fact that it looks great, It is a one shot color job. As in, it takes no touch ups or maintenance and lasts as long as you want it to. You can just snip it off the ends when you are over it!

On HTHG, we have covered easy ombre, the ponytail technique ( a first time DIY fave!) We have looked at balayage which is a more natural, blended ombre. We have mastered dip-dying, which is basically a more elaborate ponytail coloring trick for those who want bold color in their ends.

Are you ready for a new ombre technique? I haven’t thought of the perfect name for it yet. It could be called the back-combing ombre technique. It could be called shattered ombre because it creates a more chunked up, contrast-y color vibe. It could simply be called silver ombre, because it is my favorite way to make silver ends in dark hair with minimal damage!.

This technique involves making one section on top of the head, outlining it with thick sliced foils, and then backcombing each foil section before applying your color to the ends.

It makes for random, semi-diffused bits of color evenly distributed throughout your layers. It is great for longer layered hair, and I especially love to use this technique on dark hair.

Here are some photos of this technique on long, dark layers. I used bleach with 40v in the foils and lightened them to pale, pale yellow. Then, I shampooed the ends out and applied a super-silver toner to them. Voila! looks totes bad-ass.

Do you want to try it? You can now purchase a more in depth how-to video of this look in the HTHG video store right now!. Try it on yourself or a lucky someone else. Don’t forget to send HTHG a before and after picture!

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