Love, Hands, Rings.

7U6A8270Hi babes. I have been thinking a lot about hands lately, and how much they do for us. I personally feel like I would be nowhere without mine.

I run my hands absolutely ragged. They are strong and burly and scarred and vein-y and smarter than any other part of me. I just can’t shake my belief that all hands are stunningly beautiful, especially the hands of those of us work really hard with them. Here is one of my favorite photos of hands.7U6A9929 These are the hands of a welder and a machinist.

Those of us who work with our hands to create understand the symbiotic relationship of our brains, hearts, and hands. We build, we destroy, we hold, and we let go.

My hands understand things that my mind can’t even begin to understand, and I suppose that comes from the absolute tactile nature of hairdressing. My hands do all the work, they feel the hair and the head shape, they read between the lines and they pick up on the energy of the person who I am working on.

What made me think of hands today was taking this picture of Nikki Jacoby with her hands in her hair, pinning ivy into her Bearded Lady Braids, and just how lovely and useful hands are and how beautiful they look with rings on.


I  have always worn rings to decorate my hands. Ever since my grandmother gave me her costume jewelry collection when I was nine. I still have a ring collection which I am very proud of. I love big rings, small rings, unusual rings, mostly. My rings off-set and cover the hundreds of tiny scars on my fingers from cutting myself accidentally with shears. (Only happens when I drink too much coffee.)

Anyway, hats off to our hard working hands, rings on to our burly fingers.7U6A9785

Also, excited for Nikki’s new addition of silver and brass rings to her jewelry line. I am obsessed with mine.

xoxo, HTHG

Spring break, Cross Dressing, and Necktie Fails.

Hello, my friends.

How are all of you? Well, I hope. It is hard to believe that we are already well into Spring, and even harder to believe that, as my neighbor Jenny just reminded me, September is just a few months away. Which means that it is practically Fall already.

I just returned from a little road trip with my man and my kids, which included adventures such as staying a night at the Great Wolf Lodge,Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.41.36 AM

playing with a crawdad for a couple hours, Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.42.05 AM

Foraging for morel mushrooms,Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.41.51 AM

going on a hike to the top of a plateau mountain in Oregon and seeing this squirrel,IMG_4599

and staying at my favorite hotel, the Best Western off I-5 in Chehalis Washington, where the pool is warm and the beds are comfy.

We celebrated my incredible Grandma Suzi’s 90th birthday. IMG_4585

(photos from my personal Instagram, @filthandbeauty )

I also lost my mind and had a life-altering vintage thrifting experience at a shop called Dina’s Great Finds, where I dug through piles and thrifted myself a new life.

7U6A9807Before I left town, I had the pleasure of shooting a bit of a Gender-Bender shoot, with 2 dear friends who had never met each other. They dressed up in formal wear, and then they cross dressed. 7U6A0365

She posed in typical ‘dude’ poses, and he tried to be ‘ladylike.’

7U6A9740We tried to figure out how to properly tie a necktie, and we fumbled with it for 10 minutes, before finally looking up a Youtube video on it, which made it even more confusing, and we still couldn’t figure it out (sorry dad, I know you taught me as a kid, but I wasn’t able to channel that lesson at the time.) Check out that tie!!!! Luckily, he is such a babe, you didn’t even notice at first;)7U6A9754

Turns out, neither of my models new how to properly behave like a ‘lady’ or a ‘dude’, cross dressed or not. And, they both felt more comfortable being photographed while dressed and acting like the opposite sec.

This was a big relief, because the whole point of the shoot was to illustrate that gender standards are whack and boring. And that cross-dressing is fun. More on that later.

Anyhow, the point is, Spring break was great, I am feeling very blessed and excited about future posts and hair style tutorials from the Gender Bender shoot, and many more to come, and I’m hoping you are all enjoying your Spring:)

Stay tuned!

love you all!


Glitter Dandruff. The Next BIG Thing for Hair.

Dandruff is an over self-diagnosed condition of the scalp which nearly none of us actually have. Many people suffer from ‘dandruff.’ Many more people suffer from glitter.

Glitter has been deemed the ‘Herpes of Crafting’ because once you see it in your craft kit, you are likely to never be able to get rid of it. Generally, people who don’t like glitter REALLY don’t like glitter, because chances are, they have had a bad experience. Maybe they have been infected with it against their will (My waiter the other night had a sparkle on his cheek, unbeknownst to him, which glimmered and gleemed every time he spoke.)

Wearing glitter is a great way to unnerve uptight people in social situations, because it makes them afraid that you might get too close and accidentally touch them. It is also a fantastic way to decorate any and everything, especially if you want to disguise small mistakes…….Messed up nail polish, scratch on your car, scuffed boots etc.

I happen to love glitter. Here is why…..When there is something that you really can’t avoid drawing attention to, glitter will always both attract the eye by sparkling, and distract the eye by diffusion. Which makes Glitter Dandruff the perfect way to distract from ‘dandruff’ or grown out roots.

Here is how to get Glitter Dandruff.


Begin by getting some loose glitter, like this kind ( my favorite for crafting and hair.)

Now find a willing friend to glitter-bomb you. 7U6A8814

Dump a tablespoon of loose glitter into their hands.

7U6A8784Stand back, lean your head over towards them.

Have your friend go “1,2,3 BLOW!”7U6A8798

Wait a couple seconds for the glitter to settle in. 7U6A8800

Now go about your day, shining like a diamond. And if the haters hate, give em a nice big sparkly hug.7U6A8828

More on glitter here.

xoxo, HTHG




10 Foods to Boost Hair Growth

10 Foods To Boost Hair Growth

Guest Post Alert. Thanks for this hair-boosting food guide, from NiceHair. xo!


Beautiful, shiny hair is an indication of good health and it’s something we all

strive for. In fact, in an increasing look-conscious world, the state of our hair

has become something of an obsession, and most women spend more than they

would choose to reveal at the hairdressers and on hair care products. So it pays

to remember that healthy-looking hair comes from within and by eating hair-

friendly foods, you can encourage strong, glossy hair growth.

Here are

10 items to include in your diet to make a difference to your hair.

1. Whole grains – if you swap white bread and pasta for wholegrain products, you’ll

be increasing your intake of iron, zinc and the B group vitamins, all of which

contribute to great hair. The added bonus is that wholegrain foods boost your

health in a multitude of other ways, too, as well as being diet friendly.

2. Nuts – nuts are nature’s tiny powerhouses of goodness! Packed with vitamins,

minerals, healthy fats and fibre, you can’t go wrong by including nuts in your

diet. In particular, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral that helps to keep

your scalp healthy. Walnuts have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids –

these are the healthy oils that can keep your hair from becoming too dry. A

shortage of zinc can lead to hair-shedding, but plenty of nuts contain good levels

of this mineral, so take your pick.

3. Carrots – if you thought carrots were all about seeing in the dark, well, yes,

they’re certainly good for your eyes. But beta carotene, the pre-curser of Vitamin

A, can also help to maintain a healthy scalp.

4. Salmon – this peachy pink oily fish is the gift that keeps on giving as far as hair

is concerned. It packs protein, omega 3 fats, Vitamin B12 and good levels of iron.

All of these will benefit your hair health, and the omega 3 fatty acids in particular

will prevent an itchy and flaky scalp and dry hair.

5. Oysters – another hair helper from the sea, oysters are rich in zinc. This mineral

is responsible for their reputation as an aphrodisiac – and as a powerful

antioxidant it helps to keep your hair follicles and scalp in peak health.

6. Chicken and turkey – these white meats are fantastic sources of protein while

having the added benefit of being low in fat. At the same time, they’ll boost your

iron levels, especially if you eat them with a good source of Vitamin C which helps

the body to absorb iron.

7. Leafy greens – there’s a whole range of green leafy vegetables that are just

queuing up to add to your hair health. Kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, chard,

Brussels sprouts – all these contain fabulous amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Both these vitamins are needed for your hair follicles to produce sebum, the

natural protective layer for your scalp and hair.

8. Eggs – everybody’s favourite breakfast food makes the perfect ingredient for

healthy hair. Plenty of protein, biotin and B vitamins.

9. Avocado – make your salads a whole lot more delicious and satisfying while

giving hair health a boost. Avocadoes contain plenty of B vitamins, Vitamin E and

lots of healthy fats that help to keep hair glossy.

10. Dairy foods – milk and cheese are a fabulous source of protein, particularly for

those who don’t eat meat or fish. On top of that, they’re a good source of

calcium, another factor contributing to hair health.

About Author:

NiceHair is a hair loss prevention specialist website featuring tips, tricks and advice on

hair loss prevention, interviews, healthy eating, delicious recipes as well as beauty tips,

reviews and lists of effective examples of topical hair loss treatments. For more

information please visit and get in touch.

Choosing your hairstyle based on your face shape.

Hey babes. I thought this was in interesting read, from the standpoint of trying to figure out a hairstyle that will be most balancing for your face shape and features. Thank you to Philip James Salon for contributing this post:)

Choosing Your Hairstyle Based on Your Face Shape!2015hairstylesPJS(2)



For years, your preferred method of choosing a hairstyle has probably been by picking out images you like in a magazine or on Pinterest and asking your hairstylist to “make me look like that.” While this is a pretty quick and easy strategy when you head to the salon, it doesn’t necessarily take into consideration your unique features.

After all, certain haircuts are more flattering for certain face shapes; for example, the most flattering hairstyle for a square face is a very long cut, while a round face is favored by long hair that falls a few inches below the chin. Shoulder-length cuts are beautiful with an oval face, and someone with an oblong face should consider a long bob. Finally, a heart-shaped face can rock a short haircut that highlights the cheekbones or long waves to move the viewer’s eye down your face.

This hairstyle guide from Philip James Salon takes your individual features that make up your natural beauty and helps you determine the best hairstyle for your face shape- plus, it goes one step further by revealing what your facial characteristics say about you. It turns out that your face shape, eyes, forehead, lips, and natural hair color can all reflect different aspects of your personality.

For example, your eyes and your natural hair color are two of the most revealing parts of your face and reflect some of the most important parts of your personality- whether you’re brave, intelligent, creative, or community-oriented, your eyes and natural hair color will reflect it. Your forehead correlates with your character, and your lips are connected to your communication style.

When it comes to face shapes and personalities, someone with a round face is sensitive and caring, while someone with a square face tends to be strong and ambitious. Oval-faced people are calm and objective, and oblong-faced people are practical and methodical. Finally, someone with a heart-shaped face is philosophical and analytical.

With all this information at your fingertips, you’ve got everything you need to choose the best hairstyle for both your unique personality and your facial shape. Let 2015 be the year that your hair makes a statement about who you are!

xo, HTHG and Philip James Salon.

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