Asymmetrical Shlob.

PicMonkey CollageI am in love with this haircut. This is what I will do when I decide to finally cut my hair. It is so modern and feminine and soft and edgy at the same time. I appreciate a haircut that doesn’t look too perfectly done. They tend to grow out beautifully.

The asymmetrical shlob works best on thicker hair with lots of wave and curl. It is an easy haircut to DIY!

kimmThis haircut that I did on Kim started out with a simple side ponytail, I pulled the holder down to the ends, and cut straight across the ends, removing about an inch and a half of length. This created the shape of the haircut. Then I went through and texturized the ends a bit, and layered her a bit more. This can be done by gathering the hair into an even higher side ponytail near top of the head and cutting off the ends.

Here is Kimmy before and after. What a fox!!!!!DSC01870DSC01891

Another Shlob success story!

Here is Sophie before. Her hair needed help, but I have to say that I love her style. Sponge Bob t-shirt and red suspenders with glass-less glasses with tape across the nose. Stylin!

IMG_1366 IMG_1381Her hair was super thick hair, layers grown out, awkward length. She needed something light and fresh and easy. The Shlob was the answer. I put her hair in a ponytail, then point cut across the base of it to remove length. Then, I let it down, cut a straight line across the bottom to remove the drop out, then removed weight from it with this technique. 

IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1379This haircut is perfect for her hair. It is hip and sleek and will grow out really easily without maintenance.






The whiskey shlob

Oops! I broke my own rule. I’d like to make an amendment. Drinking and cutting hair is usually not a good idea. But sometimes it takes a little something like whiskey to give you the balls to make the chop. And sometimes the next day you are thrilled that you went through with it. But sometimes not. In Kristina’s case, It was the right choice to drink whiskey together and then get a big haircut. And the Whiskey shlob was born. And she looks fantastic. To learn the ins and outs of the shlob haircut, click this link. XO


Another Shlob success story

Maggie came to me and said ” I’m moving to China. Can you give me the Shlob?”

I put her hair in a tight low ponytail, centered right at her nape. I took my sharp shears, and pointcut through that thick ponytail, taking it off a bite at a time.

Then, I took her hair down and cut the drop out hair across the bottom to sharpen up the look. To finish it, I removed bulk through her layers. Easy as 1-2-3!

I double dare you to DIY this on your own or a friends hair, and send me your story!

Shlob perfection

I’m sorry. I just like the word shlob. It’s a fun word to say. It’s also a FAB DIY haircut because it involves putting the hair in a low ponytail and cutting it off. Then, with the help of some easy cutting techniques like the weight removing technique, and some cute bangs like asymmetrical choppy bangs, you have shlob perfection.

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