Harajuku Hair Transformation

ZcfSq8g-Hu6kE0WMNdbpY-A5QXiKIzunHb5j7nKdfZSteodhFizW72fgCa5OEXxgW8rQZxKyS_5WUr57fzu98sM4t8C_O2wnnKIWaG7sHeqTkoYxza5L1eziHoGrluSRSpjiWgMZFRDEzjRWQHq7dsg=s0-d-e1-ftKiriko in San Francisco contacted me last year about a DIY hair consultation. We consulted, and kept in touch.

I have had the joy of watching her figure out how to love and care for and cut and color her own hair. Then, she went to beauty school. And now, she is doing what all budding young hairstylists do in school, which is to get crazy on her own hair. Which is how we learn, and also how we re-find ourselves hiding in our hair.

With the help of fellow students and instructors, Kiriko’s hair recently transformed with a huge cut and color overhaul. I watched the process on Instagram. You should follow her, BTW because she will be turning out some incredible hair here pretty soon. She is at @kirikokikuchi. Also, for more on her as a human, I interviewed her last year for HTHG’s #bethefair interviews.

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My hair had been the laziest of California girl ‘accidental ombre’ for two years. It fell past my shoulder blades in very messy long layers, and color-wise had about four inches of my natural brown hair fading out into dirty blonde ends. And by dirty I mean dirty – they were practically green from the indigo/henna dye that I had used to color my hair black a few years ago that I could never get out.

When I started my cosmetology studies at the Paul Mitchell school in San Francisco in April, I knew I’d probably make some dramatic changes to my hair. But I certainly didn’t expect to cut half my hair off and lighten it to platinum blonde! Two of the advanced students, Jessica and Jesse, lightened my hair for me… it took 4 hours, what felt like a hundred pounds of foils, and a lot of pain. Like getting my entire scalp tattooed at once. But it was worth it. I’m obsessed with my platinum blonde now and am already getting it re-lightened and toned on Sunday.


Two days after the blonding, my cutting teacher, Macklan Clendenin, took my hair from long round layers to my current style – a very “Harajuku girl” dramatic disconnected triangular cut – short in the back and long in the front – with a blunt fringe. I love it.


I’m very creative, so while everyone else loved my long, thick, “ombre” hair, I was very bored with my hair. For YEARS before beauty school, I worked a series of jobs that encouraged conservative styles, so that dulled my blade to the point where I didn’t even know what I liked. This hair cut and color has sharpened me back up and brought out a side of myself I haven’t seen since I was a rebellious teenager. It feels great to have her back!”


Ladies, let this story inspire you not to be “stuck in hair, stuck in life”
xox, HTHG

Spring is coming, are you ready for hair transformation?

hguyruI am. I was looking back through last year’s “stuck in hair stuck in life” hair transformation mama series, thinking about how fun it was for everyone involved. I’m gonna do another series like this one (this time with better photos, because I have learned a lot in the last year;)

If you are in the Seattle area and interested in a major hair transformation, please contact me. XO!


Swimming in hair.

IMG_0724If you are tiny like Dawn and you possess a lions mane, cutting off 5 inches of hair ( and taking out 5 pounds of bulk) can really free you up. Dawn is a dear friend of mine and I adore her. Cutting her hair made me feel better about life in general, because it was such a shedding of deadness. Take life by the balls, little mugs. Stuck in hair, stuck in life.


Purple snow leopard: A fun transformation

Madeline had a very adventurous at home color job. She was brave, and went bold by bleaching chunks throughout her hair, and under-cutting one side and bleaching it, too.

I have to say I completely admire that she went for it. Go big, or go home. That is kind of what the teenage years are about. ( I know, she doesn’t look like a teenager. But her mother would assure you that she is)

I love doing teen hair. It is always a complete coloring overhaul that usually includes a lot of bleach and crazy fun colors and some very specific request like SNOW leopard print. Not just leopard print.

Afterwards, I have the color-stained hands to prove that the challenge has been faced and the deed has been done. I am always up for a hair challenge. I just really like to try new things out. I remember being a teenager and wanting to LOOK DIFFERENT. My parents had a rule that I couldn’t color my hair till I was a teen, so I kind off associate that time in my life as hair liberation.

I get it. So moms, send your teenage girls to me. Make them work for it, though. Learning to earn the things that you really want is good. A day of babysitting for a totally exciting new hair-do?? Heck yes, my friends. Heck yes.

So anyhow, for Madeline’s hair, I touched up her bleach and undercut. I covered her bleached chunks with 2 different purple hues, a rich plum and a dark violet. Then, I toned her undercut to silver and painted spots with blue black and a mix of a dot of black and a dash of blue booster to make that slate-y blue gray.Then, layers were cut.

Madeline went back to her home in the woods where she can now say that she has One of the coolest hairstyles in Madison County, Arkansas. The other coolest is India’s blue dip-dyed ends. I have a feeling there will be many more to come:)

Major Transformation

India’s hair cut and color is one of my favorites ever. I used HTHG’s perfect layers in one chop  haircut with a couple small embellishments, and HTHG’s dip dye tutorial using a color fade technique. ( After bleaching her ends, I applied the lighter blue all over the bleached hair, then squeezed a deeper blue into the very ends.)

This cut and color job took an hour and 15 minutes. This is one that a brave color DIYer could EASILY do on themselves or a friend at home.

Want to try it? Here is how!

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