Fail-proof DIY haircut alert: Trim your own layers!

julesDIY haircuts can be disastrous. Many of us have horror stories about late night wine fueled baby-bangs that quickly became a colassal hack job snip by tiny snip, and required an emergency trip to see your stylist where you cried and groveled and begged for forgiveness…….Learn to trim your own layers with HTHG on Refinery29 today!

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Industry Secret: The 2 minute fluff ‘n go.

dan fluffHi babes! Here is a little industry trick demonstrated by Danielle, master stylist at Vain. She has some of the coolest and most coveted hair around, and her DIY tool kit is full of tricks, many of which I will be sharing on HTHG in the near future. Thanks, Dan!

Today, she demonstrates hand-back combing, a genius quick trick for a mid-date bar bathroom fluff-up when your hair starts feeling flat.

To master the quick fluff and go, first flip your head over and shake your hair out. It helps if you have a small bottle of sea-salt texture spray for this one, although it isn’t totally necessary. Spritz the spray into your ends.

Now, grab the very ends of of largish clump of hair with your non-dominant hand.

Take your dominant hand, flat with fingers spread. slide your fingers through the ends, just above your other hand.

Clamp your fingers together, and run your hand upwards toward your scalp. Think of your fingers as your comb, and back comb through your hair, lump by clump. Big hair, yeah!!!

Share this one with your pals, they will thank you, and then you can all have big wild hair together.

xoxo, HTHG

Trim your own ends

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.00.27 AMAfter years and years of trying to grow my hair out, I have reached upper back length. This is a big deal for me. Now, with a little perspective on the trials and tribulations of finally successfully growing my hair out, I have a little insight to share.

( I snagged this photo from an SF times article.)

Getting regular trims is NOT JUST YOUR HAIRDRESSER TRYING TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU. Regular trims are a crucial part of successful long healthy hair, faster.

No, your hair won’t grow faster with regular trims but trimming the ends off will stop split ends from continuing to split up the hair shaft. Split hair strands will eventually break off.

I have had many clients tell me that their hair will just stop growing at a certain length. This is rarely true. What is usually happening is that they are not getting regular trims, so their ends just constantly break off at a certain point, makng it look as if the hair is not growing.

A good trim every 6 weeks will help you push through to healthy long hair. It seems counter productive, but trust me it isn’t. Also, it is totally miraculous what a 1/4 trim can do for the looks of your hair. Those tiny split ends can really make your hair so dull and lifeless!

HTHG knows that not everyone (myself included!) would shell out 40+ bucks for a tiny end trim. This is why I made you a video to share with you my every 6 week end trim MO technique. It is so easy to DIY. You just need some sharp shears.

I like to trim my hair when it is mostly dry or all the way dry because it is easier to see how much needs to come off.

Here you go!

Another thing that helps me keep my ends healthy during grow out is coconut oil treatments, and liquid gold polisher.

Also, switching to no-poo has been paramount in my hair growing effort because I am generally a lot happier with the state of my hair.

Need help growing out your bangs? Here is a trimming tip and some styling tips!

How to trim your lady parts.

lady partsNot those ones!

Here is a little secret for you from me. (cup hands around your ear) The little hair bits that fall around your face when you wear your hair up are adding tons of softness, prettiness, and intrigue to your look. They are inviting people to come closer to you, and framing your pretty face.


I will tell you how to trim them yourself if you promise to share this post.

Promise? Great!

So sometimes your haircut just needs a little freshening. Maybe you can’t make it to the salon. This trick will put the pretty back into your ‘do.

Check out this photo. I think that those lady parts add just the right touch of softness to make this hairstyle work on me. My lady parts are my hair safety blanket. Without them I feel like one big face.

Here is a lil video I put together for you;)






Feather cutting

A light texturizing technique for fine straight hair. Best when hair is dry, with sharp shears! Start slowly, removing little chips of hair away. Creates a soft and movable finish

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