3rd Day Bangs: Goodbye, oily bangs and limp 3rd day hair.

Does your hair get lank and oily or flat and boring by day 3? Do your bangs expose your hippie-hair ways? 3rd Day Bangs is your no-fuss, shower free hair pick me up. I am so excited about this one.

7U6A0394ShamPHree 3rd Day Bangs is my dream hair product, guys. I have been working on developing it for quite a while….The concept came to me literally in a dream. Packaging, blend, name, label. Out of my sub-conscious mind. It just made sense.

You all know I don’t leave home without my favorite hair powder, NEB’s natural hair powder. I decided to make my own version to share with my readers and shoppers. I created this Hair Powder/ Dry-Shampoo with a perfect blend of natural oil-soaking and texture giving powders in an easy to use pump-applicator brush to give you all an all-purpose on-the-fly purse sized no-mess hair solution.

7U6A0363What is it? A perfect blend of natural clays, light salts, raw silk powder, and invigorating peppermint essential oil in a powder form. Just pump the brush a couple times and brush it into your roots. Done. Dry ShamPHree powder!

3rd Day Bangs is now available in the ShamPHree shop! get it today for $18.95. You are going to love this stuff. #freeyourhair

xoxo, HTHG

A week in the life of my ShamPHree hair.

As promised, here is a week in the life of my ShamPHree hair. Want to join the ShamPHree revolution? Be a part of it and #freeyourhair #shamphree


Curtain Bangs, DIY!

7U6A2162I am on a journey of growing my hair out. This journey has lasted 20 years of my life. I have had bangs my whole life except for a short stint when I was 7 or 8. Now, my bangs are (mostly) grown out into what I like to call Curtain Bangs. It feels weird. My forehead is large and getting wrinkly and I feel like a woman, officially.

Sometimes I miss my bangs. Bangs make me feel young and fresh and style-y, most of the time. Other times my bangs make me feel like a 11 year old horse-loving pre-teen with curly bangs and stretch pants. Other times, my bangs make me feel like Prince Valliant.

My long-ish bangs got to a point a while back where they were begging me to let them join the party with the rest of my hair. Something wasn’t working anymore. I knew it was time to connect my bangs to my hair and let them get to know each other. Hello, Curtain Bangs. Let’s pretend for a second that I am Kate Moss ( I like this game.)Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.09.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.34.12 PM

…..’My beautiful bangs are so long they sweep my eyes in such seductive and perfect ways. I am so glad to be me today!

2 weeks later………..I’m ready to reinvent myself once again! I’m getting tired of my seemingly endless teenage years. I’m over these bangs. Someone call Oscar, my hairdresser! Tell him I am ready for magic! Jeezus I need some more wine. Or………wait a minute. I bet this is an easy fix…….Surely there is something on Youtube that can help me fix my bangs myself.’

This video will show you how to turn your long bangs into Curtain Bangs. Then, you can grow them out seamlessly on your own.

Need some growing-out bang styling ideas? check out this post. Find more DIY bang videos here andin the HTHG shop.


DIY Crown Lace Braid!

PicMonkey CollageHere is a fun little hair-do that I like to rock right around day 4 of ShamPHee, when things are starting to get wild on my head. If you liked the twisted angel  halo-crown ( I loved it!) you will love the Lace-braid crown.

The video breaks down how to braid around your own head, with the trick being the hand-switch in the back.

Watch closely, practice up, and learn. This is a great little hair braiding trick to keep in your back pocket;)

Ladies and long haired Gents, I present the….

DIY Crown Lace Braid


#DIYhair Friday! Hair Sticks.

stixThis one is for you, Alix Brown. Hair sticks are an essential styling tool for effortless and elegant hair styling options. About a year ago, I gave you a hair stick photo tutorial. 7U6A2703

Back then, my hair was shorter and my technique was simpler. Today, I give you Hair Sticks round 2, bigger, better, and more secure. AND, whilst brainstorming this tutorial, I thought it would be fun to do a DIY hair stick craft project……So, coming in late October I will show you how to easily make the scull hair sticks featured in today’s video! I can’t wait!

Enjoy. XO, HTHG

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