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4 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Thank you a ton for all your thorough information, your neverending (I hope!) inspiration and thank you for helping so many people get back the natural way of cleansing their hair! Love your site girl!! <3

  2. Howdy gal! I’ve been having such a great time cruising your web site. There are so many great tips and links to follow like crumbs in a forest – only they don’t disappear and leave us out in the cold. I’m still loving the short bangs – what a joyous leap that was!
    So i finally got my bottles and am ready to take the Shamfree plunge! I was going to finish up my last bottle of shampoo (it takes me a year to go through one!) … but i don’t want to wait any longer. I’ll save that bottle for the non-shamfreers that come through.
    Thanks so much Roxie for all the good stuff you do. you ROCK!

    • awwww! Thanks so much for writing in:) I am SO glad you find it usefull, and I wish you the best on your ShamPHree journey. Come visit us again! xoxoxoxox

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