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7U6A7296Welcome to How-To Hair Girl. I am so glad to have you here!

My name is Roxie Jane Hunt, and I am here to help you inspire a more holistic, empowered, and creative relationship with your hair through experimentation, ritual, self-care and adornment.

At HTHG, I share my knowledge as a professional hairstylist, naturalist, DIY enthusiast, and my interpretation of  art/beauty/culture through hair experimentation.

Within the categories of HTHG, you will find a plethora of DIY hairstyling tricks, cutting and coloring techniques, natural hair remedies and recipes, general inspiration, and a line of handcrafted natural hair care products to help support you and your hair in finding balance and beauty without the typical Shampoo system.

HTHG is also the community center of the Free Your Pits Movement, a style movement which celebrates freedom of choice and expression. Check it out.


HTHG reviews and testimonials


“I think my favorite part of is the humor and cleverness that HTHG injects into each of her posts and videos. I am a 25 year old male but will read a tutorial for a woman’s retro hairstyle just to get a dose of HTHG’s wit and her unique way of seeing hair and seeing the world. Keep blogging and keep rocking, HTHG!”-Jack H.

” I found you while searching for cute DIY hairstyles for brides. I’m getting married in a couple of months and am having fun planning my wedding as DIY as possible. Your hairstyles totally inspired me. I’ve got my ‘Infinity braid’ hairstyle picked out for the big day, and all 6 of my bridesmaids will be wearing HTHG hairstyles, too! Thanks for the good hair!” -Samara D. Madison, WI

“I use HTHG haircuts for my whole family. I save money, and we make a whole night of it. My daughter loves your kid hairstyles” – Frankie S, Buffalo, NY

“‘The star pattern cut ‘video was easy to follow and the cut falls into a nice looking style without any fuss.”   -Rya M, NW

“HTHG talked me into trying the ShamPHree method. It’s been 2 months and I’m NEVER going back”-Renata D. Ann Arbor, MI

“HTHG has changed the way I feel about my hair, and as anyone who has ever had a really good haircut knows, fabulous hair makes YOU feel fabulous.  Thanks, HTHG, for giving me the confidence to take charge of my look!” -Brook Barajas, San Francisco, CA

“Our experiences with have been nothing short of amazing. Women tend to be timid and self-conscious when it comes to trying new things and styling their own hair. Roxie’s tutorials combat those feelings as they are creative, easy to follow and give women a sense of empowerment when it comes to their personal style. We are proud to be affiliated with the site and our readers love the tutorials!” -Kristin, Editor for

“HTHG hipster hangover is my current DIY haircut du jour. I give it to myself, and my across the hall neighbor. It is so cute on men and women!” Sarah H, Oakland, CA

“I have been aesthetically challenged my entire life.  When it came to my hair, not only did I have no ideas, but I had no skills or confidence to execute them… until HTHG came along.  The technical tips and ideas for cutting, styling, and coloring hair have liberated me, turning me into an enthusiastic hair experimentalist who gets frequent compliments on her ‘dos.”- Shea Lindsey, Seattle, WA

“I love How-to-Hair-Girl, and I love Roxie Hunt.  As a historian of hair and hairstyles, I am impressed by her tremendous curiosity about her profession, her commitment to sharing what she learns with other people, and her sheer energy and enthusiasm.  How-to-Hair-Girl is about the art of hair, the business of hair, the history of hair.  Whether she is demonstrating a clever and pretty new technique or posting an article about the celebrated French coiffeur Antoine de Paris, Roxie Hunt is informative and fascinating.  How-to-Hair girl makes compelling reading for young hairdressers, busy women looking for a quick hair fix, and anyone else with an interest in what happens on top of our heads.” -Steven Zdatny, Author and historian, Duke University.

“Beautiful DIY hair is easy thanks to Roxie’s super-easy and unique techniques. I still can’t believe that I have been able to cut, Ombré and even make my own hair products to maintain healthy hair at home with fantastic results using Roxie’s tips, videos and even her personal recommendations.  She really knows hair and what will suit your face and your lifestyle – I know this because she recommended something I never would have thought would suit me but I trusted her and it turned out to be the best hairstyle I’ve ever had – and I did it myself! (with some expert support from Roxie) Everything Roxie has shared has worked wonders for me because she simplifies everything – it gave me the courage to try it myself. I think a consultation with Roxie is a gift to yourself – she’ll help you get to know your hair and what suits your face and lifestyle, what a treat!”

From a very happy customer,


-Lynn in Ontario Canada