HTHG’s custom hair consultation


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HTHG's custom hair consultation

Do you need help with your hair? HTHG has a lifetime worth of hair experience to share with you. I know that sometimes it is hard to communicate your hair wants and needs to a hairdresser. I can help you with a vision, a plan, and the language to communicate what you want when you get to the salon, or when you grab your shears for a DIY haircut. Call me your good hair liaison.

Anything from styling ideas, the right cut/color to suit your face/lifestyle/budget, your kid’s hair, DIY hair, color formulation, bridal hair, long term hair plan, growing out hair plan, bang drama, hair products, or any other hair related questions and quandaries you might have, I am here to answer them for you.

Here is how it works. You send me your hair questions here.

Tell me a bit about your hair, your lifestyle, your routine, and what you want out of your consultation. Send me photos of your hair.

Then, complete this purchase through PAYPAL.

I will spend at least an hour compiling you the best consult I can, which will include my professional advice, my candid advice, facts, links to related articles, photos, etc.

I will give it to you straight, unbiased, with plenty of vision and inspiration.

Here is a link to my hair questions and consultations category, if you want to browse other consultations that I have done.

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A complete, custom, educated and inspired online hair consultation