The hipster hangover, AKA the Same Love haircut


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The hipster hangover, AKA the Same Love haircut

This is an uber-hip, easy to do modern androgynous undercut hairstyle. It works on both men and women. It has a edgy yet mod feel to it. Looks good on everyone.
It is easiest to cut the top section with shears or a razor, and the underneath and sides with a clipper and a #1 or #2 guard. If you are comfortable with shear-over-comb cutting, shears may be used for the whole haircut. This haircut will give you instant hipster appeal. This haircut is also known as the Macklemore’s Same Love haircut.





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Hairstyle Elements: Long swept bangs, a bit of undercut asymmetry, and short, clean cut sides.
Look and Feel:Edgy, hip, sexy, mod
Works best on:all hair types
Best Results: