Fail-proof DIY haircut alert: Trim your own layers!

julesDIY haircuts can be disastrous. Many of us have horror stories about late night wine fueled baby-bangs that quickly became a colassal hack job snip by tiny snip, and required an emergency trip to see your stylist where you cried and groveled and begged for forgiveness…….Learn to trim your own layers with HTHG on Refinery29 today!

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Reader Submission! DIY Rock n roll layers and 70’s shag bangs.

Reader Submission

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.08.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.09.01 PM HTHG reader Katie wants to share with us her fab rock n roll layers and 70’s shag bangs, done DIY using HTHG’s DIY haircut tutorial and bucket bangs. loving this!

Perfect little lady pony haircut.

marsycutMars is growing out her hair. Her white blonde, spider-webby hair. I don’t argue with her, but I occasionally insist on trimming her up. Recently, she needed a good shaping. Here is how I did it.

Without taking length off, I reshaped her hair using 2 simple ponytails .It turned out swingy, sophisticated, and perfecto.

First ponytail was all the hair, brushed tightly and secured in the middle of the crown of the head. I combed the pony straight out to 90degrees and cut 3 inches off the ends.

Next pony was the whole front section of the hair from behind each ear across the top of the head. I secured a tight ponytail exactly where her horn would be if she was a unicorn ( which she basically is) and held the ponytail straight out at 90degrees from the head and cut 2 inches off the ends. BOOM! for more DIY ponytail cuts, check out this post.


DIY ombre and haircut with the CreaClip.

Reader submission!


Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 7.26.42 PM

Here is a great DIY hair story about a bold and brave lady who wanted to update her look and empower herself by cutting her own hair. She canceled her salon appointment, and contacted me. She asked what I thought about a CreaClip and I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, the CreaClip is your best DIY hair friend. Find out more about it here! 
Here is what she said…..
“I went for the Schlob #5 but we used the Crea clip too.
1. Low ponytail cut then white Creaclip to even it out
2. Crown ponytail cut then Creaclip to even it again as Hubbie was freakin’ saying it’s all uneven but I later realized it’s the shag layers that he’s freaking over. My hair is super silky-straight after a dye so it’s odd because there’s not a big difference between the bottom and top layer (only 1 inch – I didn’t want a lot of layers…yet)
3. Blue Creaclip for sideswept bangs.
Styled with 3/4 inch curling iron but my hair never holds the curl – going to try your honey spray that you says gives grip. Also getting shea butter to make the coconut oil spray – I need body. The sea salt spray works but it really dries my already dry hair.
I have a feeling it’s a screw-up  due to my hesitation to get layers in the back but frankly I’m very happy with so that’s what counts. I can still ponytail because it’s not really a bob, it’s touching my shoulders – I felt better safe than sorry.

Phase 2, DIY ombre!

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.47.13 AMNext phase, DIY ombre! 

Next, she used my premium DIY ombre video. Here is what she says.

“I’m so so pleased with this Roxie, I used the Feria Ombre for medium to dark hair and your ponytail (teased) on top of the head. I had a facecloth on my head for the bleached ponytail to lie on for 25 minutes.

You are a generous genius! Wish I could meet you in person to thank you.


Here we go…(the back looks dry but it’s not at all, just needs to be curled a bit more). EVERYTHING you’ve taught me has worked beautifully.”

DIY haircuttery

Reader Submission!

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 5.40.39 PMHey! I wanted to show you a photo of how my hair is looking these days. There you go! That’s with no (professional) hair cut in 5 months. I have trimmed my bangs and the back twice now with your help. That’s so awesome for me! I absolutely love how the asymmetry keeps it looking soft and feminine. Who knew a badass hair cut like the “dragon tattoo cut” could grow out to be so perfectly girly? This is the first time I’ve grown it out in about three years. I always thought I couldn’t have long hair because it was too dry and unmanageable but now that I am ShamPHree-ing and not using heat tools or hair products I’m realizing my hair actually kinda rules ;] I was just holding it back (and frankly torturing it) before.

I’ve been debating finding a new stylist because the back of my hair is being awkward and I want to try funky bangs but I’m starting to think that I need to just trust my hair (the back especially) to grow out and be itself and be beautiful and maybe soon I’ll trust myself enough to try some crazy new DIY bangs. Thanks again for the help and confidence!

Erika, we think you look smashing!

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