Another Shlob success story

Maggie came to me and said ” I’m moving to China. Can you give me the Shlob?”

I put her hair in a tight low ponytail, centered right at her nape. I took my sharp shears, and pointcut through that thick ponytail, taking it off a bite at a time.

Then, I took her hair down and cut the drop out hair across the bottom to sharpen up the look. To finish it, I removed bulk through her layers. Easy as 1-2-3!

I double dare you to DIY this on your own or a friends hair, and send me your story!

Mileys got a hipster hangover.

Check it out. She went platinum and got herself a hipster hangover. Maybe she DIYed it? doubt it. I don’t think her handlers would let her do it. It’s cute. Try the Hipster hangover on a chick. Just do it.




She’s got Skrillex hair, She’s got Skrillex hair.

Send me your DIY hair photos so I can post them and inspire more people to DIY hair!


Shlob perfection

I’m sorry. I just like the word shlob. It’s a fun word to say. It’s also a FAB DIY haircut because it involves putting the hair in a low ponytail and cutting it off. Then, with the help of some easy cutting techniques like the weight removing technique, and some cute bangs like asymmetrical choppy bangs, you have shlob perfection.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo haircut! A DIY look.

Hey. I know I’m a little late with this one. I never claimed to be on the cutting edge of book and movie characters. I am slightly ashamed to say I haven’t yet read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books or seen the movies. But they are on my list and I really do intend on reading and watching.

When the movie came out, I kept hearing about Lisbeth Salanders haircut. So, what did I do? I googled. And I found these









These are some dynamic short haircuts. They have elements of texture, disconnection, undercut sides, super blunt lines, jagged edges. A bold and edgy cut for the brave lady who wants to make a statement. I  any texture. And I recommend this haircut on medium to thick hair of any texture. I would like to challenge a curly haired girl to try this look because I think it would be crazy bangin!

So, who should I practice on? My sister, Brook. She is a superstar cancer biologist in one of the worlds best labs. And how do you shake things up in a science lab? Have freaky hair. She totally pulls off the hot and freaky scientist lady look.

What I learned from cutting her hair in a The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo haircut is that blunt lines make their point a lot better on very dark hair, but it still worked.











In this little DIY video for the ‘do, Penelope Purple Martin Mojo Olive-Starr O’bersky volunteered to be my model. You think her name is bad-ass? You should meet her in person.

I have been lucky enough to have watched her grow from little kid into a killer young lady who exudes a quiet confidence and personal style. She is a junior roller derby champ who needed a edgy hairdo to go with her fierce skating skills. So, we went for it.

Do you want to try it? You can now purchase a more in depth how-to video of this look in the HTHG video store right now!. Try it on yourself or a lucky someone else. Don’t forget to send HTHG a before and after picture!

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HTHG’s mom hair remedy at the Hunt family reunion.

Here are my three beautiful cousins. Lindsay, Megan and Jackie. At the Hunt family reunion this year, we joined forces at a Rocky Mountain family summer camp and celebrated the wackiness and wonderfulness of family along side hundreds of other families in matching T-shirts

The kids ran wild, the grownups ran wild after the kids, my daughter fell in love with her cousin, the kids faught, then played, then laughed.

We played a game called ‘Cornhole’, a fun midwest tailgating game that involves lazily tossing a beanbag, and drinking. It got quite competitive, and by the end, new friendships and enemieships were established.

My girl cousins are fun, magnetic, hard-working women who are raising kids between the ages of 3-11. They are busy moms, and they don’t have a lot of time to think about their hair. But they are also very spunky ladies who just happen to have ‘mom hair’

Mom hair is a reality. It is not a choice. It comes with the territory of putting our style needs on the back burner while our home life and professional lives take turns bubbling over on the front two burners. If you are a mom, ‘mom hair’ is inescapable for a majority of the time.

So, I brought my shears along to help bring a little more spunk and style to the inevitable ‘mom hair’ that lurks around dark corners of family reunions. And I can honestly say that by the end, the Hunts had the best hair at the YMCA of the Rockies.

Lindsay’s hair is beautiful and thick and a blend of curls in the back, waves on top, and almost straight in the front. I didn’t remove any length, used my shlob layering technique to lighten up the ends and mid layers and create more volume in the crown. Then, I and used my bulk removing technique to remove weight and break it up so that it would fall into beautiful curls.

Jackie’s thick straight hair was cut into an asymmerical pixie bob. I texturized with my weight removing technique. Goodbye, mom hair!


Megan’s hair is fine and straight and sunny golden blonde. Perfect for some texture in her ends, and length removed to give it more movement and swing. A modern bob was scissor cut to shatter the ends. A little layering around the face, and her hair was as hip and spunky as she is.

Then, Jackie’s 11 year old daughter Josie got a modernized inverted bob. Her thick straight hair worked perfectly.

Giving a shout out to my dad’s side of the family. I love you all!XOXO, HTHG











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