Great hair, Gatsby style.

GatsbyScreen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.37.09 AMOne of my favorite books of all time, The Great Gatsby has been made into a movie! I don’t know if I will go see it, but I sure do love making roaring 20’s inspired hairstyles.

Over the last year on HTHG, I have used many different eras as style inspiration for DIY hairstyles. Today on HTHG I am celebrating hair during the depression era, from the elite flapper girls to the dust bowl pioneers. For Art Nouveau inspired hairstyles, check out this post.

Here are links to tutorials for each of the looks on the above photo collage……..Starting at the top of vertical column 1……

Gatsby girl

Scarf roll

Sexy Sheba

Starting at the top of vertical column 2…..

DIY feather fascinator

DIY finger wave and curl set for beginners!

Dorothea dust bowl bun

And starting at the top of vertical column 3…..

4th day Art Nouveau hair

Valentines Day pretty hair

Bootleg Faux-bob

The featured Image of this post is the fish-tail faux-bob, a look demonstrated in a collaboration with latest-hairstyles. Click the link for the tutorial!

great G

Which one is your favorite? I always feel so feminine and chic when tressed in 1920’s era hair. I love the finger waves.




Alphons Mucha, the original Boho and Art Nouveau hairstyles for today.

Art Nouveau Is my favorite period in art history.  It’s basis on the beauty of plants and our natural world with organic lines and shapes attract me like a bee to a flower. It is like the ‘hair’ of art. It is soft, feminine, decorative, flowing.

Alphons Mucha was a legendary Czech painter who epitomized and celebrated Art Nouveau with his dynamic and organic paintings of beautiful, powerful women with beautiful hair.

The word ‘boho’ came from the Bohemian era of culture and art that Mucha captured in his paintings.

I remember leafing through a book of his work as a kid and feeling like I had stepped into a beautiful dream world where colors glowed and hair was long and soft and flowing and women looked like bohemian princesses and sorceresses. I have drawn constant inspiration from Mucha over the years, and decided to collect some of my most Mucha-woman inspired hairstyles to share in honor of him. Let’s all take a second to appreciate where ‘boho’ began.

So, here you go! If you want to read up more on Alphons Mucha and get more Art Nouveau hair inspiration, check out this link. I like the painting with the long haired lady and the astrological signs. It is called The Zodiak. Anyone else out their love astrology besides HTHG? I happen to be a Capricorn. How about you?

BTW, DIY hairstyles featured in this post are HTHG’s 4th day Art Nouveau hairstyle, Gatsby Girl, Deconstructed wrapped french fish-tail, The Aztec Queen, Couronne de Caudel de Poisson, and the Boho chain link braided bun.

Want more flapper era Great Gatsby themed DIY hairstyles? check out HTHG’s finger wave up-do tutorial!