New Wash, Rainbow Hair Colorist Dream Cream

Hi babes. I have been working with this cool independent hair company out of New York City called Hairstory Studio for a few years now. I originally was attracted to what they were doing because the visuals stories of hair transformations that they show in their instagram and quarterly magazine, and their Less is More philosophy on washing hair.

They launched their brand with a product called New Wash, which is a botanically blended and expertly formulated cream hair wash that doesn’t suds or lather…….And I tried it out and loved it.

It may confuse some of you who come here for no-shampoo inspiration to see me talking about another product for sale, but hear me out. I am a real skeptic, but I gave it a chance and I wanted to share today what I love about this stuff called New Wash, and the way the company works and why it is a dreamy opportunity for Hair Colorists.

I signed on as a hairdresser affiliate for Hairstory, meaning I make a small percentage of each sale that comes through their website when I am listed as a referral at checkout. I knew that in my clientele and readership, there was a place for a non-shampoo system that wasn’t quite as crunchy as the Baking Soda/ Cider Vinegar technique. And, because I do so much rainbow color and bleaching, I needed an alternative wash that was a bit more color/chemically treated-hair friendly.

I soon learned that it was with the rainbow hairs is where New Wash REALLY shines, and it has become an essential tool in my hair color kit as a base for mixing color and for using to gently wash and condition brightly colored hair without any color loss or buildup.

And as a colorist and affiliate of the company, I earn enough points from the sales of it to my color clients that they send me my own large bag of New Wash for free whenever I need it, and so I am able to use it exclusively in my color formulas. Thats right. Every bowl of color I mix is made in a base of New Wash. Why do I love it? Because it is the PERFECT consistency for color application, it glides on the hair beautifully, it is creamy and smells wonderful like roses and black tea, and it isn’t filled with chemicals. It is a rainbow hair colorists dream cream. 

(this is a transformation done using New Wash as my color mixing base)

While a bottle of the product may seem costly for the first time buyer, what I tell people is this: When you invest the time and money into rainbow hair, you need to also invest in a care plan for it, so that you get the most out of it. When you have bleached and colored hair, you need to wash it much less often and you never want to strip it. With New Wash, a little goes a LONG way so your bottle of product will last a long while and your hair will be so much happier and more hydrated and colorful.

With that said, hair stylists, and colorists, I hope that you will register here today for your free bottle of New Wash to try out, and make sure to let them know that How-to hair Girl referred you! Affiliates like these are how I make a living and continue to share my experience here with y’all. If you are a client, friend reader, sign up today for 25% off your first purchase.

And, just FYI, Hair Story Hair Balm is my hair’s favorite balm.

Check out my Instagram today for a custom color mixing video demonstrating my favorite ways to mix with New Wash!

xo, RJH

My Favorite Oils and Remedies for Curly Hair

Hello my dears! How are you all, and how is your hair today? is it accurately helping you express your mood, while acting as barometer for atmospheric pressure changes? My curly hair is very big and fuzzy today, ain’t no taming it. There must be rain coming.

Today I want to shine a little extra love on my curly haired babes. Because let’s celebrate the fact that your hair expresses itself in a bigger way than non-curly hair. It’s not that curly is better, it is that curly is more dynamic. There are more factors which determine it to be exactly what it is, which is completely unlike any other head of hair.

It is true that no two heads of hair are the same, on the entire planet. This fact just amuses me to no end. I just absolutely love that each person possess their own head of hair that is  not identical to any other head of hair. With this fact in mind though, It means we need to be thoughtful and curious and experimental when it comes to figuring out the best way to care for our own unique hair.

Today, I am sharing what I have found while thoughtfully experimenting with natural oils and remedies and methods of care in the hundreds of different heads of curly hair that I have worked on in the course of my career.

Brushing your Curly Hair

To begin with, I have to state a fact. I have rarely come across any curly haired person who is a friend of the hairbrush. This is partly why I continue on my brush crusade……..I feel like so many of us have taken to heart the advice of someone who didn’t appreciate they dynamic beauty of curls. Sometimes, you have to let the beast roar. ( The roaring beast is your insanely big brushed out curls) Your hair and scalp will thank you forever, and many of the unsavory hair and scalp issues that have plagued you will disappear.

Flaky, itchy scalp? Needs more stimulation and circulation to it. Remedy? brush your hair.

Oily, flat roots and dry ends? Keep that oil moving through. Brush your hair.

Slow growing hair? Increase blood flow and cell division. Brush your hair for faster, healthier growth.

Frizzy hair? Brush your hair and help train some of the frizz down.

Heavy hair? For goddess sakes brush the fallen hairs out of your head once in a while to lighten your physical and spiritual load, not to mention helping your curls spring back to life.

Let’s be real. Most of us have ducked away from every hair brush and head massage that has come our way for fear of messing up our curls.

My advice, no matter your curl type, is to embrace the beast, love the frizz, and open up your scalp and hair to the mechanical and medicinal magic of a good hair brushing.

IMG_2006Here is the trick: Brush your dry hair, before you shower. That’s right, spend 10 minutes letting the beast roar. Brush it like you are making up for the last lifetime of not brushing it. From all angles. Feel the feelings in your scalp. Flip your head upside down and keep brushing it. Now, hop in the shower. Wet your hair thoroughly and go about your routine with washing or not washing. Even better, apply your favorite oil to it as a treatment once your hair has been brushed, rinsed, and is towel dried, then sleep on it. Wash out the next morning.

Do it again next week. Need a brush? This one is burly and designed for all curl types.


Oiling your Curly Hair

Because of the way curly hair is made and the way that it grows, it is more susceptible to environmental strain and damage. Think of it like your tenderhearted friend who just keeps falling in love with the wrong dude, over and over again because she just loves to love so much. She may need your help finding ways to protect her heart better.

Your curly hair needs your help protecting itself so that it can be strong and do the right thing and make good choices. The best protection it has is the oil that your scalp makes so generously for it to bath in. (another reason to brush your hair, to help it spread it’s natural born protective armor.)4313E6A5-495B-434B-99D1-8680146C6E75

For those of us with longer hair, we especially need this armor of oil in our ends, where the hair is older and more damaged and farther from our oil-producing scalp. Sometimes, even our own natural oils aren’t enough to quench the thirst of our hair. And we can tell if that is the case, because it starts to feel like straw and our ends get brittle and break. That is how we know that it is time to find the right oil to nourish our hair in just the right way.

Before we launch in to oils, I need to say a quick word about the nastiness of silicone on curly hair.

Silicone, the anti-moisture.

It is oh so easy to fall into the silicone trap, especially if you are curly. The instant smoothing, softening action of refined liquid plastic can be so tempting, so very enticing. We all crave that frizz-ease silkiness that we felt the first time we ran it through our strands and exclaimed ‘what is this magic???’

I know. It can be hard to say no. But just say no. It is the devil for your hair. It fills in the cracks of your uneven hair cuticle (all us curls have uneven hair cuticles), making each strand feel very smooth. Then it dries  in their and creates a coating that sticks. Over time it builds up into gunk that is very hard to remove. At this point, you have very effectively sealed OUT all moisture, making your hair dull and brittle and sad:( My heart feels sad just thinking about the trickery that led us to think we needed this stuff in the first place. But that is another topic for another day.

A quick little note too, if you are a MORROCAN OIL addict I have to say this: I get it. It smells amazing and it makes your hair feel great. My experience in the salon with the Moroccan Oil line is that it is a phenomenon of biggest advertising hoax of consumer trickery I have ever witnessed. No it isn’t Argan Oil. It is a base of artificial fragrance, silicone and other petroleum-based synthetic goo’s and a *tiny* bit of Argan Oil to make it sound good and drive the price tag way up our unsuspecting asses. Rant? yes. Truth? Yes. Don’t buy it.

But trust me, curly babes. There are so many better options to experiment with than a Silicone laden smoothing serum that cost more than your water bill.

How to use Oils in Your Curly Hair

There are many ways to use oils in your hair. Here are a few, I recommend you try them all out and see what works for you.

You can apply oil to your dry hair, as needed, to add moisture, shine, protection and softness. Start with a few drops of oil, in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and smooth them over the surface of your hair. Do the same thing but this time, flip you head and hang your hair forwards, and scrunch the oil gently into your ends. Do this any time your hair feels really dry and crunchy, or any time you plan to be in harsh elements such as wind, sun, salt water etc.7U6A5237

You can do this same thing, on wet hair. Your hair will drink the oil in a bit deeper, and dry with the benefit of the oil in it which will help the curl pattern stay in tact. Some folks swear by applying their oil to absolutely dripping wet hair, because it disperses throughout the hair more easily and keeps the curls very well defined. If you like thicker oils lake castor oil, vitamin E oil or Lanolin, wet hair application is definitely the way to go.

In India, women oil their hair before they wash it. I love this method, as it really seems to have a deeper and more repairative effect on the hair. For this method, you will use more oil than just a few drops. Think about a teaspoon to a tablespoon, depending on your hair length and density. Wet and towel dry your hair. Apply the oil to your ends first, gently massaging it up your strands towards your scalp. Give yourself a scalp massage. Cover head with a towel of a hat and sleep on it. Wash out in the morning ( I wash twice with African Black Soap to remove excess oil.) I personally do this twice a month with my favorite hair oil which is Jojoba.

If you are using a very fine oil like fractionated coconut oil, you can put it in a spray bottle and spritz it in when you need it.

Play around. The point is, feed your hair oil when it is dry and needs quenching.

How to know if an oil is right for your hair? It is as simple as this: You like the results of using it. So try them all and see what works best for YOU.

My Favorite Natural Oils and Remedies for Different Curly Hairtypes

7U6A5951I know, I know, I just went through this whole thing about how no two hair types are the same and should each be treated uniquely. I stand by that. But for the sake of simplifying and streamlining your process of creating the best hair care routine for your unique hair type, these suggestions are for you to take and run with in your own experimental way. I am sharing what I have learned and my biggest hope is that it helps you understand and love your hair better.

Here are my favorite remedies and oils for different curl types. Keep in mind that the key here is to experiment and find what works best for you. All of these oils and remedies can be  bought in small amounts, very affordably. Also, don’t be afraid to cocktail ingredients. All of these remedies can be used interchangeably in your hair! Have fun and summon your inner alchemist.

For Thick Hair:

If you have fine textured curls I recommend:

    • Vitamin E oil– It is nice and thick and a little bit sticky, great for curls that need a little weight and taming to keep them in tact. Adds shine too.
    •  Olive oil Thick as well, with a bit of weight too it but without the stick. A favorite of Mediterranean blooded folks with thick curls. Nice shine to it.
  • Coconut OilGreat all purpose hair oil, not much stick at all and little shine but lot’s of protective qualities.
  • Castor oil The thickest and stickiest of them all. Tame flyaway and add lots of shine and luster.


If you have coarse textured curls I recommend:

  • Avocado oil Very moisturizing, nice shine, super protection and super softening.
  • Shea butter a great hair tamer and moisture barrier protector for coarse and dry hair. I love to melt it down with my jojoba oil. A tiny bit of stick to it, nice matte finish.
  • Beeswax Even more taming, protection, and stickiness than Shea Butter. Best if melted down in oil or with Shea Butter, makes a great pomade for coarse curls.
  • LanolinThick, protective, and strengthening for brittle coarse hair.
  • Emu oil Fine, viscous, incredibly softening and strengthening for coarse dry hair. Deeply penetrating and reparative.

For Medium Hair:

If you have fine textured curls I recommend:

  • Sweet Almond oil Not to heavy, not too light. Great shine, easily absorbed moisture.
  • Argan oil Reparative, softening and super protective for dry and color treated hair.

If you have coarse textured curls I recommend:

  • Fractionated Coconut oil Lot’s of shine, lots of protection and softness. A little goes a LONG way. Great for use before heat styling or a lot of sun exposure.
  • Argan oil- Again, very softening and reparative.
  • Emu oil- Strengthening and softening, not too heavy.

For Thin Hair:

If you have fine textured curls I recommend:

  • Jojoba oil Lightweight, lovely. Easy for your hair to absorb. Nice shine, super soft.
  • Rosewater Light as air, but incredibly softening and shine enhancing. Helps tame curls and add lustrous bounce. Spray in as needed!
  • Rosehip oil Light, easily absorbed and very hydrating for fine and fragile curls.
  • Sea salt Mix with warm water and spray in for added texture and volume in oily hair that falls flat. Spray in at the roots….Or, mix with warm water in a cup and pour over the hair as a finishing rinse. Do not rinse out. Best ever? Jump in the ocean every chance you get.
  • Aloe Vera Great for parched fine curls with straw-like ends. Lightweight and hydrating, softening. Scrunch into your ends, or spray in liquid with a mister.

If you have coarse textured curls I recommend:

  • Seseme oil Lightweight but with a tiny bit of stick for taming and softening coarser curls. Nice shine.
  • Neem oil Reparative and easily absorbed moisture for hair and scalp.
  • Grapeseed oil Lightweight and very softening.
  • Emu oil- Great for brittle thin hair because it helps boost elasticity, making coarse thin curls more bouncy and buoyant.

For Frizz-

  • Coconut milk Use it like conditioner for softening and taming your hair, smoothing down frizz and moisturizing.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Mix with water and use as a conditioning hair rinse. ( 1 tablespoon ACV to 8 oz water is a good starting mixture) Adds lots of shine, detangles and smooths down the surface of your hair strands, helping with frizz and adding reflection.
  • Honey Incredibly softening and hydrating, melt it down in hot water (1 teaspoon honey to 8 oz water) and spray in your hair on dry days to help attract moisture from the air into your hair. Turn fuzz back into bouncy curls, adds lots of shine.
  • Hibiscus flowers Very softening, smoothing and shine enhancing. Steep a tea with dried hibiscus and use it as a conditioning rinse. Even better, put a handful of dried hibiscus in a jar of Apple Cider Vinegar and set it in the sun for a week. Use this as a conditioning rinse. For added moisture, melt a tablespoon of honey in it and soak your hair with it, letting it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it out. 

Strengthening Fragile Hair-

  • Horsetail GrassSteep the dried grass in hot water, drink the tea daily. Rinse your hair and scalp once a week with this biotin and silica-rich brew. Helps build protein strength.
  • Emu oil- So deeply penetrating that it can really help build inner hair strength in fragile hair.
  •  Argan oil- Also deeply penetrating and easily absorbed, but the hydrating and protective abilities really help prevent further damage in already very fragile hair hair.

Washing your Curly Hair- As far as washing hair, I know many curly haired people who love the ShamPHree routine. I know many who just brush and rinse with warm water once a week ( after years of me pleading with them to try it. ) Several of my fine-haired clients swear by washing with African Black Soap by Alaffia, followed by a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.13.31 PMMany of my medium to thick, coarse curly clients have fallen madly in love with New Wash from Hairstory Studio. ( Try it and let me know what you think. Then you order it, be sure to tell them that How-to Hair Girl referred you, I’d sure appreciate it because I get a small percentage of each sale when I help someone discover the line, which truly has  revolutionized less is more haircare.



Weaning your Curls off of Shampoo/ Hair Products: I get asked this question a lot….How do I wean my curly hair off of hair products? Getting off the hair junk can be a real jump for curly haired people who have become dependent on one product or another. My short answer is this: Start to trust your natural oils to take care of your hair for you. This basically means that less is more when it comes to hair…..Take less away, add less back in. Homeostasis is the curly hair word of the day. If you shampoo a few times a week, cut down to one less time a week for a while. Instead of washing it, give it a thorough brushing when it is dry to redistribute oils from the scalp and move them towards your ends. Rinse your hair with warm water.

Slowly work your way down to no-shampoo, letting your hair adjust to the new routine and letting your scalp re-calibrate oil production. Over time, this switch from chemical cleansing to mechanical cleansing will condition your hair and create a much more manageable environment for your curls to behave and thrive naturally.

The same is true for getting off conventional hair products, curl creams, butters, etc. Find the oil that works for your hair, and start brushing it regularly. You heard that right, curly babe.

My Personal Curl Routine

Me and my medium density, coarse but fine (is that even possible?) sometimes-curly-sometimes-not but always at-the-mercy-of-the-weather-hair loves a combination of all of the above oils, remedies, and routines at different times depending on the weather, the seasons, my mood, and the way I decide to wear my hair. So you can imagine the look of my haircare cupboard. #hairhoarders no no don’t get rid of that! My hair needs that!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.55.27 AMMy most often-used oils are Jojoba and Castor, Jojoba ( I love La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil ) for moisture and softness and conditioning, and Castor to tame it. I brush my hair all the damn time, sometimes wearing my hair in big wild brushed out curls, but sometimes just to work the oils through before I rinse it. I love New Wash, especially in the Summer and Winter months when my hair is dry. I also love the Hairstory Hair Balm. I ALWAYS do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, and when my hair is limp, I swear by Salt Spray by La Tierra Sagrada. Nothing is better than my hair after a jump in a river.

I hope this post helps you find your curly hair sweet spot.

Here are my favorite herbs for hair, to take you natural hair remedies to the next level.

Here is my favorite DIY tricks for Naturally Curly Hair.

And here are my favorite DIY Recipes to Rock your Haircare at Home.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for caring for your curls? Would love to hear your feedback in the comment section.

xo, HTHG














A Cup of Tea and a Tour of my Normal Messy Life

7U6A2185Hello! Hi! I’m Roxie. It is so very nice to meet you:) Come on in. No, no you can keep your shoes on. That mat is just for my kid’s muddy boots. Go ahead and hang your jacket up and let me show you around!

I am so happy to have you here, after all these years of sharing a sort of limited part of my life at HTHG……..Welcome to my home, my workspace, and a little look into my regular old life! I am glad to share it with you.

Friends, I wanted to take a minute to show you around a bit. I have realized in the last year how easy it is to make assumptions about the state of another’s lifestyle based on what they share via the internet/social media……And with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to give a bit of an authentic tour of my life on a quiet, normal day.

Give me just a sec while I put some tea water on……Need to use the bathroom? (did I remember to clean it??? Yep. Did. ) Great. Do you feel like a cup of tea?

7U6A2158I’ve been making this really yummy blend lately…..hibiscus, mint, nettle, usnia and rosebuds. Sound good? Great. Do you take honey? Alright, perfect. This honey comes from my grandma’s brothers family farm outside Glacier Park MT. They have a general store called Beaver Slide Dry Goods….Sell yarn and honey and soap and things. Great little shop……Check it out if you have a chance! Best honey I’ve ever had. 7U6A2128

Here is my little transitional parlor salon, where I do dry-cuts on my clients while we build out the shop behind our house into a real life salon!!!! I can’t wait to show you:) Here is what is left of the Free Your Hair Earth Collection! Was such a fun project to make hair products using only earth-based ingredients and share them with friends and clients. Check them out! Yes absolutely! Try them! Yep that is me in the sweatpants!


Ah!!! Yes! and the Bebiotin. I take mine every day!~ Have you tried them yet? Great for hair and skin.7U6A2135

Tea done steeping? Taste okay? K. Follow me!

7U6A2211I am so glad to have you here, did I already say that? How is your day going, what’s new? Hungry? There is a smoothie in the fridge, my husband Jonny made it this morning, he puts all of life in his smoothies…..gets us off to a great start. This morning it was pineapple, berries, chaga, yogurt, Diatomaceous Earth, spinach, Healthforce Green Powder ( I swear this stuff will keep us alive forever) SUN POTION Ashwagandha and rice milk.


 Here is were we eat meals, we try to eat together every night, and often have a guest or two. Both Jonny and I love to cook, and we generally don’t use recipes…..kind of an intuitive art around here, cooking is;) Kids like to cook as well. We have them plan a meal every once in a while.

We hold hands around the table and sing a Scottish song together before we eat, song passed down from the McVickers on my maternal grandma’s side. I grew up singing grace at every supper and I thought it was so corny. Now I kind of love it. Ha!7U6A2181

Right this way! yep. Taking you to my favorite part of the house, past the guitars (my beloved Gretsch and my sweet little practice guitar gifted to me from my mother Out-law (Marley, our 8 year old’s dad’s mom.)7U6A21707U6A2178 In Arkansas, I played guitar and sang in a band called The Rox. Miss those days.

……and on to the bookshelves. One of my favorite parts about my Jonny is his fantastic taste in books and his beautiful book collection. They came with him when we shacked up, and I adore them (and him.) My personal collection is slowly growing and I am supremely proud of them. Jonny is ten years of book collecting ahead of me, you see.

The photo on the top right is me as a baby, held by my namesake Dr. Jane Goodall, who is a friend and mentor of my mother’s, and the bottom left there behind my late step-mothers is a ceramic jar with boobs on it that I made a week before my first daughter was born.


I share a closet with our daughters Marley (8) and Selah (4). They are both at school today. This closet houses my Gunne Sax dress collection, which is a major source of happiness for me whenever I think of them, sitting in the back of my closet just waiting for me to wear em. Almost all of my best clothes come from Dina’s Great Finds.

If you are ever driving between Seattle and Portland, do yourself a favor and stop at Dina’s, in Chehalis. It is a Sacred Church of Vintage Treasures. Yep. Clothes, furniture, art, housewares, tools. Everything.7U6A2102

I really adore and treasure my jewelry collection. Please don’t judge it by the way it is organized! It’s just that the collection has outgrown the display, thanks to artists like Nikki Jacoby, April Rose of Rainbow Kimono and Adina Mills who have all fueled my growing obsession with statement pieces. 2016 will be the year of organizing my jewelry better.7U6A2146

7U6A2108Ooooof. The Bathroom. Remember how I said I loved to try new products but am trying to simplify my cabinets? Yeesh. This might look crazy but it is actually an improvement.

I recently came up on some Herbivore Botanicals facial products. Holy haul! Jonny and I mask all the time now. I can’t get enough. I’m a bit of a self-care junkie. Owl’s Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Mist, La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil and Salt Spray, and Beaver Balm from Sound Botanicals, and of course, my Mason Pearson brush.

In my shower, always my ShamPHree Free Your Hair bottlesHairstory New Wash, Ozark Herbal Creations Oil Facial WashSound Botanical’s Soaps and my Eminence Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, which I use twice a month (NOT when I’m premenstural! Yikes. Burn!) It’s basically a naturally derived chemical peel.

Want an apple or banana? I’m a total fruit bat. Always have fruit hanging from places. We do a lot of fruit snacking and juicing. The Northwest is great for us in the form of fruit abundance, although this isn’t the season for it. We did harvest kiwis the other day though, at our favorite park in town, Meridian Park. Try one? Or have an Apple! 7U6A2182



How you doing? Need more tea water? Come on…..I’ll take you upstairs to my apothecary and my alchemy den/guest bedroom upstairs landing. It’s all squished together! Still not sure how to make it all work;) This house, as you can see, is not big.7U6A2131

So yep, up here under this skylight is where I mix and infuse. I’ve got all my herbs drying, flowers soaking, and powders settling in 5 gallon buckets. I think of this area as my herbal hair Pharmacy, where I can custom mix hair remedies for clients and friends. It really comes in handy, and It brings me great joy. Need anything? How about an end-mender, and a stimulating oil to help your dry scalp? That I can do. I’ll send you home with a tea blend too, as long as were here:)

7U6A2188Well, the only thing left now is the big cement slab in our back yard where we are building the woodshop/salon/Hair B&B. Can’t let you leave without seeing that too. Watch your step, it gets slick out here! For now, the slab is home to our fire pit and cider press.

See my Spirit Tree in the back ground, on the left? That Douglas Fir is the first thing I see every morning when I open the curtains. I just adore it. Next time you are here, the building might be built, and you might be in my chair getting your hair done! I certainly hope so.

Lots of love, and thank you so much for visiting and letting me show you around my rather messy, normal un-fancy life. Don’t forget your oils and your tea! 

xo, Roxie Jane Hunt



Shampoo-Free: A Gift to Clients

Hi dears. This post is for all of you, but especially to my fellow stylists.

7U6A21174 years ago, when I started my Shampoo-Free Journey, I brought my clients along with me. I tried not to be pushy about it when talking in the salon about ditching shampoo, and I waited to bring it up until I could see that a client was ready to embrace to concept and start their own journeys.

What I have seen through the course of being a shampoo-free hairstylist is that giving my clients the gift of well-timed permission from their stylist to stop washing their hair is hugely empowering and transformational for them…….And that is the best gift I can give to them.

As hairdressers, we learn to see when a client is unhappy with their hair, and see how that effects them in their life. They are at an impasse, where they don’t understand the needs of their own hair, and they feel frustrated and powerless to change that. The commercialization of our industry has created a system which directs us to profit from this frustration by selling more products to fix the problems of our clients hair…..We sell them the promise of better hair, but we can’t vouch for that.

Helping shepard my clients through the process of ditching shampoo has brought us to a new level, where my job is truly about learning to understand them, their lifestyles, their unique personal styles, and the needs of their hair…….And empowering them to navigate the synthesis of these things in a healthy way with the outcome of great hair that suits them and their lives, and doesn’t require much work on their part.

All because their hair is in it’s natural beautiful state, and we embrace that, together.

This is why I stand behind the Hairstory philosophy and New Wash, the first independent stylist approved system for introducing our clients to their own hair, sans shampoo. 7U6A2234

New Wash gently cleanses without Parabens and SLS, using naturally derived oils like jojoba, and essential oils of peppermint and sunflower to help gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping it, leaving it in it’s most natural lovely state of being.

I can’t wait to get the Free Your Hair Salon up and running, so I can introducing my clients to New Wash……They are already primed and ready to experiment further into the realms of shampoo-free life.

Interested in trying it? Sign up today and receive a free bottle of New Wash…..I bet you will love it as much as I do:)

I hope to have you in my chair some day so I can introduce you to my new favorite in-salon line!


xo, HTHG

Words on Hair and Life with Jayne Matthews of Edo, Kindred Hair Sister

12 years ago, a girl friend and I decided to move to San Francisco. We had had it with Seattle, we were barely twenty and felt as if we had outgrown our hometown to the point of mind numbing boredom and alcoholism. We packed up a uhaul, complete with my 99 Chevy Corsica with the huge brass ‘PANTERA’ cutout bolted to the front grill, and headed to the Bay.

On our way down, we got arrested for smoking weed in a tiny town outside of Portland. We were stoned and stunned. They let us go with a court date a month later, a bummer we couldn’t fathom being able to afford to attend.

When we got to SF, we moved into a 3 bedroom apartment in the Mission with 12 boys from Minneapolis. The apartment had a tiny basement and a tool-shed bedroom conversion in the back yard. Next door to us was an apartment full of rowdy and amazing lesbians from South Carolina.

I quickly figured out life: I could survive off 1 burrito a day from El Matate, and still have enough to afford to drink my Anchor Steam at night after a long day waiting tables at All You Knead on upper Haight street. I walked to work every day, falling in love with the city by the bay in a way that still makes my heart swell to think about.

One day, during my daily walk, every person I passed was eating an Ice cream cone. From the bums and junkies to hippie burn outs and hipsters and corporate stiffs, moms, kids, dads, everyone. It felt like the best dream possible, but really it was just free ice cream day at Ben and Jerry’s.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.55.38 AMEvery day on my walk, I passed a gorgeous hair salon called Edo and I would slow down so I could see what was happening in there. The stylists looked so unique and happy and the hair happening in there was eamazing nough to make me know that some day I REALLY REALLY wanted to apply for a job there and learn and create along side these people. But first, I needed to get my California Cosmetology license. And to me at the time, that seemed like more red tape and grown up stuff to want to deal with.

12 years later, having left San Francisco (different story for a different day) I have had the pleasure of connecting with Edo through Instagram. I took the opportunity to reach out to Jayne Matthews, Edo creator and owner, and found in her a kindred hair sister. Today, I am thrilled to present you all with words on hair and life with Jayne. Ladies and gents,

Hair and Life with Jayne Matthews, Kindred Hair Sister


What is the Edo origin story? What inspired that particular salon, at that particular time?

My mom was a ceramicist when I was growing up and my dad was a drama teacher who collected flea market antiques. They both taught me that being a small business owner is fun and creative and a great opportunity to build community.

 My first real haircut was when I was 11 years old and I held the mirror and directed my mother as she cut steps into the back of my head, leaving one long braided tail down the side. I was thrilled. It was from that moment on that I knew and I will be doing for a living.

 In 1996 I met the girl that was to become my closest friend I’ve ever had in my entire life. She moved into my five bedroom flat on Haight Ashbury and we immediately went to work painting every room a different color and thrifting and decorating.
We found that we were extremely good partners as far as building things. Two years later we saw this funky little church on the corner of lower Haight Street with a cardboard sign that said ‘for rent’ in the window.

 I had been working at a shop under a extremely eccentric Japanese artist/ hair stylist named Ernest Takai who taught me how to carve deeply into the hair to create organic shapes. I knew he was selling his salon and moving it back to Japan.

 At the time my boyfriends mother had helped start the Burning Man festival and told us she would lend us $20,000 as long as we supported local arts to keep San Francisco and the art and craft community alive. We signed the lease on the little church, and we had our little salon. We called it Edo after ancient Tokyo for the man who taught me to carve into hair, and in honor of the fact that In Tokyo entire families work together on one project for many years, even generations.

 For the first three years our huge downstairs basement area was all art studios. There was a circus cabaret jug band that practiced there, and our friend wrote a book about the five years he spent riding trains in one of our basement studios.

 As the salon grew and the boyfriend went, we took over the downstairs to teach hairdressers how to carve into hair and make it more organically shaped to fit their face rather than architecturally shaped to fit a design.

 Now we just needed someone who would teach us how to build the boutique salon with the grassroots vibe of what we were already doing.


As a business owner, what would you say your biggest lesson has been in the course of your journey?

Absolutely finding a mentor that you 100% connect with. At the end of 1999 I snuck into my first Bumble and Bumble class and somehow I connected with the teachers so much they let me stay. We were the first boutique salon to carry their product…… before then they had only been in huge fancy salons.

 Michael Gordon and his curriculum for business and being transparent and having one-on-one relationships with your work family really taught me that what matters in business is love, not money. If you really love what you do the money will follow.

Anytime I make a decision compromising what my gut tells me because we are broke, it never works out well……. it’s only when I go with the love and the creativity that things start work beautifully again.

 Also, my relationship with my business partner and shy copilot Chri has been an incredibly special part of the entire experience. If you’re going to start a business with another person make sure it’s somebody who complements you well and when things get hard go to therapy! We went for a year 🙂


What is your personal specialty, hair wise?

FullSizeRender_14When I cut hair, I cut petals, rather like a pinecone. I carve into the hair without making it stringy but making it like a flower with petals.

 I’m extremely good with looking in a persons eyes and the cheekbones and their jawbone and figuring out where to leave bits that will accentuate their face and bring out their own natural beauty. FullSizeRender_8

 I also love color. I love doing all different types of blondes from Champaign blondes to golds and pastel blondes. Of course I can do dark hair is well, but I’m just really inspired by the translucency of pastels and blondes. Especially muted tones. It just feels so Victorian.451416B0-7878-4E93-AF08-DBAB9FDD093A

 What are your favorite lines of color, hair products, etc? What brands do you love?

I’m not really a brand loyal list. Sometimes I find myself using hand lotion when I am doing cuts at home. That said, if I was on a desert island I would bring  Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter. It makes the hair so smooth and soft and silky yet still have texture and movement and defined curls. It’s amazing for short hair as it gives a little bit of separation but also amazing on curly hair and on straight hair! It’s just amazing.

 I also love John Masters Sea Spray. It’s made with three ingredients salt, water, and lavender. I use it on the roots of almost everybody to give beefy hair at the crown where the hair tends to get oily. And of course, I love hair powder. Nobody in the world can wear a set of bangs without a little hair powder to suck up those forehead oils. Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.55.13 PM

 I’m a big fan of New Wash from Hairstory Studio. Of course I will always be a fan of them because of Michael Gordon, but it is so brilliant to wash your hair without stripping it’s natural oils. I only wash my hair about every eight days and New Wash feels like a perfect solution.

 Tell us about your transformation into motherhood, your detox, and your life overhaul into a super conscious, toxin-free organic stylist, followed by the revamp of Edo?

It was the hardest year of my entire life. We try to put on a happy face, but if somebody could’ve really looked into my eyes and seen the fear and pain and stress I was in, they would have seen a different story.FullSizeRender_13

 I came back from maternity leave, and our 16 year old shop had to undergo an indefinite earchquake retrofit, and we had to move into a tiny little pop up with low ceilings . We were still using ammonia color and Bumble and Bumble styling products and as they were being washed and blown dry into the hair the steam filling the air gave me the worst case of asthma and a migraine headache like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My bones even hurt and my mouth tasted like metal.

 It basically felt like I was being poisoned….. which I was. Dr. after Dr. was convinced I was just having a panic attack and there was nothing wrong with me. Finally I found an incredible naturopath who tested my blood and found it filled with aldehyde.

 This was strange to me as we don’t do any keratin treatments inside of Edo whatsoever. As it turns out, formaldehyde is just one word for a big umbrella of chemicals that are snuck in to every day ammonia hair color as well as most styling products from blow-dry creams to spray powders.

 The heartbreak of my life wasn’t that I had to stop breast-feeding my daughter at six months old so I could go on a cleanse that would flush the toxins out of my body. I immediately removed myself from my own shop and sought out the only organic hairstylist that I knew and the entire bay area and begged her to let me work out of her shop and teach me to use chemical free products. IMG_4306

 My daughter was six months old, we had been kicked out of our shop, and I was the primary breadwinner for my family. I had no idea how I was going to support us without doing what I had been doing my entire career……traditional ammonia hair color and bleaching.

 I picked myself up and plopped myself into Plum salon and threw myself in to this weird new oil-based colorline. I’m not going to lie…… I messed up a lot of hair but eventually I got it and once I did, I realized it was incredible. I

 it was like relearning everything I had previously known about hair color, while raising my daughter and going through a massive detox. Not to mention a major salon build out project that was way beyond our means.

Here’s the interesting thing about it though…….Five years ago I met someone I really connected with. I went to her home in Sedona and did a six-day fast with her and had a vision that I was no longer OK pouring chemicals down the drains and into our oceans and into our landfills and poisoning myself, the family that worked for me and trusted me to keep them safe, and my clients. It hit me so strong but I had no idea what to do so I stuffed it way down inside. And it came back out with a vengeance!
With a lot of therapy with my partner, a lot of faith, and a lot of stubbornness on my part we re-opened Edo Salon and Gallery last year as an eco-friendly hair salon. My business partner was frightened out of her mind (she manages most of the money side) but I swore to her that this was the answer and there was no way I could stay unless the chemicals went. In America there are 156 chemicals that are in our beauty products that are 100% illegal in Australia and Europe. I wasn’t okay with that.

If you weren’t a hairstylist what would you be?

I have been slowly going to school to become a life coach so I can help people with their personal journeys and also help small businesses really figure out who they are and how to create a healthy culture. So I would say number one, I would be a life coach.

 I would also love to be a photographer, I would love to own a vintage clothing store, as I used to deal vintage clothing before I was a hairstylist and I love finding treasures, and then oddly enough sometimes I dream of doing clothing styling for editorial……. It’s just in my blood. I have been playing dress-up since I was a child. I was sent to a Waldorf school so we had no television, no Barbies, no Legos, no plastic toys. We had a huge basket of dress-up clothing and a lot of musical instruments.

Where do you get the most inspired? What artists do you just love?

FullSizeRender_6Well lately I’ve been getting the most inspired by Instagram which is hysterical. I get really inspired by gardens but I do not have a green thumb. I just love the organic shapes of flowers and plants and the way that they evolve together.

 Off the top of my head some artists that I currently follow in love would be Liz Rob, Matthew Barney, Jose Ramussi, and I am totally inspired by Eva Hesse. I have the pottery and weaving obsession going on as well, but I’m trying to be more selective about choosing art.

 The next artist showing at Edo is one of my favorite people, April Rose of Rainbow Kimono! She is so colorful, so eccentric, yet so humble. I just love her both her work and just her as a human being.

How is the work/life/mama balance going? Do you have any tricks or wisdom to share about how you navigate being a boss woman and a mama?

FullSizeRender_18I have an incredibly supportive partner who is endlessly nurturing to both myself and to Sylvie. I try to stay off the Internet and have dance parties with scarves and spend as much time really looking into her eyes as I can when it’s our days together. So when I’m at work, I’m at work and when I’m with Sylvie, I’m really with Sylvie. Every little moment with her means so much.

 And meditation! I try to get to work 10 minutes early so I can sit in my car and meditate. It’s not glamorous but it changes everything.

 What are you excited to see more of in the hair industry?

 People taking the time (and that includes myself) to really do something special and interesting and connect with nature and photograph it to inspire others. Using hair as a means to help people connect with themselves and the natural world.

 I would really like to see hairstylist taking their health a lot more seriously. Working in our industry means having regular exposure to really dangerous and harmful chemicals…..And as sick as I got, I don’t wish that on anybody. I hope for a movement like the farm to table movement, to happen in the hair world.


What are you ready to say goodbye to in the industry?

The harsh chemicals and the competitive energy.

Tell us your favorite go-to hair tricks for great DIY hair at home.

FullSizeRender_4 After five days of not washing, my hair and a huge tangled mess and I just pull the hair apart and do a big fat French braid from right above one ear down to the other ear and snake it around back of my head again and then kind of pull it a part so it purposely looks like I teased it even though really it’s just bed head.

 It’s funny, I get the most compliments when I wear this way and it’s literally the one I go to when I can barely get my fingers through my hair.

 Another trick is to stick your head in the sink and wash the bangs only and even maybe the crown a bit but leave the length dry. So quick, and so great for a shiny clean top to your messy chignon or braid.

Any future projects that you are dreaming about?

I’m excited to become an educator and teach people about organic hair color. I still feel like I’m learning it myself but that’s what I’m working towards. I’m also looking forward to doing a residency in Nevada City every few months and taking care of all the incredible Artist in that community live and create in that magical world and desperately need a hairstylist.

Hear that, Nevada City? You lucky gold country artists can look forward to some hair love from Jayne in the coming year. The rest of us can just enjoy her creations and her journey by following her and Edo Salon on Instagram, and booking an appointment with her next time we are in the Bay Area.

Jayne, and Edo, we are so glad to know you. Thanks for helping to keep our industry real, inspired, and community and art driven. We salute you and all you do!

xo, HTHG




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