The ShamPHree Diaries.

ShamPHReeLast summer, I brought you the ShamPHree Summer Series to help inspire your ShamPHree journey. This fall, we did the #bethefair interviews.  It has been really fun to be able to share these photos and stories of people who and getting free.

I am endlessly inspired by your ShamPHree hashtagged photos that I see on Instagram. Every day, more and more people are sharing their beautiful #shamphree selves with the world and I love the excitement that is building around the notion that by freeing your hair, you are freeing yourself.

Now that it is winter, and my outdoor lifestyle photography opportunities are slim, I am putting together another ShamPHree series for you…..This one is called The ShamPHree Diaries. It is a very human look at people who have free-ed themselves and their hair, and why they are loving their ShamPHree lives.

This series is open to anyone who wants to participate. Here is how……..Send me a photo of you and your ShamPHree hair. My email is

Write up answers to the following questions.

1. How long have you been ShamPHree?

2. What inspired your ShamPHree journey?

3. What was the transition period like?

4. What changes did you notice in your hair?

5. What is your favorite part about your ShamPHree life?

6. Think of ShamPHree beyond just hair……Living a life that is free of shams. What is your next step towards a ShamPHree lifestyle?

7. Tell me the basics on your life…..Where do you live, what is your personal mantra, what does your dream life look like? Tell me a couple random and interesting facts about yourself.

I will post your ShamPHree diary entries on the blog to promote you as a ShamPHree human in any way possible…..( links to your website, blog, etc) and to help inspire others in their ShamPHree lives. Ready?????? GO!

I am so excited to see what you come up with!

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xoxo, HTHG


Hair teas and the three H’s of healthy hair.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 3.31.31 PMWomen (and men!) have been using herbal hair rinses or ‘hair teas’ for thousands of years, dating back to the Pharoahs.The Pharoahs were masters of immaculate adornment and luxurious self care. We have all heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk and honey to preserve her skin.

Scientists have confirmed that the herbal and botanical knowledge of the Pharoahs and other ancient civilizations is vast and very accurate. Herbs and remedies from the plant kingdom have been effectively used to treat everything from dry skin to kidney failure to demon possesion! With “primitive’ science and a bit of mysticism and spirituality woven in, these practices have been carried down through generations through story-telling and Shamanism and Ayurvedic practices.

Herbal hair rinses are used as basic cleansing and conditioning hair remedies. Since before shampoo or even soap were around, herbs have played a very important role in beauty and cleansing routines.

Today many women for-go shampoo and conditioner for herbal hair tea rinses with great results. Check this article out for some more wonderful hair tea recipes.….A different type of ShamPHree!

Today, I am going to share with you a bit about my own experimentation with herbal hair tea rinses.3hs


Here is how I have been using them……I make my teas and I use them to mix my ShamPHree instead of water. I get the cleansing and balancing of BS and ACV, and the power of whatever herbs I choose to use steeped in my ShamPHree water for mixing. The outcome…..Wonderfully scented and pretty colored ShamPHree with the active benefits of herbs for my hair and scalp.

How to make herbal hair tea

7U6A3537Do you know how to make tea? DUH! boil water. Pour over herbs. Let steep.

For this project, I made a hibiscus honey tea in one jar…..

A tablespoon dried hibiscus and a tablespoon of honey. Roughly 8 oz water.

And horsetail tea in the other…….

A tablespoon of dried horsetail, roughly 8 oz of water.


Let them steep for an hour.

Then, strain them into bottles and use them as finishing hair rinses in the shower OR mix them into your ShamPHree bottles and ShamPHree as you normally would.

*You will want to keep your ShamPHree tea and and herbal hair tea refridgerated:)

Tea your hair! And for more on herbal beauty infusions, check out Total Babe Hair infused Beauty vinegars for your skin and hair.

For more on the benefits of honey, check out this post and DIY hair and skin masque tutorial.

*Goddess* Strength and Growth hair tea kits are now available in the ShamPHree Shop!



Dirty hair is hot and other ShamPHree journeys to follow.

shampHey my dear hair loving friends. Today, I give you “Dirty hair is hot” and ShamPHree inspiration in the form of some lovely hair collages and a couple of ShamPHree journeys documented on other blogs!

I have so enjoyed reading about and corresponding with those of you who have gone ShamPHree. I have learned so much in the process about myself, yourselves, hair, chemistry, natural remedies, and so much more.

If you are anything like me, hearing other peoples positive experiences and seeing beautiful images of natural hair help to iencourage you along your journey. When you have a chance, my ShamPHree pinterest page is where I post natural hair photos that inspire me.dirty



Here are several links to different bloggers who have gone ShamPHree. Check em out and see what has worked for them and maybe you can learn a new tip!

Leontinne and Minuette,    Forays into eco-thrifty living,    Vegan cheap green haircare,     Off the merry-go-round,     Astoria designs,     Gingefringe,     My ShamPHree journey

Here are my personal favorite HTHG ShamPHree hairstyles. Click the links for tutorials:)

9 dirty hairstyles

9 dirtyFrom right to left, starting at the top row……

Hot mess twisted hairstyle,    twisted angel halo,    half up knotted hairstyle,     roll’n’braids,     perfect dutch braids (coming soon!),     nikki bun (coming soon!),     sail away scarf braids,     3rd day twisted curly do,     headband twist.

ShamPHree starter kits and products are now available in the HTHG ShamPHree Shop. Get yours today and Free Your Hair!

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