Big girls can’t wear short hair?

Since when? I am really tired of hearing this. I firmly and truly believe that there is a short hair style to fit any face and hair texture. In 15 years I have yet to find a human who I couldn’t visualize, if not perform, a smokin hot short hairdo on. I have heard a lot of  “Im not gonna cut my hair short until I lose 15 pounds.”

You want my advice? start with a sassy short do’. Then worry about the pounds. You might feel so hot and liberated by your cute new haircut that you realize that being a soft curvaceous woman is a blessing! If you need proof, pay a visit to

Now, I don’t like rules. Okay I take that back. I do like rules, because I love to break ’em, especially when it comes to hair. We are taught and told so much about what we should do and how we should look and it can be hard to accept the fact that we can give ourselves permission not to follow someone else’s imposed ideas of what is normal, right, just, or cool.

On that note, I have some opinions about how to make short hair work on a big girl. This is speaking from my experience with bigger ladies who want a cut that is feminine, low maintainance, slimming, and fun. For what it’s worth……..

  • Lots of layers
  • avoid blunt weightlines
  • Lots of texture
  • Length around the face, peice-y and soft and feminine around the ears and hairline.
  • Keep the weight of the cut in the top, not the sides.
  • Focus on face framing and head and neck hugging layers to accentuate facial features and lengthen the neck and face.
  • Play around with asymmetry!

Now go ahead and get that short cut you have always wanted. As they say, ‘stuck in hair, stuck in life.’