Temporary dreads

Here’s a style idea just in time for this years festival season. Temporary dreads can be done relatively fast on any hair type. Recruit a friend to help to make it even faster. You can wear this style for up to a couple weeks, however the longer you wear them, the harder they are to get out!

you will need some beeswax,  Knotty boy dread wax is my fave, and a dread comb or a standard fine-toothed flea comb ( brand new!)

You will start at the nape, with rough sections of hair that are about 1 inch across. The sections should be square-ish, but there is no need to make them precise.

Lightly back comb, starting at the root, working your way down towards the end.








Now, get a small scoop of wax between your thumb and pointer/middle finger and vigorously twist it down the back-combed section, in one direction. Start near the roots, then add a bit more towards the center and work towards the end.








Now, move on to the next piece. Brick-lay the dreads as you move up towards the top of the head.

Have fun! Send me pictures! When you are ready to take em out, wet them and apply a deep conditioner. Allow to sit a couple minutes, then comb out in sections.